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Sunday, 30 November 2008

No Cars today

Sorry but there will not be any “old” cars today.

It’s me, tomorrow would have been “our” 37th Wedding anniversary, as you may know “Mrs Angus” is no longer with us, and thinking about the times we had on our travels is too painful.

And just to cheer you up even more there will be no blog tomorrow, you will be able to have a rest from my inane ramblings for 24 hours.

But don’t get too used to it, I will be back in full flow on Tuesday.

So, instead of cars, today I will spout about “odds and sods”.

This is from Kablnews

Lib Dems call for new NHS data security rules

After a year or so the Lib Dems are calling for new NHS data security rules, there are two things to think about, why has it taken them so long to make a noise about this subject, and, they haven’t got a hope in hell of the Gov listening.

The loss of data in the NHS is now on a scale that dwarfs the loss of common sense in her MAJ’s Gov.

They are incapable of stemming the tide of disappearing information on US, because no matter how sophisticated the Computer systems are, no matter how good the firewalls are, no matter how up to date the anti-virus is, the data is processed by people, they are not being hacked, but they are “losing” physical devices-CDs, Data Sticks and Computers.

What needs upgrading is the brains of the people handling these devices, they must be taught not to leave the bloody things in Pub car parks, on Trains, in Toilets or any other place they are going to, in fact they must be made NOT to take the damn things out of the building. The useless pillocks.

And talking of Pillocks-from the Register is this little gem about someone who really should know better. An Essex police officer who inadvertently forwarded an aged internet hoax is now dealing with hundreds of calls and emails from concerned women - the hoax looks more genuine now that it comes from a proper police address.

Detective Constable Simon Lofting sent the mail on to senior officers to check if it was genuine but it got forwarded on.

The story warned women not to accept business cards from strangers because they could be coated with "Burundanga" - which is "four times greater than date rape drug". The hoax mail first circulated in May this year, according to Snopes - one of several debunking sites which warn the story is false.

The name “Wooden Top” seems appropriate.

And finally from the BEEB Labour urged to overhaul benefits, not again, haven’t we just had an “overhaul” how many bloody times can you do the same things?

I think this is just a “cunning plan” to divert our attention away from the total balls up Labour has made with the economy.

More old cars next Sunday, I promise.

See you Tuesday.