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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Cost of Living

Just a quick one today, I have fallen behind and have loads to do.

I have just returned from the local Smash and Grab-Tescos, it may be me but I have heard that food has reduced in price.

So why am I paying £10 a week MORE for my shopping?
I tend to buy the same things every week so I notice these things.

I know there is inflation, but a 50% increase is a bit much.

I live alone so my diet is crap, but, the basics such as bread, potatoes and meat are rocketing in price, just an example-I buy a particular brand of Corned Beef (yes I know it’s full of fat) but several months ago it cost 87p, now it costs £1.49, that is 52p more.

A month or so ago a loaf of bread was £1.29, it still is today, what drop in price?

Last week a pack of biscuits cost 36p, this week they are 46p. The price of fuel has dropped-eventually at my branch, they kept the price high for a couple of weeks more than the other Smash and Grabs.

But I can buy shrimps cheaply, or other “bargains” that I would never purchase, no bloody wonder Tescos profits have dropped, they are ripping us off.

They seem to think that we don’t keep receipts, well I do, and I can prove that they have increased prices or not reduced them since the so called “price drops”.

By the way, it is Pissing down here in ‘ampshire, and it is also freezing cold and very windy, just to let you know if you are thinking of visiting.