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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday Snippets

Slug pellet curry: Fag end fine; Stripy donkeys; Burnley scribble and a Tennis racquet

It seems that there will be weather all day today, at least that is what I am told, talking of weather; the sun seems to shine out of the lower orifice of Barak Obama, who has been awarded the Nobel peace prize for upping the number of troops in the Afghanistan war.

Odd that.

While up in London the git bags at the Department for work and pensions disability “service” have taken away ten year old Devon Taverner’s disability living allowance because she is coping too well with her prosthetic leg.

Read the story it will make you proud to be British.

First up:

A gay man has admitted he gave his lesbian neighbours curry laced with slug pellets after he was accused of kidnapping their three-legged cat.

According to the Daily Mail, Gary Stewart, 37, and Beverley Sales and Marie Walton had enjoyed cordial relations when they first became neighbours in Denton, Manchester. Over a period of years, though, things turned sour, leading Stewart to wage an "apparent hate campaign" against the couple.

He even allegedly "kidnapped" the pair's three-legged cat, Amber, and "dumped her in a village miles away". Amber was eventually recovered following a poster campaign.

On 22 September Stewart appeared to offer an olive branch in the form of curry, claiming he'd over-ordered from the takeaway. When Sales and Walton tucked in, they found the food laced with slug pellets. They called in the cops and Stewart was arrested.

He subsequently appeared before magistrates in Manchester where he "admitted attempting to poison the two women". He will appear again before the court at a later date.

Everybody needs good neighbours.

Over in Canada a truck driver has been fined for smoking in his vehicle because it is considered his workplace, a police spokeswoman said on Friday.

A police officer saw the 48-year-old trucker driving on a highway in south-western Ontario with a cigarette in his mouth on Wednesday, and gave him a C$305 (184 pound) ticket.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, adopted in 2006, prohibits smoking in an enclosed workplace or enclosed public area, and that extends to work vehicles, said Constable Shawna Coulter of the Ontario Provincial Police in Essex County.

"We enforce the legislation and this truck driver was in violation of that," she said.
($1=$1.04 Canadian)

Is it enclosed if the windows are open?

A zoo in Gaza has got around animal import restrictions by dyeing stripes on donkeys to make 'zebras'.

The owner of the Marah Land zoo in Gaza City said he had used masking tape and black hair dye, applied with a paint-brush, to disguise the white females.

Mohammed Bargouthi said it would have cost him more than £25,000 to bring in a real zebra via smuggling tunnels.

"The first time we used paint but it didn't look good," said Mr Bargouthi.

"The children don't know, so they call them zebras and they are happy to see something new."

All the real animals at the zoo, including monkeys and a tigress, had been smuggled under the border at great expense, he said.

Two genuine zebras died of starvation earlier this year during the Israeli military offensive, he added.

The animal restrictions are part of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, imposed in an attempt to reduce rocket attacks and weaken the leadership of Hamas.

I’ve got a cat that is really a lion, any takers?

A town has spent £5,000 on a new logo which resembles a child’s crayon scribble.

The “visual expression” consisting of a computer-generated, three-dimensional image of dozens of multi-coloured, tangled circles is aim to revamp and improve Burnley’s image. And council bosses are so impressed with the design; they have paid an addition £400 to trademark the logo - preventing other towns from using it.

The design was produced by Burnley Vision Board after it secured a £300,000 grant from North West Development Agency (NWDA). The cash will be used to completely re-brand the Lancashire town.

Critics say the logo resembles a deformed insect, while others believe a three-year-old could have produced the same design.

Burnley Vision Board consists of representatives from organisations within the town, including the council, football club, college and various businesses. The different coloured circles in the emblem are intended to display different aspects of the town. The red bands represent the urban aspect of the town, while the green symbolises the rural areas.

Coun Gordon Birtwistle, leader of Burnley Council, believes it is money well spent, saying the logo signifies Burnley’s intertwining qualities. He said that the council had to act swiftly to trademark the logo as other towns were keen to use it.

A spokesman for Burnley Vision Board said a lot of effort and thought had gone into the logo’s design.

Last year, neighbour Blackburn spent £60,000 on a new logo which was almost identical to one promoting another town.

The council unveiled a heart-shaped letter “B” only to discover later that Barrow, in Cumbria, had the same design to promote the town.


And finally:

A unique new tennis racquet, which inventors say could revolutionise the game and even eliminate backhand for ambidextrous players, has been launched with two handles at the base.

Dann and Brian Battistone are both professional tennis players, but 36-year-old Brian and Dann, 34, are also ambidextrous.

Now with the help of the unique new type of racquet they may never have to play a backhand again.

American Brian said that for him the backhand might not be necessary anymore thanks to the new racquet.
Brian, who trains in Naples, Italy, said: "I've always been ambidextrous, like my little brother Dann, but we had difficulty in taking advantage of this on the court.
"I think this could revolutionise the sport.

"We met a racquet artisan called Lionel Burt who said he had just invented this special two-handled device for playing tennis.

"Aside from the possibility of always using the forehand, the easiest stroke by definition and also more classic, the basic reason for the invention was to suit players just like us.

Sort of defeats the object doesn’t it.




Angus Dei politico

Sunday, 28 June 2009


The sun is still shining, the birds are coughing and wasn’t it hot last night (again), still mustn’t complain, but we will.

First up:

My other car is a thatchback.

Jim Goodland a pub landlord in Whiteparish Wiltshire has modified his Morris Minor traveller by fitting a thatched roof.

The car is roadworthy - although Mr Goodland admits the new roof may not have improved its fuel consumption.

The Morris Minor, said to typify Englishness, was first launched in London in 1948.
Hope he has told his insurance company, because the risk of fire has just quadrupled.

Chilli grenades are going to be used in India, the idea is that when the grenade explodes it will “immobilise” people who riot rather than kill them.

The chilli, known as Bhut Jolokia, is said to be 1,000 times hotter than commonly used kitchen chilli.

Scientists at India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) are quoted as saying the potent chilli will be used as a food additive for troops operating in cold conditions.

And the powder will also be spread on the fences around army barracks in the hope the strong smell will keep out animals.

And the good news is that the said rioters can make a really hot curry after work.

The European Commission is threatening to take France to court over the Alsace hamster and has warned Le France it could face a multi-million pound fine if it failed to do more to save its hamsters from extinction.

But French authorities refused all attempts by the commission to protect the diminutive mammal, also known as the European hamster, according to an official linked to the proceedings.

According to the EU's executive body, the rodent requires around 600,000 acres of protected land to thrive, but now has less than 8,500 acres in eastern France in which to roam and feed.

Once considered vermin, the Alsace hamster (Cricetus cricetus) has been all but wiped out by rat poison, traps and farmers flooding its burrows.

According to the Commission, its numbers in Alsace plummeted from 1,167 in 2001 to 161 in 2007, and have continued to decline over the past two years.

The population needs to reach 1,500 to remain stable.

Never mind the economy, or swine flu, and I wonder how many of those ball things they will have to buy.

HealthSpace on hold, the DoH has put the new online transactional hub for services, such as booking GP appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions and completing pre-registration assessments and online medical records into hibernation. It has confirmed that staff have been moved to other areas of work and said it is reviewing the future of the project, but indicated that it has not been discontinued.

Last year's Health Informatics Review highlighted itspotential, but a statement from the DoH suggests that it has been on the wrong track.

A spokesperson said: "HealthSpace has entered a phase of evaluating patient experience of its services and assessing what extra offerings should be made available in the future. Pilots of the HealthSpace Communicator function, which enables secure communication between clinicians and patients, are beginning to run at sites across England.

"These aim to establish its value for both patients and clinicians in different care settings on how best to develop the service. HealthSpace exists to help patients manage their own healthcare needs. Consequently it should be based on what patients want, rather than an expectation of what they need.

"This period of time is crucial to developing the future directions for the service and involves a redistribution of current resources, including staff, so that efforts are directed appropriately."

Yeah right.

And finally:

Don’t you love your GPS?

This guy doesn’t- GPS-guided wreckers flatten wrong house A Georgia man is none too happy that his memory-filled family home, lovingly hand built "brick by brick" by Pop, is now a scene of rubble-strewn desolation after a demolition firm used a GPS to identify its victim and moved in for the kill.

Al Byrd of Sandy Springs got a bit of a shock earlier this month when someone called to let him know the Carroll County house was no more. Byrd had lived there with his nine brothers and sisters, and the house still contained precious heirlooms including "mom’s dining room set … her hutch* with her dishes in there".

The carnage was witnessed by Byrd's cousin, who captured video images of "a bulldozer in the yard of the house with dumpsters loaded with rubble". Byrd confronted the destroyers, who said they had "paperwork".

He recounted: "I said, ‘Paperwork for what?’ and he said, ‘For the house, to demolish the house.’ I said, ‘I’m the owner of the house, I haven’t given anybody any authority to demolish this house.’

“I said, ‘What address did you have?’ and he said, ‘They sent me some GPS coordinates.’ I said, ‘Don’t you have an address?’ [and] he said, ‘Yes, my GPS coordinates led me right to this address here and this house was described.’”

And I bet it kept saying “turn left in two hundred yards”.

Oh yes and apparently Michael Jackson is dead, wonder why it’s not on the news.


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Saturday, 6 June 2009


Well, the county elections are over and the country is singing the Blues, and Gord has done his version of the soft shoe shuffle and we still have almost the same Government but in different seats and wearing different hats.

More like a game of musical chairs than political nouse.

First up:

The British justice system, but only Sunday to Friday Lisa Partington, was given a curfew for assaulting another woman at a party but was told by a judge she could have Saturdays off "because it's summer".

Judge William Hart told Partington, 19, the terms of the curfew meant she had to agree to stay home every night of the week apart from Saturday - the same night she had carried out the drunken attack at a party.

At Gloucester Crown Court, Judge Hart sentenced Partington, of New street, Gloucester, to a 12-month community order with supervision and a curfew from 9pm to 7am every day for the next two months except Saturdays.

He said: "I give you one day off a week because it is summer and I don't think it is necessarily in your interests for you to be confined to your home every evening of the week for the next two months."

Partington had admitted assaulting Kimberley Moxham causing her actual bodily harm at a party in High street, Tredworth, Gloucester, on the night of Saturday Sept 6, 2008.

Nice to know we have a robust legal system that we can be proud of.

Another giant crop circle appears in Wiltshire, this time it is a Dragon fly, Crop circle enthusiasts claim the succession of animal designs have been created in an attempt make people more aware of the threat of climate change and predict they could continue throughout the summer.

"I imagine this will not be the last one we will see this summer and it has already been a busy summer for spotting them as they are well ahead of schedule."

In past years the crop circle season has typically run from July to August but already four have been found in barley fields stretching from Wiltshire to Oxfordshire this year.

They have been found across the ancient 'ley lines' - believed to have mystical qualities.
"People believe they will increase in frequency up to 2012 where there will be some kind of cataclysmic world event."

I’ll tell you, if there are Dragon flies that big in 2012 Im off!

Space travel makes you ugly astro-biologist Dr Lewis Dartness revealed at the Cheltenham Science Festival that living without gravity would cause space travellers' bones and muscles not to develop properly, leaving them stunted and weak.

Meanwhile, the lack of effort needed to move around in low gravity and a temperature-controlled environment would mean that "future spacemen and women are likely to become pretty chubby."

And it gets worse. "Without gravity, fluid would float up to pool in the skull, which would cause the head to look permanently swollen out of proportion", Dr Dartness added.

Warming to his subject, he continued: "Also, with no need for hair to insulate the head or eyelashes to flick dust from their eyes, future humans may become completely hairless."

So space “men” will be short, fat, bald and ugly, that is me to a tee, where do I sign up.

Pulling power A Chinese man lost his hand when it was ripped off at the wrist during a tug-of-war contest, Mr Shi, 30, of Shenzen, joined the beach tug of war competition with more than 100 of his colleagues.

"I had done tug-of-war before. It was all fun and safe," he told the Guangzhou Daily newspaper.
Entrants were divided into teams of five with Shi taking up the back position on his team. To stabilise himself, he wrapped the rope around his wrist and threw the loose end over his shoulder.

His match was heading for a draw when members of the audience started helping both teams to try to end the stalemate - without noticing Shi's hand trapped in the rope.

"I called on people to stop, but my voice was too quiet to be noticed," he said.

The competition was eventually halted when people noticed Shi holding up his damaged limb.
He was rushed to the Guangzhou Harmony Hand Hospital where his severed hand was reattached in a five hour operation.

That’s handy, they would have heard my voice if it had been me.

How to curry huge profits A London restaurant has launched the world's most expensive curry - at £2,000 a portion.

The dish, called the Samundari Khazana, or Seafood Treasure, contains caviar, sea snails, a whole lobster and even edible gold, reports The Sun.

Prahlad Hegde, head chef of Bombay Brasseries in central London, said: "There are still people out there with money to spend and this curry is a real experience."

Ingredients include Devon crab, white truffle, Beluga caviar, quails' eggs, sea snails, and an £80 Scottish lobster coated in gold leaf.
Prahlad explained: "The idea is from a basic Indian recipe I got from my mum but we are using the finest ingredients in the world."
The curry has been created to coincide with the DVD launch of Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.

If I want my bum to burn the next day I can do it for £9.99 from the local takeaway.

And finally:
Blind justice police in New York repeatedly ticketed an illegally parked minivan for weeks before noticing that its occupant was dead, the deceased man's daughter has claimed.

The body of George Morales was discovered on Wednesday after a city marshal attempted to tow the vehicle away from underneath a flyover in the city's Queens District.

Jennifer Morales told the New York Daily News that she last spoke to her 59-year-old father in early May. She believes that he may have died from a heart attack while sitting in the family's Chevrolet Ventura.

Wonder if he will have to go to court for non payment.

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.” Anon


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