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Sunday, 26 July 2009


I have had a nap and a Lemsip and feel almost human again, I don’t know about other bloggers but I get a lot of emails re the posts, from people who don’t comment, but that is OK, contact is contact.

Recently I have had some saying that I don’t do “serious”, and my posts are “flippant” and “shallow”.

I did do “serious” and you can see them here on a blog I used to write for (mind you they are not all “deep” but decide for yourselves).

I prefer amusing, or funny as a label, I discovered at the age of 54 that life is far too short for some people, and my way of coping is to find the “lighter” side, to bring a grin or even a full blown belly laugh, (and maybe make them think a bit) to the poor deluded (but very welcome) folk that actually read my blog,.

I have two other blogs Angus Dei politico which is not what you would call “politically correct” because I find politicians to be laughable in the extreme as well as capable of talking complete bollocks about any subject, and Angus Dei-NHS-THE OTHER SIDE, which is a bit serious, but informative (I think) for us that are not of the medical persuasion.

So my reply to the people who think that I post “inane” material, or get my words wrong, or use the wrong tense is: you don’t have to read it, if you want serious fine, find it somewhere else, if you want to “connect” with me fine, but be constructive.

After all it’s not rocket surgery is it?


Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I woke up this morning in a “funny mood” not funny ha-ha, not even funny peculiar, just “funny”, odd, strange.

I have been searching for “amusing” news as usual but I can’t find anything “funny”, it might be the fact that “Angus Dei Politico” has been mentioned on the BBC website BBC - Today and I have suddenly become “accepted”, which to be honest makes me want to pebbledash my underwear.

Or it might be the weather, it’s quite cold here in Hampshire, and spring seems to have deserted the country.

Or it might be “just one of those days” when prevarication takes control and “it can wait until tomorrow”, but I think the real problem is the bank holiday, I didn’t know what day it was when I was roused by the cat at five this morning who decided she wanted to go out until I opened the back door and an icy blast of wind gushed through the opening and she disappeared upstairs at the speed of a cat.

I have so much to do around the house, and have enough stuff to fill a lorry that needs to be taken to the “recycling centre”, but I can’t be bothered, so no “funny” stories today, maybe tomorrow when my clock has reset to a “proper” day things will seem funny.

Or as Kenneth Williams used to say “oo err I do feel queer” (not in the modern sense of course.

I am going to do a few things about the place, maybe, or maybe not, see, I do feel funny.

“A little kingdom I possess, where thoughts and feelings dwell; And very hard the task I findOf governing it well.”

Louisa may Alcott


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