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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Frack orf: Drought?-Nah-environmental stress due to rainfall deficit: Obama is a mug: Porsche v Porch: The Moray Moggie: and Badpuss.

Turned out nice at the Castle this morn, sunny, warm, dry and calmish, looks like I may be forced to get the sun-lounger out later, orf to what is left of the town when it opens to purchase a telephone socket after I destroyed one with the Hoover-I must wear my glasses when doing ‘ousework.

Has done yet another U-Turn, this time over fracking, because it will do little to cut bills or keep the lights on.
Allegedly industry experts made clear at a meeting attended by senior ministers, including U-Turn Cam and Ed Davey, the Lib Dem energy secretary that the UK's reserves were smaller than first thought and could be uneconomical to extract.
Today Mr Davey will publish the Government's long-awaited Energy Bill, promising that it will bring down energy bills and secure future supplies.

Well frack me...

Has decided that we don’t have a drought anymore dahn ‘ere in ‘Ampshire, instead we are suffering from environmental stress due to rainfall deficit.
Which would distinguish small environmental impacts from emergencies that require drought orders, according to the stressed Environment Agency.
Ten days ago drought status was lifted in 19 areas of south-west England, the Midlands and parts of Yorkshire following persistent rainfall last month - the wettest April on record. These areas are now considered to be in "environmental stress due to rainfall deficit".
Areas across the south-east and east of England remain in drought environmental stress, with hosepipe bans in place.

Fuck orf.....

Barrack Obama has been smashed and buried in concrete, well 198 misspelled mugs have.
The government made 200 of the mugs to commemorate the president's planned visit to Australia in 2010, which was later cancelled. No mugs were created when the American president finally made it to Australia last year.
Only two of the mugs were ever sold from the Parliament House gift shop, including one to the journalist who reported that Obama's name had been misspelled.
"Due to the sensitivity associated with the mistake that was made with the president's name, the last thing we wanted was for the fragments to be found on a garbage tip somewhere," said Bronwyn Graham, the Parliament House official.

Now there’s an idea......

The Porsche 918 Spyder can accelerate from 0-62mph in less than three seconds, leaving most road supercars in its environmental dust.
But it is more economical than a Toyota Prius and its emissions are so low it will be exempt from the London congestion charge.
The ‘plug-in hybrid’ will be capable of 94miles per gallon making it twice as economical as a 1.6-litre Ford Focus. In comparison, a Toyota Prius will do 72.4mpg while the greenest version of Britain’s biggest selling car, the Ford Fiesta, manages 78.5mpg.
Its secret lies in its hybrid system where two electric motors generate power alongside a 4.6-litre engine.

Snags-It won’t be available until September 2013. Just 918 will be made and it will cost £670,000.

Think I’ll stick to the dusty Honda.

A dog walker has stumbled upon the corpse of an animal experts believe may have been a puma near a Scottish beauty spot.
John Robertson, 50, was walking his two dogs along a rural path in Cullen, Moray, with his wife Pauline, on Monday when he found the remains of what appeared to be a cat the size of a large dog.
Just metres from the rotting corpse were the remains of what may have been its last meal – half a dozen mauled seagulls.
Mr Robertson, from Drybridge, Moray, said yesterday: “I was walking my two dogs on Monday morning when we came across all these dead birds scattered about everywhere.
“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen so many dead birds in one area. They were completely mauled; they had their guts totally ripped out of them lying on the ground.
“Then a little further on we came across a horrible rotting smell which was this big cat.
“It looks like it has feasted on the seagulls and maybe it has fallen down the cliff nearby, injured itself and just lay there till it died.”
But despite its 18-inch-long tail and its sharp teeth, Mr Robertson claimed the animal was a cub.
He said: “If you see its skin, its jet black and I actually think it’s a juvenile.
“I didn’t have a tape measure on me to measure the tail, but I’m a builder so I have a pretty good idea that it’s about 18 inches long, which is huge.
“I reckon it’s a cub – its teeth are too clean and there isn’t enough damage to them, which means they must be pretty new. If that’s a cub though, you can imagine how big its mother would be.
“I’m sure we’ll find out from the DNA tests what type of cat it is, but it certainly seems like one of the big cats.”
Bob Wallace, an expert with the Big Cats In Britain research group, is now studying the remains to determine what Mr Robertson found.
While the cat is not big enough to be an adult leopard or jaguar, Mr Wallace believes it is the right size to be a cub.
He said: “If it is a juvenile, it would have to be last year’s cub, as both leopards and jaguars mate between January and March.

No wonder it is dead-have you seen what seagulls eat.....

And finally:

A photo of a loveable kitten taken by Roy McPeak at the Highland Wildlife Centre near Inverness.
Badpuss is a Pallas cat, usually found in China and Tibet.


And today’s thought for today:
Energy saving pussy: