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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cor- up your apple: Spare a room?: Dopey wants it all: Grilled Hawk: Oil move in: Old farts wisdom: and 5p a job returns.

Cold, calm and sunny at the Castle this morn, carried out some severe vandalism in the garden yesterday and took 17 bags of “recyclable” stuff dahn the dump.
The study has been occupied by a gang of Macs that appear to have caught a cold, so I have had to call in the local Paedophile Priest to carry out an exorcism, but I have kept the whip and chair in reserve.

The world's biggest technology company Apple has reported full year results, showing net profit for the year to 25 September at $25.9bn (£16.5bn), up 85% from the previous year.
In the fourth quarter of the year, Apple sold 17.1 million iPhones, which was a 21% increase on the same period last year, and 11.1 million iPads, which was a 166% increase.
Apple sold 4.9 million Mac computers in the quarter - up 27% over the same period last year. 

I hate Macs, I don’t know why but I do, but if you have a Mac virus you can get an antivirus Here.


Spare bedrooms for people in social housing are a luxury the country can no longer afford.
Asked by You and Yours presenter Julian Worricker, if a spare bedroom should be regarded as a "luxury" for those in social housing, Lord Freud said: "Exactly - we have got a housing benefit expenditure that is simply out of control.
"It's very unfair for taxpayers to have to fund people to live in property that's larger than they can afford themselves.
According to the Welfare Reform Bill, those currently living in social housing with one spare room can expect to lose £11 a week while those with two or more extra rooms may lose around £20 a week.
The proposals aim to address the shortage of social housing by matching families to the right size of accommodation but critics argue that there simply aren't enough smaller properties available.
Figures from the National Housing Federation suggest that around 180,000 social tenants in England are "under-occupying" two-bedroom homes, but just 68,000 one-bedroom social homes became available for letting in a single year. 

Our “caring” millionaires Club Coalition, simple answer-take in a lodger.....wonder how many “Lord” Freud has in his mansion.


Hi ho dopey Bercow has refused to cut his lucrative pension arrangements in line with other MPs and ministers.
Snow White’s mate’s retirement package, one of the most generous in the country, will pay him the equivalent of half his salary throughout his life, whenever he retires.
It is currently worth about £40,000 a year. A similar pension would cost more than £2million to fund privately.
Mr Bercow does not have to make any contributions to the scheme. He is entitled to an additional MP's pension, which requires contributions, although it is not known if he has accepted this option.

Alright for some.......

A customer who’d been driving at more than 60 miles an hour when a red-tailed hawk jammed into the radiator grille of his car appeared in the service bay of Park Place Lexus in Grapevine.
Matt Whitehead, a mechanic said "I looked in there and [the hawk] had his head turned kind of sideways," Whitehead said. "I could see his eye and he blinked."

The hawk was alive.
And soon, thanks to Whitehead, the bird was also free.

"Nothing was broke," Whitehead said. "He wasn't even missing a feather that I'm aware. I never even saw any feathers."

The hawk could flap, but not fly. So Whitehead loaded him up and drove him to veterinarian Greg Moore.

 Red tailed Lexus?

Fancy somewhere nice and quiet with plenty of spare rooms?
For sale: oil rig with sea view and 20 rooms- "Platform for sale in good condition: 20 rooms, panoramic sea view, plenty of space for a helicopter": the oil platform Huldra in the North Sea is up for grabs.

Norwegian Oil Company Statoil plans to dispose of the giant installation now that the oil well is drying up, and the company published a parody of a real estate advertisement in a brochure posted on its website on Tuesday.

Statoil noted tongue in cheek that the platform has no car park.

"How to get there: take the boat, go west out of Bergen and head out to sea," the ad reads.

The starting bid is set at one Norwegian krone ($0.17, 0.13 Euros) which is about £2.50 in “proper” money.

The only snag is that the future owner would also have to pay the cost of moving the platform elsewhere.

Wonder if it would fit in the moat?

Scientists have discovered that years of life experience makes older brains as effective when it comes to decision-making as much younger minds.
Older people were found to be less bothered by making a mistake and used their brains in a far more efficient way, only engaging certain parts of it at the exact moment that they were required.
The findings contradict previous theories claiming that our brains deteriorate with age, making us less able to make sound decisions.
Canadian researchers studied 24 young people aged 18 to 35 and a group of ten older people aged 55 to 75, all of whom still held down a job.
Study author Dr Oury Monchi, from the University Geriatrics Institute of Montreal, compared the findings to the fable of the hare and the tortoise. 

Oh well, it must be true then.....

 And finally:

For one week a year eager young scouts will once again be seen in towns and villages across the country helping out with gardening, car cleaning and shopping.

Scout Job Week, affectionately known as Bob-a-Job week, which saw scouts carrying out jobs in return for a small payment was abandoned in 1992 after nearly 50 years, following concerns over "health and safety".

Fears raised that young people should not knock on the doors of strangers.

The week, now called Scout Community Week will be held in May next year, with youngsters throughout the UK helping out in their local areas and volunteering instead of being paid.

Oh joy......

And today’s thought: You're just jealous . . . the voices only talk to me.