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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Turning the corner- In more ways than one

Warm, calm and very clement at the castle this morn; after the recent bout of the Fallic Glu I had two choices-sit back and wait for it to depart, or go for it and work it orf-I chose the latter.

We all have one corner of the garden that has become a place to hide away all those bits where hidden things accumulate, and the Castle is no exception, so below is the story of “turning the corner”.

 If you want a closer look click on the pics...

First select your corner-about 8'x 8'

Then clear out all the rubbish-with help from his Maj

After that clear out even more rubbish

Then empty out the compost bin

Level orf the site-with more help from his Maj

Erect the bamboo screen

A bit more levelling

Re-use all the bits of stone, rocks and broken slabs and put up a trellis.

Plant some growing things and find a new home for the statue

Then take all the unwanted stuff to the ‘recycling centre’

Sit back and admire the weeks work....

And I even feel better-apart from a dodgy back, dickey hip and more than a touch of “tennis elbow”

But it was worth it.