Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How to buy a Policy: Aunties “personal service” non employees: High living on Mont Blanc: Zombie proof motor: Paint your lawn: and The poisonous Moon.

Yet again we have sunny/cloudy, wet/dry, warm/cold, calm and atmospheric movement at the Castle this morn, late again-I overslept and his Maj was waiting at his rear exit with his legs crossed.

The interweb thingy has perked up a bit this day-sort of so I decided to give the laptop a good “seeing to” and managed to rip orf the ‘pause’ and ‘print screen’ buttons from the keyboard, which of course won’t go back on, that’ll teach me....

Allegedly ‘The City’ spent £93 million lobbying the Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition last year according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ).
It seems that the lobbyists managed to cut the UKs corporation tax in Britain and duties on banks' overseas divisions, which TBIJ claim will save the sector – and deprive the Treasury – of billions of pounds.
And the "neutering of a national not-for-profit pension scheme launching in October that was supposed to benefit millions of low-paid and temporary workers"

Why am I not surprised....

Auntie is being a tad naughty: in evidence to the Public Accounts Committee the BBC admitted that 148 of its 467 “on screen” presenters were paid through “personal service” firms rather than as ordinary employees.
Being paid in this fashion allows the employee to be taxed in part at the corporation tax rate of 21 per cent rather than pay as much as 50 per cent in income tax.
MPs said they had received evidence from one presenter who was told to charge the BBC through a company or take a pay cut.
The broadcaster said that “in light of public concern” it was now reviewing the number of its employees who were paid through these companies.
A breakdown submitted to the committee showed that some of the actors, presenters or musicians were paid more than £100,000 a year through personal service companies. Three of the performers received more than £150,000 annually. The broadcaster did not provide any names.
The news came as the corporation’s annual report disclosed that it pays 16 performers more than £500,000, including three who earn more than £1 million a year.

Nice to see our license fee being spent so carefully...

Teetering 1,000ft above jagged rock faces on the approach to Mont Blanc in the Alps; this ultra-modern refuge is designed to be a lifesaver for weary rock climbers.

Built to withstand extreme weather conditions on Europe’s highest mountain, the red and white metal tube can sleep up to 12 mountaineers en route from the Italian side of the peak.

It includes wooden bunk beds, a kitchen, dining room, storage racks and a living room with stunning views.

The 100 square foot shelter is 9,000ft above sea level and half of it hangs over a ­terrifying drop.

It is “fastened securely” to the rock face using heavy-duty bolts.

Sod that....

Hyundai has come up with some new wheels with-spikes, armoured windows, a top hatch, a nice Zombie plough all designed to make your trip to the shops safe from the undead.

Spiffing, I could use one of those dahn Tesco’s….

An Indiana man said his lawn has stayed lush and green during the current dry weather due to his secret weapon: paint.
Timothy Birdwell of Indianapolis, an employee of Imperial Painting, said he and a friend came up with the idea to paint the grass when they were confronted with dry weather and a watering ban, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, reported Monday.
Birdwell said the paint, which is specially designed for grass, wills last two to three months.
"If it rains, the grass just grows," Birdwell said. "At that point, you can go out there and touch it up if need be. You can have that kind of yard all year round with no water bill from watering your yard."

Wonder if they have something to make lawns waterproof....

And finally:

Any thought of living on the Moon has taken a bit of a knock because it is poisonous.
The surface of the moon is coated in a layer of thick, undisturbed dust, which is not only ultra-fine - and therefore easy to inhale - but can increase the risk of various cancers, similar to breathing asbestos and volcanic ash.
Researchers from the University of Tennessee, referring to Neil Armstrong's first steps onto the moon, said: "The Apollo astronauts reported undesirable effects affecting the skin, eyes and airways that could be related to exposure to the dust that had adhered to their space suits during their extravehicular activities and was subsequently brought into their spacecraft."
Humans have only spent, at max, two or three days on the moon in total, and this time has often been spent in spaceships or airtight suits.
But with long-term exposure, the team says that inhalation would be harmful - even when wearing protective gear, as dust trails the astronauts back into living quarters.
Once inside the lungs the super-fine, sharp-edged lunar dust could health issues, affecting the respiratory and cardiovascular system, causing airway inflammation and increasing the risks of various cancers.

That’ll piss orf bearded Branson.

And today’s thought:
Invisible 100 metres hurdles Olympics



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