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Monday, 15 August 2011

A long story-short version

Back in the dawn of time-had two back teeth removed-both broke dentist spent an hour digging about to remove the bits.

Three days of agony, infection set in-three more days of extreme agony.

Went to dentist-given penicillin-found out after 59 and eleven twelfth years that I am allergic to penicillin, went red, rash, swelled up-saw doctor given other type of antibiotics, anti histamines and strong painkillers.

Spent a week in a stupor, no proper sleep, no food.

Swelling eventually went down, rash got a lot better, tooth sockets finally healing-still in pain, fed up, pissed orf. tired, hungry and in painkiller withdrawal.

Normalish service will resume in a few days.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Going out: Coming in: El Papa’s stripper: Wheelie big saw: Beanz meanz NZ: and Goosy Goosy Dentist.

‘Tis cold, dark and windy at the Castle this morn, oodles of wet stuff yesterday and last dark thing, which has made the garden smile-and me because I don’t have to drag the watering can around.

I had several phone calls from Mac owners who have acquired a virus on their “inviolate” laptops, so I downloaded the SophosLabs free antivirus for Mac, deleted the Leap-A worm and charged them double.

Why? Because I can…….

The Talk Talk internet connection is still iffy, and the rain doesn’t help, modern technology.

I see that “we must reduce the deficit” U-Turn Cam has decided that “We” can afford to give away £100 million or so to the Arab Spring countries.
British officials said that the Piss poor Polices Prime Minister, David Cameron, was ready to promise £110m in aid for such countries over four years. The initial beneficiaries would be Tunisia and Egypt.
Today's summit declaration is expected to promise a "durable partnership" with Egypt and Tunisia and any other Arab countries which overthrow autocratic rule. Cairo has asked for $10bn to $12bn (£6.1bn to £7.3bn) by the middle of next year. Tunisia says it needs $25bn over five years.  

The cost of democracy.

Net migration in to the UK soared by almost half last year and is now close to the record levels of 2005.
It is the fifth quarter in a row that net immigration has risen signalling a worrying upward trend.
And two of the main drivers were a slump in emigration and a sharp rise in Eastern Europeans coming to the UK for work – two areas that will not be affected by the Government’s annual cap or other immigration measures.
Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) yesterday also showed:
: The number of foreign workers increased by 1.7 million in the last decade and accounted for all the increase in employment levels over the period.
: Work visas increased by six per cent in the year to March 2011
: Asylum claims increased by 11 per cent
: Migrants granted settlement in the UK increased by four per cent
U-Turn Cam has promised to cut net immigration, the difference between those arriving and those leaving the UK, to the “tens of thousands” by 2015.  

Not working is it.

Apparently the ex Nazi what’s his name El Papa has shut down a famous community in Rome that organised dances by a former nightclub dancer nun and hosted VIPs like Madonna, earning the disfavour of the Vatican.
The closure of the monastery of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, which holds some of the Church's most prized relics, was reported by Italian dailies La Stampa and Il Foglio.
The reports said the community of Cistercian monks based at the church for more than five centuries was being transferred to other churches in Italy.
Contacted by AFP, the Vatican did not deny the reports.
The basilica had become a hub for the Friends of Santa Croce, an aristocratic group, and had been criticised for some unorthodox practices including dances in which nuns pranced around the altar.
One of the nuns who performed at the church, a former disco dancer, can be seen in a YouTube video performing a modern dance with a crucifix. 

Seems like fairly normal behaviour for the Catholic Church to me.

The world's biggest saw helps workers in Kazakhstan plough through hillsides by digging out 4,500 tonnes of coal an hour.
Towering in at just over 145 feet and weighing a staggering 45,000 tons, the massive machine obliterates anything in its path.
The saw has jagged buckets attached to the rotating blade - which works in a similar fashion to a chain saw.
The buckets dig deep into the coal seam and break off mammoth chunks - before it travels around a conveyor belt and straight into containers positioned on waiting trains.
The mammoth excavator needs a total of 27 people to operate it at any one time.
As giant as this mighty tool is, it is hindered by one flaw: it only travels at one mile every three hours.

 I pity the poor sod that has to change the blade.

Heinz Australia will shed more than 300 jobs when it moves some of its operations in Victoria, NSW and Queensland to New Zealand, the company announced today.
The decision will result in the loss of 160 jobs at Golden Circle's Northgate plant in Brisbane, 146 jobs at Girgarre in northern Victoria and another 38 jobs at Wagga Wagga, in NSW.
Heinz will shift production of sauces, beetroot and some meals products from these facilities to its operations in Hastings, New Zealand, it said in a statement.
Heinz Australia chief executive Nigel Comer said the decision was made after an extensive review of the company's manufacturing operations. 

Or in other words-cheaper.

 And finally: 

A retired dentist suffered a broken leg after driving his quad bike into a tree while being attacked by a goose.
Jan Pieniazek was chased around a lake by an over-protective male Canadian goose as he tried to collect some grain from a neighbour's garden for his chickens.
He jumped on to his quad bike to escape but the hissing bird flew at him, landed on his head and knocked him off course.
Terrified Mr Pieniazek crashed into a tree and was left flat on his back in a field in Cowfold, near Horsham, until a neighbour heard his cries for help and called 999.
He said: "I went past the lake where there are a pair of Canadian geese. The female was sitting on her eggs on an island.
"The male always flaps his wings and hisses to protect the nest but on this occasion, he followed me all the way around the lake.
"Out of the blue he then landed on my head when I got on the quad and I drove straight into a tree.
"I heard a big crack in my leg bone. I was 200 yards from he nearest road so I screamed and screamed until a lady from a cottage down the road came to help me."
Paramedics and the Sussex Air Ambulance attended.
An Air ambulance spokesman said: "His tibia bone was protruding through the skin so we anaesthetised him, administered a strong painkiller and reduced the fracture.
"We then splinted his leg and made him more comfortable."
Mr Peiniazek is now recovering at home and is hoping to be back on his feet within six months,
The geese now have a family of six goslings.

A retired dentist…maybe there is someone upstairs: and at least the Goose is OK.

And today’s thought: Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that." - Bill Clinton, former U.S. president.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Real life has impinged again today, I have to go to the dentist, my fault, I did something I shouldn’t have and am now paying the piper.

You probably don’t want to know but I am going to tell you anyway, I was down the local smash and grab (Tesco) and as you are probably aware they keep shifting stuff about, well I was looking for something and strayed into the “confectionary” aisle, a place I never visit, and out of the corner of my eye I saw-a Mars Bar, these used to be a favourite of Mrs A and myself.

We would eat them after putting them in the freezer for a couple of minutes so that they were hard (I know), anyway I succumbed and bought one. I hear some people like them deep fried, whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Anyway I got home, put it in the freezer and forgot about it, several hours later I “remembered” it and left it on the worktop for a while to thaw, took off the wrapper and began to devour, the first bite told me it was still too hard but that didn’t stop me, took another bite and-crack!

Very carefully removed said Mars Bar from gob and imbedded in it was a tooth, luckily it was a cap or a crown or something technical, the “tooth” was armed with a spike of metal about a quarter of an inch long ( bugger “metrics”).

So there you are, Mars Bars are bad for your teeth, at least when they are frozen.

So apart from this mishmash of mindless rambling, no post on here or “Politico” or “NHS-The Other Side” today, or at least this morning.

It will probably turn out to be the most expensive Mars bar in the world. like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy , and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.” Douglas Adams


Thursday, 12 February 2009


Just managed to sit down to write this, been a hell of a day, had to go to the dentist, who were an hour late, then I had to sort out some “official” pillocks who couldn’t find their arse in a dark room if they had a torch.

So I won’t be posting on the Politico blog today.

And just a few snippets on this one.

BBC NEWS A parent is jailed for their child's truancy once a fortnight every school term in England and Wales, analysis of court statistics shows.

In 2007 there were 10,000 prosecutions in England - up 76% since 2000.

The good old Gov has done their usual U-Turn-from this-The Labour government has made a priority of tackling truancy, introducing increasingly severe penalties.

To this-The government now says that it prefers to look at overall absence, including absences that have been authorised by schools, rather than to focus on truancy. On this measure, there has been an improvement.

Number crunchers of the world unite!

Women's traits 'written on face' -BBC NEWS it seems that a woman's personality traits may be "written all over her face", research has suggested.

The Glasgow University and New Scientist study examined whether self-assessed personality characteristics could be identified from appearance.

Dr Jenkins said “Overall the data is fascinating," he said. "It pushes the envelope in that we are looking at subtle aspects of psychological make-up.

"It also shows that people readily associate facial appearance with certain personality traits.

"It's possible that there is some correlation between appearance and personality because both are influenced by our genetic make-up."

No comment!

After my drawn out visit to the dentist, this caught my eye- Millions 'opt for DIY dentistry' Millions of people in England have resorted to DIY dentistry, a survey by consumer magazine Which? suggests.

The poll, of 2,631 adults, found 8% had tried to fix their own dental problems - and a similar number knew somebody who had tried.

Of those who admitted trying the DIY approach, one in four had tried to pull out a tooth using pliers.

Some 30% of DIY dentists had tried to whiten their teeth with household cleaning products.

Other DIY procedures people admitted to included:

• Using household glue to stick down a filling or crown (11%)
• Popping an ulcer with a pin (19%)
• Trying to mend or alter dentures (8%)
• Trying to stick down a loose filling with chewing gum (6%)


And finally

Our Boris loses his cool The Evening Standard says committee members were told by Mr Vaz that "the mayor used the F-word ten times".
Not so says Mr Johnson's aides he only used strong language “once or twice”

That’s OK then.

“This is a confusing and uncertain period, when a thousand wise words can go completely unnoticed, and one thoughtless word can provoke an utterly nonsensical furore.” Vaclav Havel


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