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Sunday, 14 December 2008


I have this theory: well actually I think it was Steven Hawkin and other “Brains” who had it first-The String Theory.

Which in simple terms is: Space-time has eleven dimensions, not the three plus time that we use now.

They are sort of arranged in layers, or maybe not as in the picture above, and interconnected, each layer is I think referred to as a “Brane”.

The whole thing has something to do with gravity being “weak” or “non-existent” I think, to be honest I phased out after thirty seconds, but if you want to fry your Neurons-String (physics)

Anyway my theory is this: some years ago, during WW2 the Americans set off the first Atom Bomb, this disrupted the Space-Time Continuum and aliens from another dimension entered our world.

In the time since, they have managed to take over all the “top” jobs in the world-Presidents, Prime Ministers, Scientists , Government and all the other "Powers That Be".

And in an effort to destroy our world they have changed things so badly that they have almost succeeded with their plan.

That is the problem with our world: the aliens have taken power and are leading us down the path to oblivion.

Because I can’t see another reason for the firkin state we are in, nobody who is on the side of humanity would have taken the decisions that have been made.

Nobody that actually cares about people would destroy our civilisation by Firking up the economy and the atmosphere, by encouraging us to spend, spend, spend and keep buying millions of new cars, and take cheap flight holidays.

No one who is “Human” would allow all the pointless wars and famine and poverty that exist today.

And no one who cares would let us get as far along the road to the Apocalypse as we have travelled.

So there you have it: we are being ruled by aliens who are trying to destroy us.

And the answer to our problems? Put a proverbial “Atom Bomb” under the “leaders” by using the power of words, and send them back to their own world.