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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


The Australian Government is about to introduce Internet censorship


And you may well think-”So What”, but, this, could be setting a dangerous precedent.

They want to introduce a so-called “filter” to servers, the excuse is to “protect children from harmful sites”, which is a worthy cause.

But, this could be the “start of something big”, because if it catches on we are all at risk.

Digital Liberty Coalition (DLC)

The idea is that the Government will decide which web sites will be accesssible, the filter could include sites that the Gov doesn’t think are suitable, such as perhaps, anti Gov campaigning sites or BLOGS that do not conform to their idea of “suitable”.

And yes we are talking Free Speech, the “war” on our rights to say what we want, to whom me want, is yet again under threat.

The insidious erosion of our rights is, it seems worldwide, Governments tend to do this a lot-piggyback contentious acts on the rump of seemingly “sensible” laws, and then use the “Law” to decimate our rights. The “Anti-Terror Laws in the UK is a prime example.

Apparently only a few hundred people turned out to protest, the Australian Peoples lethargy could cost us all dearly.

Another contentious issue is ID Cards, personally I am sort of in favour if:

a) They are free.
b) They replace the Passport
c) They replace the driving license.
d) They are not used for “tracking” people (GPS Chip)

ID Cards

The publics support has decreased from 60 to 55 percent, the main reason for disagreeing with the introduction was-interference with public freedom, the second was that the Government couldn’t be trusted to keep our details secure.

After the report that the Gov was going to sell off our medical records, I am not surprised.


I knew I shouldn’t have commented of the Cricket, they blew it, but Kevin Peterson is confident the team will “bouce back” and as it is Christmas I suppose miracles can happen!

And finally from Auntie- Investors reel from Madoff shock

Yet another balls up in the financial sector, $50 Billion down the drain because of De-regulation, this time by the American Government, but of course British banks have been hit as well-that sounds familiar.