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Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Earth Day 2009 “Earth Day 2009, April 22, will mark the beginning of The Green Generation CampaignTM which will also be the focus of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. With negotiations for a new global climate agreement coming up in December, Earth Day 2009 must be a day of action and civic participation, to defend The Green Generation’s core principles:

A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.

An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.

Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.”

I support this campaign 100% in principle: it would be great to have a “green” world, some of the technology is available, and the thought of a pollution free, sustainable world economy is the perfect dream. At least it would be if there was a level playing field, and all the countries around the world were at the same point in technology and living standards.

The snag is, they aren’t, China and India are the two best examples of “industrial revolution” both countries have high populations, both are consuming resources at an alarming rate and both have fairly high levels of poverty.

The other snag is that we “the first world” and the Americas “the second world” are buying their products, which fuels the production ad infinitum-world economy.

The recession has slowed down production and demand for resources, but when the recovery comes the cycle will start again.

The “Green Generation” will probably be the next generation, in thirty years there may be the right combination of technology, enough food, cooperation between countries and the “want” to make it a green world,

Let’s hope that by then there is enough “green” left in the world to save.

“Nobody can predict the future but it’s worth trying to influence the direction.” Ron De Jonge


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