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Monday, 30 March 2009


Back to normal today, the internet connection seems to be working, and the sun is shining.

Want to work? Get a grant-Ananova Two psychics have been given government funding to teach people how to "communicate with the dead "Paul and Deborah Rees have been awarded £4,500 under the Government's Want2Work job creation scheme, reports the Daily Telegraph.
The couple, from Bridgend, south Wales, will use it to instruct people on how to contact friends and relatives "on the other side".

The mediums insist the "mere £4,500" of public money will be put to good use at their centre, the Accolade Academy of Psychic and Mediumistic Studies.

Want to write? Pick the daftest title Ananova A book on the future of fromage frais pots has won the award for the strangest title of the year.

Previous winners of the annual prize, run by the Bookseller magazine, include How to S**t In The Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art, Bombproof Your Horse, and People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves To Unsuspecting Bystanders And What To Do About It.

Horace Bent, who runs the competition, said: "The fact that this book has been crowned the winner just goes to show how creative and diverse the publishing world is today. And, perhaps, how important a copy editor is."

No, it goes to show how inane the publishing world is.

Revenge is sweet Ananova - Clarkson loo clip is online hit Pranksters trapped the Top Gear presenter after spotting him entering the cubicle at the Mallorca Classic Car Rally.

They placed a stack of rubber tyres outside the door to prevent him from getting out, reports the Daily Telegraph.

On the YouTube film, Clarkson can be heard shouting and kicking the door from within as onlookers howl with laughter.

Eventually, the presenter topples the tyres and emerges looking rather embarrassed. The footage has attracted tens of thousands of views on YouTube

Clarkson was in Mallorca with his Top Gear co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond to film for a forthcoming episodes of the BBC show. Morgan enjoyed it!

Pink Elephants: no a pink pub Pub landlord in the pink Pranksters turned up in the dead of night and painted the Prince of Wales, which was built in 1540, reports the Daily Mirror.
Now the traditional black and white inn, part of a row of historic Tudor buildings, is a vivid pink.
Landlord Les Smith, 52, said: "I haven't a clue who would do this or why. We closed the pub after midnight. Then I came round at about half eight in the morning and it was pink."

Mr Smith said the cleaner arrived for work at 7am and saw two men in overalls packing up their rollers but assumed they were working to order.

And he had to admit they had done a professional job - and had even submitted an invoice for their work.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "We are looking at CCTV footage."
Why? Do they want the nick done as well?

And finally:

A US student who is auctioning her virginity to pay for her studies has seen bidding hit £2.5million. Ananova

Natalie Dylan, 22, is selling herself to fund her master's degree in Family and Marriage therapy.
She claims her offer of a one-night stand has persuaded 10,000 men to bid for sex with her.

Miss Dylan, from San Diego, California, USA, said she was persuaded to offer herself to the highest bidder after her sister Avia, 23, paid for her own degree after working as a prostitute for three weeks.

Nice Family.

“Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33