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Friday, 28 November 2008


I am not going to enter into a diatribe about Damian Green the Shadow Immigration Minister being arrested. The “media” will cover that in depth.

Suffice it to say, personally I think that ALL MPs should be arrested for “doing their job” because the state of the country is criminal.

What I would like to address is the famous “Anti Terrorist Act”, which was used to arrest the said MP. the BBC. Senior Tory angered by his arrest

“But the UK also has the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 which are designed to give the police exceptional powers to deal with extraordinary circumstances”

“The Terrorism Act 2000 outlaws (or in legal jargon 'proscribes') groups considered to be terrorist in nature. So far 25 international groups and 14 domestic organisations (all Northern Ireland-based) have been named.

The act gives police wider stop and search powers. Detectives can also detain a suspect for at least 48 hours in contrast to the standard 24. Custody can continue for up to seven days on the authority of a magistrate.

The Act includes three offences:
· Inciting terrorism
· Seeking or providing terrorism training here or abroad
· Providing training/instruction in weapons from firearms to nuclear weapons”

It has also been used to “spy” on ordinary people, by councils, and god knows what else is it being used for.

I am in favour of “Anti Terrorism Laws” we must be vigilant, and “true” terrorists must be “bought to book”, but isn’t it getting just a little out of hand?

Aren’t we all at risk, if we accidentally write the wrong word in an email, or say the wrong thing in the company of certain people?

How far do the Governments powers go? What is the “wrong thing to write or say”?

Our rights are being eroded, bit-by-bit, our freedom of speech is being attacked, especially bloggers.

The country is under a blanket of surveillance, they say that on average we are “caught” on camera 300 times each day.

Has 1984 finally come?