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Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Yesterday my internet connection died, it was about 6.30am, and I was in the middle of a post, it would come on for about 30 seconds then go off for ten minutes, I am sure you have all had the same thing, totally frustrating and annoying, and when you try to find out what happened you either have to pay exorbitant phone charges or check it out on the website, which you can’t flaming access.

Still it is working today (obviously) so:

Ananova one is not too chuffed.

A Buckingham Palace footman caused £60,000 damage when he spilled a trolley of drinks on a carpet that had only just been laid.

It happened in the 156ft long Picture Gallery which had been recarpeted at great expense two days earlier, reports the Daily Mail.

The footman was wheeling the trolley of hot drinks across it when one of the wheels fell off and the drinks scattered.

The Mail quotes an insider as saying: "It took three days to lay the carpet and it had only been down for two days when the accident happened. No one could believe it.

"They had a spare section of carpet which officials thought would cover unforeseen accidents in the future - not in the same week it was laid. They've had to use it all up at one go."
The part-time footman had been sent to take tea and coffee to a staff meeting being held in the Picture Gallery.

Obviously not from Carpet Right then.

Ananova is your pussy pampered?

The Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap is billed as the latest 'must have' pet accessory that will brighten up any back door.

Encrusted with more than 1,000 Swarovski crystals, it sells for £1,000. Designers Doors4Paws claims a 'minor celebrity' has already placed the first order.

The firm sells a number of special cat flap designs, including one in the style of a stable door and another based on a Roman arch.

However, the design currently generating the most interest is the Swarovski cat flap, says a company spokesman.

Bit out of my price range!

Oddly Enough Reuters BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police have detained a Nigerian who nervously left a suitcase packed with 87 kg (190 lb) of marijuana at the airport, only to get caught trying to recover it the next day, Chinese media said Wednesday.

After arriving in Beijing from Lagos, the man left the suitcase, stuffed with 72 bricks of marijuana wrapped in black plastic bags, "fearing tight security," the China Daily said.

The man was detained the next day when he returned to claim the suitcase, the paper said, the biggest drugs bust this year.

Not the sharpest knife in the draw.

Oddly Enough Reuters A Philippine plane with 80 passengers aboard was seconds away from a crash when a man teaching his girlfriend to drive sped across the runway as the aircraft landed, newspapers reported Tuesday.

The Cebu Pacific plane briefly touched down at Legazpi airport in the central Philippines Saturday but took off again as the van being driven by the couple crossed the runway, the Philippine Star newspaper said.

The man is the son of a local aviation official, who has been ordered suspended from duty.

Don’t forget-mirror, signal-DUCK!

And finally.

ABC News A town in Japan has come up with a novel way of beating the country's crippling recession: by extracting gold from its sewage.

The appropriately named town of Suwa in the Nagano Prefecture is collecting the precious metal from the waste it processes, earning the sewerage plant hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Sewerage plant official Yoshihide Nakayama is in charge of reclaiming the gold.

"When we found the gold in the sewage we immediately put it under lock and key," he said.
Mr Nakayama's line of work is not for those with a weak stomach or a delicate constitution.
His plant treats 140,000 tonnes of sewage a day.

Sludge is extracted from the effluent, and the residue is compressed and dried, producing fly ash.

It was in this ash that plant workers began discovering gold.
In the last six months this rolled-gold sewage has earned Mr Nakayama's business more than $250,000.

Where there’s muck…….

"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards." Aldous Huxley


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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


You may have noticed a new item in the sidebar today.

I have been accepted into Bloghounds, and the badge and blog roll will be proudly displayed for all (well for the few visitors) to see.

Blogging has to me become a pleasurable "in the main" experience and unfortunately for you readers I will continue to write my inane babble for the foreseeable future.

The news is a bit crap today, or perhaps it's just me, but this item from the BBC caught my attention-http:///

It's about a "new" stop smoking drug-Champix, or varenicline was called a "wonder drug" but, and there is always a "but" stories have been emerging that people taking this drug are becoming severely depressed, and in some cases suicidal, and even succeeding in killing themselves.
These are people with no 'Psychiatric problems' just ordinary folk who wanted to kick the weed.

Dr Hans-Georg Eichler, senior medical officer with the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), told me: "This drug is designed and has been shown to be effective in helping patients quit smoking.

"Now we all know that there are several hundred thousand premature deaths across the European Union every year.

"This is a major public health issue. We know that a large proportion of smokers want to quit but they find it difficult.

So instead of temporarily withdrawing the drug the European Medicines Agency has implemented a high alert monitoring programme.
Heaven forbid that the Pharmas should lose money because their drugs are killing people.