Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Olympic License: Capone’s Cadillac: Calcio Storico Fiorentino: Wishful thinking: Eucharistic ice cube: and Men only parking.

Same again at the Castle this morn-wet, windy and wobbly, still waiting to fettle the garden but I did have a close up of a Wellington bomber, a spitfire and something that was very, very loud and moved so fast I couldn’t recognise it as they flew under the low cloud cover yesteraftermorn.

The ears have stopped bleeding now.....

The TV Licensing body has launched a campaign to remind businesses of the need for a TV licence if they allow staff to watch the Olympics at work.
If employees have devices such as mobile phones or laptops plugged into the mains at work, their workplace will need to have a licence.
Catch-up TV services, such as iPlayer or ITV Player, are not subject to licence requirements. However, live streams of sports events, press conferences and news channels are.
Most employers will only need one licence per premise, although it depends on the type of business and how it operates.
People at 2,800 business addresses were caught watching TV without a licence across the UK during 2010 and 2011.

You have been warned....

Gangster Al Capone's green 1928 Cadillac is up for sale.
With bulletproof glass and 1,360kg (3,000lb) of steel armour, the mobster’s customised car was painted like the police cars of the time and even had a flashing light, siren and the first police-band radio in private hands.
The 1928 Cadillac V-8 has inch-thick windows with circular holes for machine guns and the rear screen could drop down quickly during gunfights.
It will go under the hammer in Monterey, California, next month.

Sounds like they will need more than a hammer......

Direct Google “translation”-There is an ancient game, a game without rules, where the companions are blood brothers, sworn enemies and opponents.
Four teams, four colours, they play for their women, they win their district. Many men, only one desire; to conquer fear, self-discovery, including fists, caresses and fireworks.
Or just an excuse to beat the crap out of anyone in range-and if there are no rules why is there a referee and linesmen?

The science behind sunburn- When our skin cells are exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, a specific  form of RNA, called micro-RNA, is damaged (RNA is similar in structure to DNA, which makes up our genes.)
This damaged RNA is then released as a signal of solar injury, and prompts neighbouring, healthy cells to stimulate the production of factors that promote inflammation, the researchers said.

Just thought you would like to know what happens if the sun ever comes out again...

The congregation at Brentwood Cathedral, Essex, were undertaking the Eucharistic prayer when they heard a “massive explosion” which left them “trembling”.
Father James MacKay, who was leading the Sunday service, described seeing slate and white ice falling from the roof, damaging the structure and beams.
An usher who inspected the damage believed it had been caused by a block of ice falling from above, which could have come from an aeroplane, he said.
A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the body received about 30 reports of ice blocks dropping from aircraft in a year, but said they were frequently caused by natural weather conditions.
Fr MacKay told the BBC he was trembling with shock after hearing the collision, but had continued with the service.

Him/her upstairs was probably having a glass of Pimms while watching Wombledon and dropped an ice cube....

And finally: 

To the small German town of Triberg.
Mayor Gallus Strobel hit the headlines this week after unveiling the new car parking plan for motorists.
Under the new system, each space in the town's main car park been painted with a male or female symbol, depending on its difficulty rating.  
While female drivers have been assigned wider and well-lit spaces located closer to the exit, male drivers will need to pull in at more difficult angles and avoid cement pillars.

The 58-year-old mayor wants to 'challenge political correctness' with his new policy, claiming the tight spaces will be an 'attraction' for ambitious drivers.

 'Men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges,' the 58-year-old told German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

 Oh dear......

And today’s thought:
110 metres hurdles 2012 London Olympics


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