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Friday, 5 December 2008


The Gov who recently announced their “wonderful” apprenticeship bill, are now saying that the economic downturn is threatening the bill.

As usual our Gov has started what should be an excellent idea and approached it in a half hearted, half-baked and half arsed way.

They knew that the “downturn was coming but they couldn’t resist the chance for spin and “look at us” attitude they have shown throughout their “reign”. BBC NEWS

And have probably dashed the hopes of the kids who wanted to take them up on this scheme and better themselves.

HMRC, those wonderful tax persons, are under threat, there are rumours that there are to be redundancies. BBC NEWS

“HM Revenue & Customs is to close more than 90 offices, which the PCS union says will lead to 3,400 job cuts.

The union said the closures, across the UK, would be "bad for business, the public and the taxpayer".

However, an HMRC spokeswoman said the union was "scaremongering" and that it had announced no new job losses.”

And yet-“In a written statement, Treasury Minister Stephen Timms said the decision to close offices had not been easy but that staff and unions had been consulted.”

Who do you believe? Do you care?

Michael Martin has come under enormous pressure in recent days. The Speaker of the House of Commons is deep in the shit, especially over the “Greengate” uproar.

“Mr Martin said he had been told the raid was going to happen, but not that no warrant had been issued.”

Instead of “Order, Order” The cry should be “Resign, Resign”. BBC NEWS

Happiness 'rubs off on others'

That is the result of research in the USA, another waste of money on a load of old bollocks.

“A person was 42% more likely to be happy if a friend who lives less than half a mile away becomes happy - an effect that declined with greater distance.
Study leader Professor Nicholas Christakis said the results suggest clusters of happiness occur because happiness spreads and not just because of a tendency for people to associate with similar individuals.”

So if you know some one who is happy “rub” up against them, you never know, as well as becoming happy you might even get lucky. BBC NEWS

And finally from Auntie-BBC SPORT.

Honda is pulling out of F1, blaming the world economic crisis for plans to sell its team.

Sources told BBC Sport the team were "optimistic" they would continue, but an investor had not yet been found.

Apparently the team is up for sale for £1, the only snag is that you will have to guarantee the £300 Million a year to run it.

Jensen Button and Rubens Barricello, are now without a drive and there are only a couple of mid-ranking seats available.

I wonder who will be next.

Such is life.