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Sunday, 5 July 2009


Very hot again last night, and I didn’t sleep much (again), and was woken at five by the sound of a couple of old birds having a fight, no not the neighbours but a pair of blackbirds.

The news seems a bit drab today, there is the story about village fetes being cancelled because of red tape, which apparently extend to as many as fifteen licenses, legal agreements, forms and certificates being required, including the 20 plus pages of the ‘premises license’ and of course the iniquitous ‘risk assessment’ forms from the insurance companies. Failure to adhere to the terms of the licenses can lead to a fine of up to £20,000 or six months in prison, or being sued if they fail to meet insurance requirements.

Oh to be in England now that the fete has been cancelled due to inane regulations.

Another ‘story’ is that we are a miserable load of Brits, it appears that “research” has shown us to be 74th in the ‘happiness’ table, being less satisfied with life than many in poorer countries and we use too many of the earth's resources.

The Happy Planet Index or HPI measures life expectancy, happiness and the environmental impact of different nations. The top ten countries are not the richest nations but middle income countries in Latin America, Asia or the Caribbean where there is a high level of life satisfaction and low carbon footprint.

The UK comes in at 74 out of 143 countries behind post-Soviet Georgia at 72, the military dictatorship Burma at 39 and Sri Lanka, which has been scarred by civil war, at 22. The highest ranking country in the EU was the Netherlands at 43 followed by France at 71 and Germany at 51. The United States was ranked at 114, Canada at 89 and Australia at 102. Zimbabwe and other poor African nations, where life expectancy and happiness is low, came bottom of the table.

Can you blame us? We have El Gordo and his gang who have managed to completely destroy the economy, our pension funds have disappeared, we will have to work until we are 150, our houses are worth less than the “duck house” of a certain MP, our salaries are being cut, there are millions unemployed and to top it all Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon.

But the good news (not) is that the Ashes start next week.

Across the pond Sarah Palin has decided that she is resigning her office this month and will probably put herself up for the 2012 the presidential nomination.


I watched the program on the Da Vinci Turin Shroud, it was very believable, he managed it by using an early version of photography, the camera obscura after soaking the cloth in a silver solution and hanging it up, then a body or a statue was used and the head of Da Vinci was added afterwards, or so they say, but we will never be able to prove it because the shroud will not be released for further tests.

And finally:

A Bride wants divorce after airport loo stop a bride has demanded a divorce from her husband of just one week who left her at an airport after their romantic newlywed jaunt because she took long in the toilet.

The Daily Mail reports that only a week of married life, one couple's romance came to a dramatic end after the bridegroom decided his wife simply spent too long in the bathroom. His solution was simple. Get on the plane without her. The woman in question, a teacher, had gone to use the facilities at the airport before boarding a flight back in Saudi Arabia. Quite how long she stayed in the toilet remains unclear.

What is certain is that she emerged to discover her husband had vanished without trace.
The woman, who had paid for the holiday, began a desperate search of the airport and grew increasingly concerned that something terrible had happened to him.
It eventually emerged that he had in fact boarded a plane, according to the Saudi Gazette. When he arrived at his destination, he calmly told relatives his new wife was still in Malaysia. His bride was not so calm about his behaviour. She has demanded an immediate divorce.
Till flush do we part?


Friday, 3 April 2009


Back to normal today (well as normal as I get):

Ananova - Man crashed motorised bar stool

A US man has been arrested and charged with drink driving after he crashed a motorised bar stool.
The 28-year-old man invented and created the bar stool which he says can reach speeds of 38mph, reports the Newark Advocate.

Police reports said he rolled the Frankenstein-esque lawnmower and bar stool combination on his way home from the pub in Newark, Ohio.

The man claimed the bar stool could reach speeds of 38 mph on its five-horsepower engine but that he was travelling at about 20 mph when he crashed it.

He allegedly admitted to drinking about 15 beers when interviewed by police at hospital but insisted that was after the accident.

“I was riding bar stool and I wrecked. I wasn’t drinking when I wrecked, I drank afterward because my head hurt," he told WCLT Radio.

The man was issued a citation for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and driving under suspension. He has pleaded not guilty at an initial hearing.

I didn’t know that Hospitals supplied beer!

Ananova - Row over space toilets

Yep! The management even manages to firk it up in space:

Toilet troubles on the International Space Station-A Russian astronaut on the International Space Station complains he's been banned from using the US toilet and exercise bike.

Gennady Padalka, 50, told Russia's Novaya Gazeta newspaper the lack of sharing was lowering the crew's morale.

The veteran cosmonaut said the problem was due to the ISS becoming a more commercial operation, reports the BBC.

He said Russian and US cosmonauts had worked in perfect harmony for many years but the problem began in 2003 when Moscow started billing Washington for sending its astronauts into space.

Before he lifted off to join the ISS crew on Thursday, Mr Padalka had asked whether he could use a US gym to stay fit.

"They told me: 'Yes, you can.' Then they said no. Then they hold consultations and they approve it again. And now, right before the flight, it turns out again that the answer is negative."
The regulations now required US and Russian cosmonauts to eat their own rations, he said, adding: "They also recommend us to only use national toilets."

But Mr Padalka said: "Cosmonauts are above the ongoing squabble, no matter what officials decide. It's politicians and bureaucrats who can't reach agreement, not us."

Just one question-what the F is a “national Toilet”?

Ananova - Aqua coach launches

An amphibious coach claimed to be the most advanced in the world has been launched, allowing bus passengers to take to the waves.
The Amphicoach, which carries up to 50 passengers, is the brainchild of Scotsman George Smith.
The vehicle drives like a traditional coach until it reaches water, where its makers say it exhibits 'astonishing' sailing abilities.

The coach's wheels retract into a hull, made from marine-grade aluminium, allowing it to reach speeds of up to eight knots, powered by a jet-drive unit.

The spokesman added: "Due to the vehicle's superior stability and safety features the Amphicoach is a Modern Technological Wonder.

"Soon people will no longer be satisfied with just a city coach tour, they will want the complete package, a city coach tour with a water cruise built in."

Yeah-looks really stable to me-not.

Ananova - Twitchiker's round-the-world trek

A Gateshead man travelled all the way to New Zealand - thanks to donations from people who use Twitter.

Paul Smith, 33, dubbed the Twitchhiker, made the 11,000-mile trip without buying a single ticket, reports the Daily Mail.

He gave himself 30 days to complete the trek, and was forbidden to spend a penny on so much as a taxi journey.

"The Twitchhiker project showed that kindness is universal, that the whole can be infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, and that social media may begin online but it will converge with the real world whenever and wherever you let it," he wrote in his blog.

His original goal was Campbell Island, a remote outpost off New Zealand, but that would have relied on a ship's captain prepared to cross treacherous seas on a six day round trip for free.
So instead he headed for Stewart Island, population of just 400, and said he was satisfied with that.

"The aim was to travel as far as I could from home as possible within 30 days, and by reaching Stewart Island I'd travelled to a place the majority of New Zealanders have never set foot on," he said.

Great idea, by the way I could do with a new motor!

And finally:

German woman divorces husband for cleaning too much- Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German woman has divorced her husband because she was fed up with him cleaning all the time.

German media reported the wife got through 15 years of marriage putting up with the man's penchant for doing household chores, tidying up and rearranging the furniture.

But she ran out of patience when he knocked down and rebuilt a wall at their home when it got dirty, Christian Kropp, court judge in the central town of Sondershausen, said Thursday.

"I'd never had anyone seek a divorce for this," he said.
(Reporting by Franziska Scheven; editing by Myra MacDonald)

I don’t know you can’t please some people!

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NHS Behind the headlines

Angus Dei politico


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


It’s snowing down here in ‘Ampshire, which will cover the ice that formed overnight, and make it even more fun to go out.

If you are lucky enough to be snowed in, here are a few stories to keep you company.

Following on from the man who wanted his kidney back from his wife during their divorce- Excite News VICTORVILLE, Calif. (AP) - Prosecutors say a spurned lover ambushed his ex-girlfriend and tried to cut out the breast implants he paid for by stabbing her. San Bernardino County prosecutor David Foy says 28-year-old Thomas Lee Rowley attacked his ex in July 2006 outside her mother's home in Hesperia, some 70 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert.

Rowley is on trial in Superior Court in Victorville for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, burglary, and false imprisonment.

The 26-year-old woman survived six stab wounds and the punctured breast implants were repaired.

Rowley's former roommate Dennis McGill testified this week that the defendant wanted to reclaim what was rightfully his. Rowley allegedly told McGill, "I'm gonna cut 'em out and get em back."

And carrying on with the divorce theme-CROYDON A circus performer has had prehistoric ivory from a mammoth tusk implanted as teeth because he could not bear to part from it during his divorce.
Hannibal Helmurto, of the Circus of Horrors, did not want to split a 40,000-year-old mammoth tusk he purchased in 1993 with his wife when they recently got divorced.
The sword wielding circus performer, who is appearing at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon this weekend, decided to have the tooth fitted into his own mouth instead.

From the BBC a court's refusal to convict a police constable who reached 159mph on a motorway of speeding and dangerous driving is being challenged.
Pc Mark Milton, 38, from Telford, Shropshire, was recorded by the patrol car's video camera on the M54 in 2003.
District Judge Bruce Morgan cleared him after hearing he was "familiarising" himself with a new car.
High Court judges were asked on Tuesday to decide whether an officer could lawfully drive at those speeds.

One law for them?

From Sky News new questions are being asked about aviation security in America after a man packed himself in a crate and 'posted himself' back home. Charles McKinley shipped himself from New York to Dallas in an airline cargo crate.
He was even delivered to the door of his parent’s house - and broke out of the box on the lawn.
"My husband asked him, `Man, what are you doing in this crate?' He said he was coming home," his mother told KDFW-TV in Dallas.
Officials have launched an investigation to find out how he got past security at three airports.
Wonder if he went first or second-class?

Should you or shouldn’t you? NHS: Rosie Palm's Revenge the University of Nottingham say “Hands off” "Masturbation is linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer when practised frequently by young men in their twenties and thirties." Frequently, in this case, being in excess of 20 times a month.

The Australians say “go for it”- Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, researchers suggest. . Masturbation Reduces Men's Chance to Develop Prostate Cancer

Does this mean that Nottingham are abstainers while the Aussies are wankers?

Belligerent Badger “A QUIET corner of rural England was recovering yesterday after a bruising encounter with Boris the badger.

Five people were put in hospital and two police officers were sent scurrying for cover after the bad-tempered creature went on a 48-hour rampage through Evesham in Worcestershire.
As the last victim returned from hospital yesterday, after having skin grafts to his legs and an arm, residents described Boris’s arrival as being like a scene from a horror film.”

The moral: never go into your garage to investigate strange noises.

Klingon interpreter sought for mental health patients Position Available: Interpreter, must be fluent in Klingon.

The language created for the "Star Trek" TV series and movies is one of about 55 needed by the office that treats mental health patients in metropolitan Multnomah County, Oregon.
"We have to provide information in all the languages our clients speak," said Jerry Jelusich, a procurement specialist for the county Department of Human Services, which serves about 60,000 mental health clients.

Although created for works of fiction, Klingon was designed to have a consistent grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

"There are some cases where we've had mental health patients where this was all they would speak," said the county's purchasing administrator, Franna Hathaway.”
What can you say?

Maybe “yIDoghQo'” (Don't be silly.) or “naDevvo' yIghoS” (Go away.)

If you want to see our great leader at his best take a look at

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Friday, 9 January 2009


BBC NEWS -A US man divorcing his wife is demanding that she return the kidney he donated to her or pays him $1.5m (£1m) in compensation.

This Pillock- Dr Richard Batista is demanding back the Kidney because his divorce is not going well tough, blame the lawyers, grow up and get a life.

BBC NEWS-Mixed-sex wards 'blighting NHS', this has been going on for years, in fact back in 2004 when Mrs Angus was in hospital, the “ward” she was in was mixed sex. I put ward in quotes because it was a “bay” of six beds, there were other bays with mixed sexes in as well. It is obviously beyond the “ward Manager” to arrange, or move beds so that all six beds are inhabited by the same sex after all it’s not Firkin rocket science. The excuse is always “it would leave beds empty "Lord (kahzi) Darzi tough shit, patients are stressed enough when they go into Hospital, adding to this stress by having mixed sexes in the same bay is unacceptable.

The Register-MI5 head calls for comms data access, yes it is still on the cards, they still want a database of all our phone calls and emails. Such data is currently held in varying degrees by communications providers and can be retrieved by the police, MI5 and other agencies. It is often used in court cases. The excuse of course is “national security, what about “national Privacy”?

Still on “security” The Register-the Home office denies remote snooping plan, and is denying plans to change to rules governing how police can remotely snoop on people's computers. A spokesman for the Home Office told the Reg that UK police can already snoop - but the Regulation of Investigator Powers Act and the Surveillance Commissioner govern these activities. He said changes had been proposed at the last Interior Ministers' meeting, but nothing has happened since.

Methinks they protest too much.

Still on “Government Snooping” which of course isn’t going to happen- The Register a private sector firm may be given the job of maintaining a proposed super-database tracking the telephone and Internet records of Brits.

So it seems even though the Government won’t be snooping on us, if it did happen then it would be run by a private company, as the Gov managed to lose 29 million records last year.

That really makes you feel “secure” doesn’t it?

Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal. And if there were, it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day every day, sleeping its life away.”-Henry De Bracton