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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action day 2009-Climate Change

As you might have noticed from the above that today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change, so I thought I would put my tuppence worth in.

Normal service will resume later today.

Personally I am a bit confused about ‘Climate Change’ of course the climate is changing it does all the time and has for the last billion years or so, but the cause of Climate Change at the moment is what this post is about I suppose.

There are two diametrically opposite camps re C.C. one is that it is a natural occurrence and the other is that ‘evil humankind’ is causing it.

If it is the first then there is bugger all we can do about it apart from put our head between our legs and kiss our arse goodbye, or grow gills and webbed feet; if it is the latter then what can we do about it?

I will concentrate on the personal side, and ignore the billions of tons/tonnes of pollutants vomited into the atmosphere by industry to feed our “needs”.

If we are the cause is it because of “consumerism” and over population, that one year old 32 inch LCD Tv you have works fine, and is adequate for its purpose, do you need to go out and buy a fifty inch LCD HD Ready Digital TV because the adverts tell you to?

Your one year old mobile phone works perfectly as a phone, and is fit for purpose, do you need to ‘upgrade’ to a newer model that can sing dance, make the tea and wipe your backside because the adverts on your ‘new’ fifty inch LCD HD ready TV tells you to?

Your three year old car works perfectly, and is fit for purpose, and only has 20,000 miles on the clock, do you need to go out and buy this years model because the adverts on your all singing all dancing ‘new’ mobile phone tells you to?

That is what I see as the problem, to much “I want” and “you must have” and not enough “if it aint bust don’t fix it” attitude, of course there are problems with not ‘keeping up with the Joneses”, the stifling of technology that may reduce C.C. the loss of jobs and damage to the economy (too late).

The other problem as I see it is that there are too many people and not enough greenery in the world, each of us produces about 378.332Kg of CO2 per year just from breathing, presuming that the Earth’s population is 6.2 billion that makes 2.459158000Gt in total, add to that our other personal contribution to CO2levels-

USA 5.4 tonnes/person/annum
UK 2.59
China 0.6
India 0.3

That is of course surmising that we are to blame for Climate Change (C.C.), so what we need as far as I can tell is less consumerism, less people, more trees and more C.C. reducing technology.

And the chance of that happening? About as rare as rocking horse shit.

So, put your heads between your knees and......................