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Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Medical Experiment-Porkie Flu-day four

Woke up this morn absolutely knackered, still have the sinus pain and the tinnitus but my temp is back to normal 36.4C.

Burnt out at about 1pm yesterday and retreated to the bed, slept right through and missed the CIN marathon on BBC1, there are some good things to having flu.

Head ache, back ache and heart ache, but I don’t think the last one has anything to do with being ill, just the strain of life.

Appetite still iffy, no nausea or throwing up, no real side effects from the Tamiflu, but I have had a strange taste in my mouth since yesterday, tastes a bit like the smell of burnt cork.

Only today and tomorrow to go. But so far it has gone OK, I think.

May post later, depends how I feel.




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