Classic Car stuff

Angus is on the scrounge.

I am looking for a Summer project-either a Bond Equippe preferably with the 2 litre vitesse engine.


A Reliant Scimitar-preferably automatic.

And of course I don't want to pay any money for either, so if you have an unwanted Reliant or Bond languishing about your Castle let me know on-

I should be so lucky!


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Bernard said...

Found these for you.
Not sure if they are what you require, but they might have a few miles left in them?

David Cameron: Mazda MX5.
Slick, snappy U-turns, doesn't sell well in the North
Nick Clegg: DeLorean DMC.
Once wanted by all. Now, loved by only a handful of collectors
Chris Huhne: Bugatti Veyron.
Top speed 253mph, fast enough to dodge M11 cameras
Ed Miliband: Toyota Prius.
Very right-on, and not bad-looking. But no acceleration, or drive. At its best when parked.
Yvette Cooper: Golf GTI.
Looks bland, but isn't. Manoeuvrable, durable, loads of horsepower. Don't bet against her".
Ed Balls: Lamborghini Cheetah:
Big, horrible to look at, wastes fuel likes it's going out of fashion, clunky and able to bulldoze its way through anything in its path. Unloved.
John Prescott- a LADA.
Out of date, bulky, cannot turn easily, wasteful but surprisingly attractive to some, simple to understand because of their simplicity and always seem to be around.