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Thursday, 14 March 2013

New El Papa: Last El Papa: Fake walnuts: Numpty up to his neck: and a Hole in one fairway.

Lots of lack of warm, little atmospheric movement, even less sky water and much solar stuff at the Castle this morn, Dawn’s crack was enormous and kindly melted all the scrapey-scrapey stuff orf the Honda saving my poor old battered body from further pain.

The “ring of agony” has now subsided to an ache in the side and his Maj has discovered the joy of snuggling up to the heating pad I have been using to boil the pain away.


According to the bleedin endless coverage by Auntie after just a few votes El Papa Francis the first has taken over the reins.
The 76-year-old from Buenos Aires is the first pope to take the name of Francis - reminiscent of Francis of Assisi, the 13th Century Italian reformer and patron saint of animals, who lived in poverty.
As usual “they” have elected a conservative old fart who probably won’t sort out the buggering of kiddlies by priests and the buggering of priests by other priests, and won’t last very long.


Apparently according to Nostradamus the end of a pope and the Church itself at a time when a great comet was to fill our skies. Comet Ison, said to be one of the brightest for centuries, will pass by later this year.
Quatrain II.46

"The great star for seven days shall burn
So nakedly clear like two suns appearing
The large dog all night howling
While the great Pontiff shall change his territory."
Another of Nostradamus's writings has also been associated with the end of the Catholic Church:
Quatrain VI.6:
There will appear towards the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over.
And allegedly old Nostra isn’t alone: It is the writings of Saint Malachy, an archbishop of the 1100s, which definitively states this will be the pope of the end times.

A Benedictine monk claimed to have discovered in 1595 a collection of the Saint's papers where he had purportedly secretly written down 112 brief but vague prophecies. Each is associated with the reign of an individual pope.
The last phrase applies to Pope Francis:
Verse 112:
"In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.
The End." 

I wish.... 

A new product has hit China’s market –- fake walnuts.
Reports claim that vendors put small portions of cement inside the shells and glue them together –- making them look like real walnuts. In addition, the cement is wrapped in paper to avoid unnecessary movement and noise the cement might make when displayed or checked by shoppers.

“The Ministry of Tofu,” a Chinese news source, reports:

“Mr. Li bought 2.5 kilos of walnuts from a street vendor in Zhengzhou city, Henan province on February 15. After he got home and cracked open some of them, he found that inside the walnuts were broken concrete chunks. In order to reap more profit vendors cracked open walnuts that had thin husks, took out the nutmeat and put concrete nuggets inside, then sealed the husk with glue. To prevent the concrete nuggets from knocking on their husks and making noise, the counterfeiters wrapped them with paper.”

(apart from the bleedin video)

A video of a man jumping into a puddle - only to find it is as deep as he is tall - is going viral online.
The clip starts with the man preparing to leap into a frozen puddle in a supermarket car park in the US.
To his apparent surprise, he ends up completely submerged as the cameraman keels over in hysterics.

The video has notched up more than 1.3million views on YouTube but some users expressed doubts whether it was genuine.

One asked: "So why is there a four feet deep hole in a parking lot?"
Why not?

Still in the US of A; a golfer has had to be rescued from a sinkhole that swallowed him up at an Illinois fairway.
Mark Mihal was with three friends playing the 14th hole at Annbriar Golf Course near Waterloo last Friday.
But when the 43-year-old's buddies looked round he was nowhere to be seen. 
They heard him moaning and followed the noise back to where he had been standing.
The pit that swallowed him up turned out to be 18ft deep and 10ft wide.
A ladder brought from the clubhouse was too short and Mark only had the use of one arm to pull himself up. 

Wonder if he found his ball? 

And today’s thought:


Monday, 12 October 2009

Good news and Bad news; CRB Jamboree Joke; 2012 is there time? Beer bonus; Ban on Hymns and The Moscow Anus

Bit late today, car “problems” and no it isn’t the radiator.

A multitude of ‘news’ today, some good, some bad.

The good news is: It is better to be fat than thin at age 40, according to a new study which shows that the overweight are likely to live longer than those who are slim.

Contrary to the widely held belief that it is healthier to be slim, researchers in Japan found that the life expectancy of the overweight at 40 was six years longer than that of their thinner counterparts.

Those who were slimmer were also at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the major study, conducted over a ten-year period by scientists at Tohoku University.

Health concerns surrounding the slimmest also eclipsed those of the overweight, with higher risks of heart disease and other illnesses as they age, according to Masato Nagai, a graduate student involved in the research.

And the bad: Gord’s gang wanted to show the world that the UK, which produces a fart in a hurricanes worth of “pollution” is serious about reducing Carbon emissions that he ensconced it in law.

Now we are going to pay for it-Road pricing, rigid 70mph speed limits on motorways and mandatory, eco-driving lessons should be introduced to help country meet legally-binding carbon emissions targets, a key Government advisory committee has said

The Committee on Climate Change said the Government is unlikely to be able to meet the target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 34 per cent by 2020 unless there is a radical step change in power generation, transport and homes.

In its first annual report the expert committee led, that was set up to make sure the Government stays on track to meet its own targets, recommended a series of radical measures.

IN TRANSPORT: Subsidies for the car industry should encourage 1.7 million electric cars onto the roads by 2020. Petrol cars can be made more efficient by keeping to 70mph on motorways and teaching people to drive in higher gears and rev the engine less in "eco-driving" lessons. People should also be encouraged onto public transport or "smarter choices" like car sharing by making driving more expensive, for example by introducing road pricing.

IN HOMES: Homeowners will have to do their bit by better insulating homes and turning off appliances. The current plans to let energy companies lead the way should be replaced by a Government led "street by street" refurbishment programme that would see 10 million lofts and 7.5 million cavity walls insulated by 2015 and all 12 million inefficient boilers in people's homes replaced by 2022.

IN POWER: Thousands of wind farms will need to be built as well as up to three nuclear power stations in order to provide "clean energy". Any new coal-fired power stations will have to be fitted with the new technology "carbon capture and storage" that takes carbon dioxide and stores it under ground. The committee pointed out that the recession had pushed down carbon prices, making it cheaper for industry to pollute, and more important than ever for Government to encourage cleaner technologies.

In the past five years, greenhouse gas emissions have been falling at a rate of less than one per cent a year, with the most significant pollutant, carbon dioxide, only dropping by 0.5 per cent annually.

And the solution to this half-arsed legislation: repeal it.

Scout Jamborees could be cancelled in Britain because of the new anti-paedophile vetting rules, it has been claimed.

As the first phase of the controversial Government scheme starts, the Scout Association has warned it could mean the gatherings of packs from around the world will no longer be held here after 90 years of the tradition.

Organising criminal record information and other checks on thousands of foreign Scout leaders was ''just not possible'', a spokesman said.

And volunteers who fail to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), which is to check the backgrounds of 11.3 million people who want to work or volunteer with children and vulnerable adults, could face a criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £5,000.

Simon Carter, Scout Association spokesman, said: ''When we hold big international jamborees we rely on adults from other parts of the world coming in and staffing these events.

''The rules for checking people out suggest that if they were to come along and do intensive activity they would have to be checked.

''Clearly we cannot do that, it's just not possible.''

The “new” CRB checks-a Numpty cock up on a global scale.

The year 2012 will not bring the end of the world, a Mayan elder has insisted, despite claims that a Mayan calendar shows that time will "run out" on December 21 of that year.

Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the end of the world. "I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff," he said.

A significant time period for the Mayans does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012, including one that happens roughly only once every 25,800 years.

But hysteria surrounding 2012 does have some grains of archaeological basis. One of them is Monument Six.

Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost did not survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.

The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation. However, erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible.

Guillermo Bernal, an archaeologist at Mexico's National Autonomous University, believes the eroded message is: "He will descend from the sky".

Time will tell.

Man wins wife's weight in beer in Wife Carrying Championship

Dave and Lacey Castro of Lewiston came in first among 41 teams to win Saturday's competition at Sunday River ski resort in Newry.

They covered the 278-yard course in 54.45 seconds.

For their effort, the couple won 97-pound Mrs Castro's weight in beer and five times her weight in cash - which amounts to $485 (£306).

Teams from 11 states competed in the 10th annual race in which a man has to carry a woman, or vice versa, over an obstacle course.

As the North American champs, the Castros are eligible to compete in the world championships in Finland next July.

After drinking all that beer the roles will be reversed. (That’s not them in the pic)

A church has been banned from singing hymns that are too noisy, after its neighbours complained to a council.

All Nations Centre in Kennington, south London, could now be forced to close after Lambeth Council ordered it to turn the volume down.
The Pentecostal church, which has a congregation of 600 people, has been told that it cannot amplify its music or sermons after a complaint was made to the town hall.

The council is the second to take action against a church over the playing of music, following an order that was served last week on the Immanuel International Christian Centre in Waltham Forest, north-east London. The congregation at the Immanuel centre has dwindled from 100 to 30 because of the restrictions, and leaders at All Nations fear that the same will happen to them.

They expressed dismay at the council's decision, which they said had been made without any justification for the noise ban.

"The complaint against us has nothing to do with noise and everything to do with our faith," said Victor Jibuike, 43, a pastor at All Nations in Kennington.

"It feels as if they're trying to harass us and drive us out."

The congregation has been meeting at All Nations since the 1960s and Mr Jibuike said that they have never received a complaint before.

He said that the church began to face opposition from neighbours after it emerged that it was in negotiation with the council to develop a disused school as a community centre.

Still, come Christmas they will be able to belt out Silent Night.

And finally ;( thought I would never get there)

In scenes reminiscent of Independence Day, a ring-shaped luminous cloud was seen above Moscow city's Western District on Wednesday, last week.

The pale halo has social networkers speculating that it could be either a UFO or a sign from God. But experts say it is simply a natural phenomenon.

Talking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman from Moscow's weather forecasting service said:
"Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the

Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.

"This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive," he added.

"If you look closer, you can see sun rays coming through that cloud. Most likely, the sun was setting when the video was being made.

"If you observe clouds regularly, you may see many other astonishing things. Clouds of the same class may look absolutely different in different areas," he said.

Some environmentalists blame pollution for the mysterious ring but weather forecasters reject this claim saying: "The phenomenon has nothing to do with industrial emissions.”

Maybe it’s a natural emission.




Angus Dei politico

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Stanley Feldman, a professor of anaesthetics at London University, and Vincent Marks, a former professor of clinical biochemistry and dean of medicine at the University of Surrey, are questioning the end of the world and healthy eating tips

Writing in The Daily Mail, the pair discuss Global Warming And Other --------:

The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories, where they examine the "facts" behind global warming, the future of polar bears and chef Jamie Oliver's nemesis, Turkey Twizzlers.

There are few 'bad' foods

Fears about hamburgers are irrational. Most countries' national dish is based on minced meat, with none suffering from a junk food-related epidemic. Obesity is not caused by these foods, but by those who gorge on it.

Turkey Twizzlers are fine

It is made of recovered turkey meat and provides the same amino acids as normal turkey breast.

There is no need to cut back on salt

Salt is an essential food. We need salt to control our body temperature through sweating. Exercise in a person with low salt can cause overheating, and in extreme cases, death.

Glad they are not my Doctors.

Gee-Up Neddy the oven’s at regulo nine:

Horse owners will have to sign a pledge not to eat their animals under new EU legislation, it has been reported.

The rule, aimed at continental Europe, where two million horses are reportedly eaten every year, will still have to be signed in Britain.

The Horse Identification Regulations, which will come into force at the beginning of next month, is partly to stop vets' drugs from entering human diets.

Anyone who refuses to sign up to the regulations could face prison or an unlimited fine.

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, said: "I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the Queen and Princess Anne are asked to sign a form saying they're not going to eat their horses.

Zebras and other "exotic equines" will also be subject to the legislation.

Neigh, neigh and thrice neigh!

A pint a snack and an insult-Casa Pocho in the beach resort town of Cullera near Valencia opened last week and says its promotional gimmick is working like a charm.

Bernard Mariusz, the bar's Polish-born co-owner, said the free alcohol and snacks go only to those who come up with truly original insults.

They can't call me S.O.B., but they can call me jerk, idiot, clown, that kind of thing," Mr Mariusz said. "This works, because even people in their 70s come to insult me."

Mr Mariusz said he and Michal Lotocki, his business partner, came up with the idea to help people relax during the hard economic times.

Rather than argue about money at home with their spouses, he suggested they stop by and take it out on him.

One of the most memorable insults came from a woman who told Mr Mariusz his ears were so big they reminded her of a car with its doors wide open.

The best insults earn their creators a small glass of beer and a plate of fingerfood, which normally cost 1.50 euros (£1.20).

He hasn’t met me yet!

Gone fishing-in the kitchen A Chinese farmer dug a 50ft hole inside his house to go fishing.

Li Huiyan, of Chongqing, hired 30 villagers for six months to dig the hole in his kitchen, reports IC Media.

He wanted to reach an underground river which he suspected was full of fish.

The river had been over ground but had disappeared 30 years ago when the local authorities bombed part of a mountain to pave a road.

Li explained: "The river used to have so many fish, and by simply putting a net there, hundreds of fish would be caught."

After digging his pit down to the river, Li installed a fishing net across it and regularly hauls out fish, so far earning his family nearly £2,000.

"I sell the fish at a wholesale price of 24 yuan (£2.15p) per kilo, but 36 yuan (£3.20p) per kilo for retail," he said.

Li built ladders from his kitchen to the river 16 metres below, and each day he has to go down to check the harvest.

Didn’t the river flow outside of his house then?

And finally:

Thieves steal caravan - with owner inside thieves fled empty handed after stealing a caravan in Sweden - while the owner was fast asleep inside.

Terrified holidaymaker Bjorn Feldbaek woke up to find himself being towed away in his mobile home after the crooks hitched it to their getaway car in Skovde.

But he sent them packing when they stopped and broke into the caravan by screaming so loudly that the thieves abandoned their car and fled on foot.

Feldbaek said: "I woke up to find the caravan hurtling down the road. I had no idea what was going on and was scared stiff.

"Then it stopped and I heard someone opening the door and when I saw the thieves I just started screaming and screaming. They looked as scared as I did and just ran off. I guess it wasn't quite what they were expecting."

Police have now launched a search for the crooks.

Serves him right for owning a caravan.