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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yesterday turned out to be quite good, after a strange start I kicked myself up the backside and got stuck in.

The sun finally came out and I had a binge in the garden, mowed the moss (not much grass left) weeded the beds and pruned anything that didn’t move, as there is nothing like a good hack at an inanimate object for boosting your “happy” level.

Then I got stuck in to the attic, and collected a pile of stuff for the recycling centre, along with sundry other items, and loaded it all in the car, which is now full to overflowing.

So I have five large bags of garden waste, various computer cases in bits, speaker stands and an old TV stand to dispose of, and I felt good.

The recycling centre opens at eight this morning, and I am going down there early to dispose of the unwanted items.

The only sang is I am knackered, and walking like Quasimodo, ache all over and feel all of my nearly 58 years, that will teach me.

A “proper” blog will be posted later, after I have had a sit down and a cup of very strong coffee.

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