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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Too much Weed; Dark art; The Ooh-Arr A; Burger Bust up and The eye of the beholder

Too dark to see the weather this morn, maybe that’s good after hearing the forecast, anyway; it seems that the Postal Workers are to go ahead with their strike next week, the lemmings are about to jump off the cliff and destroy our Royal mail, I for one am a bit miffed over delayed missives and I would think that businesses will lose a lot of money because of the “eighties” attitude of the Union (CWU) concerned, which claims that they want “agreement not strikes” so why don’t they step back and negotiate, concessions must be made on both sides but I doubt they will be.

Today is a Numpty day, maybe with the exception of the last item, but decide for yourselves.

First up:

There are limits to being a crime victim, as a woman who called Saginaw County sheriff's deputies to report the theft of marijuana found out. Detective Sgt. Randy F. Pfau said the 54-year-old woman was arrested early Sunday after reporting two men had broken into her home in Brant Township, 80 miles north-northwest of Detroit.

Pfau said the woman told deputies the men fled after one of them demanded her marijuana plants. He said the woman then was booked on charges of manufacturing and delivering marijuana.

Pfau told The Saginaw News the woman claimed the drug was for personal use but didn't possess a medical marijuana card. He said police will seek charges pending test results on the marijuana they did confiscate.

Ah Saginaw, wonder if it still takes four days to hitchhike there? (Simon and Garfunkel-America)

The Tate Modern has unveiled its latest giant installation - 40ft of pitch darkness.

The London gallery's Turbine Hall entrance now houses a vast metal container containing no light whatsoever.

Measuring 15m in height and 30m in length, all light vanishes as soon as visitors venture a few feet inside, reports Sky News.

Polish artist Miroslaw Balka said the darkness in his creation is a metaphor for life.

"Sometimes you meet a person who seems strange to you at first but then you get to know them and they become your friend," he said.

The artwork filling the Turbine Hall space has caused controversy and generated massive interest for a number of years.

Previous works include a huge crack in the floor, which was built to illustrate how issues such as racism and poverty were causing fractures in society.

The cost of the latest installation - funded by Unilever and Tate Modern - has not been disclosed.

Curator Helen Sainsbury said: "I would say to people come and see it. It's really the most amazing project we've had."

The black hole artwork - officially titled How It Is - is open to the public until 5 April, 2010.

Torches are on sale at the kiosk.

A self-proclaimed "terrorist" group from Cornwall, dubbed the "Ooh-Arr A", has launched a campaign in protest at the influx of students into the county.

Anti-student slogans signed by the The Cornish Republican Army, also known as the "Farmer Bin Ladens", have appeared at an open day event at University College in Falmouth.

The group is said to be angry that a proposed 231 new flats will be made into student accommodation, rather than being made available to local residents.

The graffiti, sprayed at the nearby Penryn railway station, said: ''Penryn has had enough of students – CRA'.

Local councillor Geoff Brown said: ''I think it's a great pity that we have had this vandalism. We welcome students in Cornwall.

''It seems a great pity that some people aren't broad-minded enough to accept that.''

Deputy Mayor Ted Wilkes added: ''The graffiti is very childish. It makes bad impression.''

CRA members, who want independence from the United Kingdom, have previously threatened to fire bomb the restaurants of Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver.

The group has also claimed responsibility for burning down an empty warehouse and two derelict offices.

It’s a shame that the “Ooh-Arr A", members didn’t get a better education, or were they never students?

A man called Stephen Morgan has been charged with criminal damage to two hamburgers worth £5 after becoming involved in an alleged doorstep dispute with a fast food firm.

Morgan, 31, was arrested and taken from his home in handcuffs at the weekend after his family's order with their local pizza parlour in Loughor, near Swansea, arrived minus two burgers.

The couple, who have two children, planned to stay in and watch ITV1's The X Factor with other family members.

A dispute is alleged to have started after an order of food with a local pizza parlour arrived without the, no doubt, tasty hamburgers.

Mr Morgan claims it was agreed the group should wait for the rest of the order, he told the South Wales Evening Post.

What follows remains unclear; however police visited the address later that evening and arrested Mr Morgan on suspicion of robbery.

He was taken to Swansea Central police station where he was questioned about the incident and held overnight.

A South Wales Police spokesman confirmed that a 31-year-old man was arrested on Saturday evening and has since been charged with causing criminal damage to food valued at £5.

Should have gone for a Donna.

And finally:

This fireplace has won a public vote to be named the most beautiful object in the world.

The black steel design, which can be suspended from the ceiling, took first place in a competition styled as "the first beauty contest devoted exclusively to objects".

Produced by the French contemporary fireplace firm Focus, the "gyrofocus" can rotate through 360 degrees to throw light and heat into all corners of a room.

It is described as "revolutionary both in form and technical innovation" on the company website, and has been featured in several exhibitions of modern art and design - including at New York's Guggenheim Museum.

It was designed in 1968 by Dominique Imbert, the founder of Focus.

The fireplace took first place ahead of more established design classics including a Phillips flat screen television, Illycaffè coffee machine and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone in the Italy-based Pulchra competition.

The 100 objects on the award long list were compiled by a panel of design experts, with nearly 75,000 members of the public choosing their top ten entries through an online vote.

The Pulchra contest was launched in 2007, with this year's winner receiving 10,000 Euros in gold coins.

A rotating fire, hmm.

It’s getting light now, and the weather-Oh dear.




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