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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Here we are again? Manopause part 3, what a World, Saturday apocalypse, Buggered up Blighty Brexit and an anal Chinese worker.

Not much of a lack of warm, nary a whimsy of atmospheric movement, even less solar activity and more than enough skywater at the castle this last morn.

It has been many moons since the last post, this is dahn to the lack of testosterone and energy for poor old Angus, but after eleven long months of eight weekly injections in both arse cheeks and a “trough” level of 8.4 rising to 8.5 the “Consultant” finally increased the bum pricks to every six weeks and the result has been amazing, after just one round of jabs I have decorated the entire castle in lovely magnolia sorted out the garden, and replaced the piss poor Peugeot with a nice reliable Nissan, I did consider an Alfa but I didn’t want to spend most of my time waiting on the side of the road waiting for a breakdahn truck.

In the land of the brave and the home of the free America is being ruled by a childish septuagenarian war mongering psychotic fuckwit who it seems is intent on starting world war three with a childish Tricenarian war mongering psychotic fuckwit who seems intent on starting world war three.

Oh dear we are stuffed.

Apparently according to Revelations 12:1 a huge hidden planet is about to hit this planet or what’s left of it that we call home.

It is due to hit today and will spark a series of events that is likely to kill us all,

Or not.......

 Prime Monster Terry “leather legs” Maybe our beloved prevaricating leader who reminds me of the bastard child of a Dementor and one of the giant spiders in Harry Potter is still arsing about over Brexit, her latest crap “speech” which she had to travel to Florence to vomit out includes sound bites such as:

Transition period could be around two years, during which time access to the single market will continue on current terms

· a "bold new security agreement" between the UK and EU

· On trade, both sides could do "so much better" than adopting existing models

· The UK would honour commitments made while it remains a member

· There was "no need to impose tariffs where there are none now"

· EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier described the speech as "constructive"


And finally:

Construction worker Yang Ming underwent a seven-hour operation to remove the reinforced steel after it shot up through his anus and stopped just under his right shoulder, narrowly avoiding contact with his vital organs.

He accidentally electrocuted himself with live wires and fell backwards, landing on a bar on the ground in the building site.

Mr Ming’s intestines, bladder, pancreas, liver and lungs suffered minor tears but none of the injuries were critical.

He lost just a point of blood in the industrial accident and he is now recovering in hospital.

The bar was removed intact.

I know how he feels I’ve had a prostate exam......

That’s it: I’m orf to get my old ears tested

And today’s thought:

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary. It's scary when it disappears.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Another one more year: Don’t pick it in the Philippines: Make the bad man go away: Bloody big bull: Wanna buy a nuke power plant and Washington rubbish.

Not a glimpse of Dawns crack even less atmospheric movement, quite a lack of warm, nary a whimsy of solar stuff and bugger all skywater at the castle this morn.

Poor old Angus staggered into the 65th year of what’s left of his life yesterday to become an official old fart and looking forward to the “state” pension which apparently is enough to live on if you don’t want to eat, keep warm or travel about.

So after 48 years of paying 10% of my earnings it seems that I am “entitled” to 155 squids and a bit per week until I pop my clogs.

But who’s moaning.......

Apparently those in power have warned the Philippine police not to do anything that might create a negative impression among members of the public such as picking their noses, taking selfies, play online games, smoke or chew gum during their shifts.

The list also specifies that any bodily itches must remain unscratched, and officers should avoid "unseemly posture" such as standing on one leg,

Wonder if smashing up someone’s car with a baton is included.....

Nine-year-old Amariyanna ‘Mari’ Copeny has become an online sensation when her smile turned to a fearful expression upon meeting Donald Trump.

No surprise there then.....

A giant, 1-ton Holstein steer who loves to eat bread and romps like a puppy at a Northern California zoo is vying for the title of world’s tallest bovine.

His name is Danniel and he measures 6 feet, 4 inches from the hoof to the withers, a smidge taller than the current record-holder, the Eureka Times Standard reported Wednesday.

A veterinarian and his keepers at the Sequoia Park Zoo in the city of Eureka measured Danniel on Tuesday to confirm his height, but Guinness World Records has yet to verify it.

Rather them than me......

After spending more than 40 years and $5 billion on an unfinished nuclear power plant in north-eastern Alabama, the nation's largest federal utility is preparing to sell the property at a fraction of its cost.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has set a minimum bid of $36.4 million for its Bellefonte Nuclear Plant and the 1,600 surrounding acres of waterfront property on the Tennessee River. The buyer gets two unfinished nuclear reactors, transmission lines, office and warehouse buildings, eight miles of roads, a 1,000-space parking lot and more.

Initial bids are due Monday, and at least one company has publicly expressed interest in the site with plans to use it for alternative energy production. But TVA says it isn't particular about what the purchaser does — using the site for power production, industrial manufacturing, recreation or even residences would all be fine with the agency, said spokesman Scott Fiedler.

Cheap at half the price-are you listening Theresa Might?

And finally:

Harper Westover, age 2 received a “Notice of Violation” in the mail reporting she was being fined $75 for allegedly littering at the end of the alley by her home, on 9th Street NE.

Officials included evidence of a discarded envelope a city worker had found with a bag of trash in the alley. Exhibit A against Harpie the Violator was a photograph of that unopened envelope addressed to her from Bucky’s Buddies, a kids club for fans of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the alma mater of her mother, Theresa.

Westover, an attorney for the National Labour Relations Board, called the solid waste inspector who issued the ticket and told the inspector, her daughter is 2. Could the Department of Public Works kindly rescind the fine?

“The inspector’s response was there was a piece of trash in the alley with Harper’s name on it. I said, ‘I understand that, but she’s only 2 years old. Are you willing to rescind the ticket?’ She said ‘No,’ ” Westover recalled. “They list Harper as a ‘violator.’ As a mom, it bothered me.”

Early Friday evening, a public works official swung by the Westover rowhouse and saw Harper and her mother in the alley, getting ready for an interview with a local news station. The official looked at Harper, jokingly calling her “the 2-year-old violator,” according to Theresa Westover. Then he said he would waive both Harper’s and her mother’s violations.

In a telephone interview with The Washington Post, Harper, fresh from an afternoon nap, insisted she was innocent.

But when pressed for more details about her whereabouts at the time of the alleged offense on Aug. 24 at 11:06 am, the wrongly accused litterbug laughed.

“Hide and seek,” was all she said.

Nice one.....

That’s it: I’m orf to count a few stars

And today’s thought: