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Saturday, 28 March 2009


First item-the Australian GP qualifying.

If like me you were fed up with he same old teams winning every race, watch the Qualifying on BBC1 at 1PM today, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s my bit out of the way, now for the “snippets”:

One small step for naan Two Indian air force personnel are set to be blasted into orbit by the end of the next decade as part of an ambitious 2.5-billion-dollar project that follows the country's successful unmanned lunar probe launch last year.

Dr A.S. Bawa, director of the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), said food scientists, biochemists and microbiologists had already begun identifying dishes that will make the pilots feel at home as they hurtle through space.

"It will have to be in freeze-dried form for the sake of lightness and compactness. We have started work on curries like chicken and mutton as well as spinach, peas and mushrooms," he told AFP by telephone.

Breakfast could include "upma" -- a southern Indian dish made from refined wheat or semolina -- to be eaten from a squeezable tube.

Can you imagine the after effects of a curry in a very small space with no way of getting fresh air?

Reminds me of the old joke “about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit”

Our Maj’s hubby has apparently done it again Palace denies Prince Philip 'sponger' gaffe Buckingham Palace denied Thursday that Prince Philip had made another of his notorious gaffes by calling pop impresario Simon Cowell a "sponger" who feeds off the stars on his shows.

Prince Philip, who is well-known for his unguarded comments over the years, allegedly made the remark while chatting to performers after a Royal Variety Show in London in December 2007.

"It was actually embarrassing, I was on a show where she (the Queen) comes on at the end of the show and you have to stand around for hours," Cowell reportedly told "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" earlier this week.

"It is called the Royal Variety Show, so she is in the audience. At the end, if you are involved in it, you have to stand around for hours and then say 'hello', and she ignored me and her husband called me a sponger."

Cowell added: "I think he was trying to be rude. I just mumbled something and he walked off."

Grow up Cowell, and anyway the truth hurts doesn’t it?

Mathematical model to forecast divorce A British mathematician has devised a formula to predict whether loved-up couples are bound to spend their lives together or end their marriages in divorce.

Oxford University professor James Murray said his formula successfully predicted whether a couple would divorce 94 percent of the time, in a study of 700 newly-married couples.

"Some couples might as well get divorced right away," said Murray, who was to present his findings to the Royal Society in London on Thursday, after receiving one of its oldest awards.

As part of the research Murray and his team filmed the newlyweds discussing contentious issues such as money or sex for 15 minutes, and graded each statement made during their respective turns of speech.

Statements with humour or affection were given positive scores, while those with defensiveness or anger were given negative ones. The resulting scores were used to identify whether the relationship was likely to stand the test of time.

The couples were then contacted over one to two year intervals over a period of 12 years, with Murray's formula correctly predicting the divorce rate with an accuracy of 94 percent.

Here are the official divorce rates in England and Wales; I really don’t think that we need to use a Mathematical formula before we get married to “predict” whether it is worth getting wed.

Healthy eating-US ballpark to sell 4,800-calorie burger a baseball park in Michigan has created an artery-busting hamburger containing 4,800 calories and is daring fans to eat the "snack," promising a free t-shirt to anyone who succeeds.

In an apparent bid to cook up some comfort food during hard economic times, the West Michigan Whitecaps are offering fans a behemoth dubbed the Fifth Third Burger, named after the team's ballpark and the meal's five beef patties, which each weigh one third of a pound (136 grams).

And guess what size the T-shirt will be (XXXXXXL)?

Runaway kangaroos on the loose in France Vandals set loose 15 kangaroos from an Australian theme park in southern France, sparking a major search operation, with three marsupials still on the loose.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, five pens had been broken open, their padlocks were smashed and the perimeter fence was torn in several places," said Carole Masson, owner of the nature reserve in southwestern Carcassonne.

"We had 15 missing kangaroos -- it was complete panic," she told AFP.
Fire-fighters, police and gendarmes were mobilised to track down the animals as they bounded through the woods.

"We found five in the park, and some more in the woods nearby. But three are still out there somewhere," Masson said, adding that a warning has gone out to local drivers for fear the animals could stray onto a nearby highway.

"They are not aggressive or nervous animals by nature," she said. "They're probably just grazing quietly away somewhere."

Well I suppose it makes a change from immigrants, and they could always tell them to hop it (I know).

And finally:

Yes it’s back Ryanair chief defends on-board toilet charge on Tuesday The head of Irish budget airline Ryanair Tuesday defended his plan to charge passengers to use on-board toilets, saying it would lead to "less passenger inconvenience" during flights.

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary revealed last month the carrier was looking at the possibility of installing toilet doors in its planes which would only open with the insertion of a one pound coin (1.10 euros, 1.40 dollars).

"In our discussions with (aircraft maker) Boeing they haven't yet been able to manufacture a toilet door that will take coins in it," he told a news conference in Madrid Tuesday.

"But I think it's a logical development, if you use the toilet for example in train stations in England you pay to use the toilets. I don't see any reason why people on board an aircraft wouldn't pay to use the toilet."

He said the on-board charge would mean more passengers would use the toilets at airports, and would lead to "less passenger inconvenience on board the aircraft."

"We will charge for every possible thing we can think to charge for, but it will always be the passengers' choice whether they pay it or don't pay it," he said.

O'Leary said the company is now running an online competition to see what else the carrier can charge for on board.

I’ve got a competition he can enter-the world cheapskate and greed finals.

And if like me you get confused about this: the clocks go FORWARD tonight, we will then be in British Summer time-ha bloody-ha.

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