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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lost one made one

Here I sit in the garden (see above) musing, nay cogitating about life, the universe and everything, the second cushion is of course for the Bat Faced Rat Cat who will no doubt join me.

An addendum to today’s blog, I have been reading James over at nourishing obscurity, Interesting post, and am happy that I can start his day off with a smile (I hope), but it did prompt me into reviewing my hits on the various Angus blogs.

And I note that although the Angus Dei Politico blog has the most followers (apart from AD on A&S) it has very few visitors, this maybe because there are so many great political bloggers out there who unlike me actually take politics seriously, and more power to their key boards.

And it also maybe that I write bollocks about what I deem to be “interesting” re the political arena.

However, I have decided to abandon the “Politico” blog, my apologies to anyone who finds it interesting, but “All and Sundry” will carry serious political items in the future (har har).

And I have created a new one, called AnglishLit (be very careful with the spelling if you Google it, don’t forget the L) which will contain my views on literature as well as snippets of poetry, and other “sophisticated” stuff.

So a new direction for poor old slightly demented Angus Dei, visit it if you dare, and enjoy, or maybe not as the case may be.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Why do bloggers blog?

A friend asked me this question today. (Yes, I still have the odd one, and believe me some are really odd).

Some do it for the best of reasons, and, I suppose some do it just because they can. Maybe some do it so that they can expose their lives to others, hoping that “others” will think that their lives are interesting.

Some do it out of arrogance, thinking that they know best and their viewpoint is the only one that matters.

But does it really matter why? Isn’t it the different points of view that can be opined, or all the information that can be given or received that matters?

Blogging enables people to communicate it enables discussion, and a chance to join together against the things that really irritate us, or things that are wrong.

I know why I blog, I do it to keep sane, I do it because I want to get a message out to people and perhaps just maybe make a tiny difference to this tortured world and all the tortured souls in it.

It’s good fun, it’s fulfilling and it’s really great to kick “the Powers that Be” in the knackers as often as I can, and I can truly say that I enjoy it.

This friend then asked me, why don’t you use your own name?

This was a bit more difficult to answer, I had a quick think, and I suppose the answer is: -

It is my armour, it enables me to say the things I say without having to be me, I think Medical bloggers use another “identity” because of fear of reprisals from the “Powers that Be”, other people may use another name because they are “damaged” in some way and don’t want people who know them see their souls.

Very few people know who Angus really is, but I trust them to keep the secret, until I am ready to “come out”.

I certainly have two personalities, I have “ME” and “ANGUS”, “ME” is damaged, damaged by the death of my wife three years ago, which in my opinion was needless, damaged by the attitude of the consultant, and of the senior management of the hospital, damaged by the piss poor attitude and lack of skills and understanding of the Healthcare Commission.

“Me” doesn’t really give a shit if I live or die, to “ME” life is over, I died three years ago, and the body is just a biological shell, the psyche has retreated into a corner, and is waiting to fade away.

But from the “darkness” another “ME” arose, it was nameless and shapeless at first, but slowly the anger, and the desire for “justice” moulded the new “ME” and “Angus” was created.

When I am Angus I can stand back and look at things from a totally different perspective, Angus can do things that “ME” can’t, because he cares, and can say what he wants without fear of reprisal he can try to alter peoples perception of “authority” to try and explain what is happening to the poor, the old, the disadvantaged and the sick (Superman suit is going on).

Angus of course is me, “WE” are the same person, but two different aspects of one personality, I know that angus is not real, but as him I can carry on and try to redress the injustices and the arrogant attitudes and the greed and thoughtlessness of life and certain people.

Multiple Personality Disorder? I don’t think so, I am fully aware of my two “parts” not bonkers then? That is a matter for those with “Proper Training” to say, if they really gave a shit, which they don’t. There, you see another reason for Angus.

When I am “ME” I carry on, I do the shopping and all the other things that “normal” people do, but Angus is a bit different, and perhaps that is why I blog, to get away from the mundane existence that seems to pervade society at the moment, all the bad news and misery that is thrust down our throats.

Angus? I love him, he is the best thing to happen to “ME” in three years, and along with Angus has come new friends, caring people who I have never met, but I know care about “Angus” and “ME”, and with care and perseverance “Angus” will hopefully be around for many years to come, as long as there is a need for him, and people keep reading “his” blogs.

Angus Dei, and proud of it.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Good old Oz

Just a quick one today.

An old friend of mine known as El-cleef (don’t ask), is away to the antipodes in November for a month. He is going to see family members in good old Oz.

I have a couple of reminders for him.

Don’t forget the surgical stockings on the plane.
Don’t forget to check under the dunny seat in the mornings.

And just to help him out, some Australian to English translations. So that he can communicate with the “natives”

May your chooks turn into emus and kick your shithouse door down- I am not very happy with you.

Bum nuts-eggs, for your breakfast.

A bush pig-an ugly woman, very useful.

Dry as a dead dingo's donger-very dry, as in I need a drink, or we haven’t had any rain lately. I am sure you all know what a “donger” is.

Dunny budgies- flies

Bloody Galah-obnoxious, noisy, often stupid person .

Joe Blake-a snake, so if someone says “look it’s Joe Blake”, run like hell.

Jumbuck-a sheep, not very jolly from what I’ve heard, more like nervous.

Matilda-old term for a swag, bedroll. As in "waltzing your Matilda". Not the neighbours wife.

Mystery bags-sausages because you don't know what went into them.

Noah's Ark-a shark, this is very important, if you are swimming and someone shouts “Noahs Ark” it doesn’t mean there is a boat, it means do a Jesus and run as fast as you can on the water.

Thongs-Rubber sandals or flip-flops, so if you are given a “thong” don’t shove it up your arse crack, it could be very painful.

Root-work that one out for yourself but just a hint, don’t ask a cobber for one.

So there you are El-Cleef, hope it helps and “good on yer”

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may your nuts never go rusty.

Angus Dei

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Really Pissed Off

Following yesterdays Blog Action Day On Poverty, the news today shows that “they” don’t care.

NHS exposed poverty action day

Bailed-out bank's secret £150k bash

The arseholes at RBS have put on a bash for the fat cat executives that cost £150,000 they flew in 100 “high flyers” from 11 countries.

This was just days after a £15 Billion payout of OUR money.

“RBS director David Manson told execs to have fun, even though “we let a lot of shareholders down”.

"ere, I can see a banker"

“Staff were told to hide branded gear and RBS teddy bears were not given out.
A hotel worker said: “There were supposed to be 196 execs but they were so worried it would leak they cut it to 100, even though all rooms were paid for.”

An RBS spokeswoman said: “This was a working event to bring together our international team.”

What a load of selfish, self satisfied, brainless, inbred, insensitive, up their own arses wankers.

Gordon Brown, what are you going to do about this? The country would like to see 100 resignations on your desk today, after all WE are in charge of the bank now aren’t we?


The Sun has this little item.

The health benefits of beer

“A beer a day keeps Doc away”, the problem is of course that it is rarely one beer, and when after 10 or so beers the drinker is admitted to A&E it really doesn’t keep the Doctor away, unless of course the “pissed” abuses or attacks the medical staff.

Jade Goody.

From the Sun again.

Jade hell gets girls flocking for tests

I am not that interested in the above named; my only recollection is of her racial abuse of someone on Big Brother. Which unfortunately propelled her into “stardom” backed by someone who’s name I can’t remember- Max thingy.

And then the news was filled with stories because she has cervical cancer. OK, I have some sympathy for her, but I am afraid that the whingeing of “celebrities” leaves me cold; they have the money to get instant diagnosis and treatment. Unlike “proper” people who have to wait weeks and weeks just to see a specialist. And then months until their treatment starts.

Now she is whingeing about her “Chemo hell”, F…k off, that is what happens in real life, she is lucky to get treatment at all, when many people can only get medicines, if they pay for it themselves in order to live a bit longer.

The only good thing to come out of this is that smear tests have increased by 20%.

So Jade, life is a bitch.

And yet again from the Sun.

7 ways to spot depression

Quite interesting.

Here are my 7 ways to spot depression.

You can’t afford to buy food.
You can’t afford to heat your home.
You can’t afford to drive your car.
You can’t afford to buy clothes for your kids.
You can’t afford to pay your rent or mortgage.
You can’t afford to use the stove
You can’t afford to turn the lights on.

Or is that Recession?

And from the Sun again

BBC NEWS Health Smart brains 'grow differently'

Scientists have decided that-“Clever people outsmart their peers not because they have more grey matter but because part of their brain develops differently, a Nature study suggests.”

This of course comes from the good old USA.
Apparently it is all due to the size of your cortex. One quote of these scientists is-"It could be that people with superior intelligence also live in a richer social and linguistic environment, and that it is this that accounts for the sharp increase in the thickness of their prefrontal cortex in late childhood."

What a load of class distinction bollocks.

But the good news is Size Does Matter!

And finally from the BBC

Maltesers calorie claim 'misled'

Maltesers calorie claim 'misled'

“The Maltesers advert showed a woman offering the chocolate-covered honeycomb balls to a friend, saying: "Less than 11 calories each." But the ASA has now ruled the claim "less than 11 calories each" should not have been made about Maltesers, especially when the same advert also told viewers they were not being so "naughty".

An ASA spokesman said: "We concluded that the words 'less than' gave the misleading impression that a Malteser was low in energy."

Sorry girls, it’s no use flashing your tits at anyone, because they will be down to your knees if you keep eating them.

That’s all folks.

Angus Dei

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

World Mental Health Day

I am a bit late posting this. I didn’t know when it was until the 13th.

I did send it to NHS Exposed a while back, but I think I may have upset the editor because it wasn’t posted.

I am good at pissing people off. It’s a gift.

However here it is.

Are you mad?

A definition of mental illness.

“Mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern that occurs in an individual and is thought to cause distress or disability that is not expected as part of normal development or culture. The recognition and understanding of mental disorders have changed over time and across cultures. Definitions, assessments, and classifications of mental disorders can vary, but guideline criteria listed in the ICD, DSM and other manuals are widely accepted by mental health professionals. Categories of diagnoses in these schemes may include dissociative disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, personality disorders, and many other categories. In many cases there is no single accepted or consistent cause of mental disorders, although they are often explained in terms of a diathesis-stress model and biopsychosocial model. Mental disorders have been found to be common, with over a third of people in most countries reporting sufficient criteria at some point in their life. Mental health services may be based in hospitals. Mental health professionals diagnose individuals using different methodologies, often relying on case history and interview. Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication are two major treatment options, as well as supportive interventions. Treatment may be involuntary where legislation allows. Several movements campaign for changes to mental health services and attitudes, including the Consumer/Survivor Movement. There are widespread problems with stigma and discrimination.”

There is no way I am going to delve into all the different “kinds” of “mental ilnessess”, a) because I am not qualified, and b) because I am lazy.

But I note that part of the definition is “a psychological or behavioral pattern that occurs in an individual and is thought to cause distress or disability that is not expected as part of normal development or culture.”

If we take this definition as absolute, then aren’t we all “mentally ill”.

I think we can take it that Murder, rape, paedophillia, stabbing people , shooting people, mugging people, burglary,elderly abuse, child abuse, and other such crimes are way beyond the “norm” and people that commit these actions are “Not Normal”, and should be removed from society for as long as possible.

But what about the rest of us?

Isn’t drinking too much, or smoking, or overeating, or verbal abuse, or anti-social behaviour, road rage-pavment rage-pram rage, “not expected as part of normal development or culture.”?
Is smoking, drinking and overeating “destructive behaviour”? Or is it our method of dealing with stress, or life in general?

Is verbal abuse, or anti-social behaviour, road- rage, pavement- rage, pram- rage, normal behaviour?

We have all probably been guilty of road rage, I know I have, but I suppose the difference is that most of us do not actually follow it through to attacking someone, we rely on the one finger salute and plenty of adjectives method to “vent our spleen”.

I personally have never had “pavement rage” or “pram rage” but they are reported.
Don’t we all have some sort of personality disorder, however mild.

Is this “normal” behaviour -
Are the staff that did this to the old people “mentally ill”? Or is it that they just don’t care? And is lack of caring a sign of mental illness?

Or what about this- about “Kate” and her treatment by police when she was held under the Mental Health Act.

Or this- about Thousands of people with mental health problems are being detained in police cells rather than being taken to hospital for assessment.

Or this- from, Marjorie Wallace Founder of Sane

Or this- the interview of Mr Bondevik on newsnight.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of stories like this, which we push to the back of our minds or ignore completely because it makes us uncomfortable.

So why is there such a stigma attached to mental illness? Why do we avoid those people who through no fault of their own, suffer from probably the worst “affliction” that can infect the human psyche?

Why do we assume that all schizophrenics are dangerous? Or all depressives are suicidal?

I was married to someone who had Manic Depression for over 30 years (I dislike the term “BI-Polar” intensely) she was the most intelligent, caring, thoughtful, creative and modest person it has been my priviledge and honour to know.

But “people” who didn’t know her would “stand off”, in case they became “infected” or were “attacked.”

It is the assumption that “mentally ill” people are not like “us” and should be ignored because it isn’t something “we” are willing to discuss or accept, rather like Cancer a few years ago, or Death, which is still a “taboo” subject.

People make assumtions that the mentally ill are not capable of rational thought, or contributing to society, take a look at this list of people who have or have had Manic-depression.

Famous Names and Faces with Bipolar Disorder

These people have contributed far more than us “normal” people to society, they are much braver than us because despite their “affliction” they have carried on with their lives, just as most Manic-Depressives do.

The Manic phase of the “disease” can be wonderful for the sufferer, the creative juices flow and great works of art or literature can be produced. The downside of course is the inevitable “depression” phase.

But with medication, this can be controlled, the problem is that when a Manic-Depressive is “stablised” there is the sense of loss of the “up” side.

I also know some schizophrenics, I met them through a Day centre my wife attended, while I was working. The first impression I got was the fear, they seemed afraid of me. It took quite a while to get them to trust me.Once they did we got on famously, I would go on days out with the group, and help out. Their sense of humour is wicked and you could catch glimpses of their personality through the heavy medication.

But the overall impression was of dispair, I talk about the “dark mist” but what these guys were going through I could not imagine.

And of course there were the tragedies, one guy, Anil, who was shy and modest just couldn’t cope anymore and threw himself off the top of the muilti-storey car park.

Yes there is still a stigma and discrimination and fear regarding mental illness, but isn’t it about time that “we” looked it straight in the face and accepted it?

So next time you find out, or somebody tells you they have a “mental illness”, think for a moment, because it could quite easily be you, they deserve our respect and support. Not our distain or fear.

Because I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have the courage to try to carry on if I was in that position.

Just remember 1 in 4 of “us” will suffer from some form of mental illness in our lives. Yes that’s 1in 4. And that includes doctors, politicains, nurses in fact every one.

By the way I am “mentally ill” I have severe depression, but you have read this haven’t you.

Angus Dei

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Credit Crunch and the NHS

The “credit crunch” may now affect cancer research at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Withington, Manchester.

Because the trust has £7.5 million in an Icelandic bank, the Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (KSF), unless the money can be “rescued” future research may be affected.

BBC NEWS Research fear over Christie money

I wonder what other NHS services will be damaged by the failure of the banking system?

How many other foundation trusts have our money invested with failed banks.

How much of our money was invested by the government in unstable financial institutions?

And will they tell us?

No of course they won’t, all they will do is reduce services, saying that “lack of funds” is the reason.

No it isn’t, it’s poor financial management, the crash was known about before we were told, the “Powers That Be” kept the lid on it to prevent another “Northern Rock”, but although they knew, nothing was done to protect “our” money by moving it to a stable “bank” because it would have caused panic in the financial sector.

Unfortunately keeping it quiet didn’t work because the economy crashed anyway. And to date has cost us £37 Billion with more to come.

I keep hearing words such as openness, clarity, honesty, truthfulness, but that is all they are-words.

As always the “powers That Be” treat us like mushrooms, they keep us in the dark and feed us shit.

In my blogs on NHS Exposed I introduced "On to other Things", I would like to expand this and “do” this here.


On to other things

Too few surgeons for cancer ops-BBC
One in ten hospitals in England and Wales do not have enough specialist surgeons for gullet cancer. The Department of Health says “trusts need a minimum of three surgeons to provide round-the-clock care for patients with this common cancer.
The target was meant to be met by all trusts by December 2007.
Experts said the shortfall meant some patients might potentially be put at unnecessary risk.”

Richard Hardwick, consultant surgeon and lead clinician for upper gastrointestinal cancer for the Association of Upper GI Surgeons (AUGIS), said: "If you are going to provide a comprehensive service it is almost impossible to do with two surgeons.

"Three specialist surgeons is the absolute bare requirement. Otherwise you are getting by on a wing and a prayer.

"Patients undergoing this type of surgery are complicated and it is vital that they are constantly monitored by a specialist."

The audit began in 2006.

My comment-if it was known before 2007 that there was this problem, why oh why wasn’t something done?

Is this yet another case of the “reactive” NHS?

And there is this from the Times

Jeffrey Archer: Why I just get on with life - Times Online

Two comments-Who Cares? And who cares?

Somethins up with madonna-the sun

Skinny Madonna sparks health fears

Sorry I had to use the Sun but needs must.

Madge is really looking gaunt and thin, she is apparently eating well, perhaps it’s all those trips to Africa to obtain kids that is wearing her out, and at her age she should be taking it a bit easier.

Hazel blears-the sun

Clarkson Ms Hazel Blears: Not even a waste of space

This a great article by Jeremy Clarkson, I really can’t think of anything else to add to it.

And to finish a “royal” joke, I was watching a re-run of “Mock the week” last night.

“Things you wouldn’t expect the Queen to say in her Christmas speech”

This has to be said with the “accent”.

“One has had some medical problems during the last year, one is now so old that one’s pussy is haunted”


Angus Dei

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Is your credit crunched?

Who Cares

I am not a political animal, but it is hard to ignore the media at the moment. There is the American election and the economy both here in the UK and there, and apparently all across the world.

So I feel I would like to put my pennyworth in.

First of all the American election, now I am not saying it isn’t important, but when will it end? There has been more than enough publicity to sate anyone’s’ appetite.

I am almost positive that the American people have reached a decision as to which candidate they want to vote for. But the media continues to grind out the same old same old.

And to be honest I am really fed up with it. Aren’t you?

Then there is the economy. The problems we are experiencing now is due to only one cause-GREED.

The bankers lent money to people who couldn’t afford to repay it, because they are in a win-win situation, if the lenders couldn’t repay the loans then the banks would repossess their houses and resell them, providing the loan again-GREED.

The stock markets were putting rumours about that certain banks and companies were in trouble (short selling), in order to reduce the price of shares, they “borrow” the stock from a broker sell it at a high price, then wait for the stock price to drop, buy back the stock at a reduction, then “return” or “cover” the stock to the broker. Pocketing the difference with little risk to themselves-GREED.

Now the banks are scared to lend money to each other, hence the credit crunch.

A lot of people have made enormous amounts of money-GREED. And will walk away free and clear, while hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk will lose everything.

I am against the “bailout” packages, I believe that the bankers, dealers and governments caused the collapse and they should be the ones to pay for it, not us.

Will the governments cover the mortgage debts of borrowers, no, will they provide the thousands of people being made unemployed with decent jobs, no, will they even help people who cannot afford to both keep warm or eat, no.

The excuse is that the “economy” must be protected for the good of the country, fine just don’t expect us to protect it. We aren’t responsible for the mess, so why the hell should we pay for it, anyone with shares in these companies has lost the lot, and anyone with a pension with these companies has a meagre retirement to look forward to. Will the governments help those people, no. But the bail out will happen.

Bank of england bails out british banks

Because the members of the governments have index-linked pensions, they don’t have to worry. We do. Just look at Ian Blair who has resigned. He will walk away with something like £600,000 plus an index-linked pension of £100,000 plus per annum. WHY?. If you resigned from your job you will get unused holiday pay, if you are lucky.

Mayor rejects Blair row criticism.

I don’t know what the answer is, perhaps it is better to let nature take its course, and let the struggling banks fall, if the governments guarantee the savers’ money, then I think they should.

If tighter controls had been in place to begin with we would not be in this position.

God; I hate politics.

Angus Dei