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Monday, 19 January 2009


True, it happened yesterday, being a bit of a “greenie” I only use rechargeable batteries, in remotes, torches and my cordless headphones, I like the big headphones because the sound is better (to me) and they are more comfortable.

Anyway, I had charged up four AAA batteries overnight and was going to take them upstairs, I also had a load of ironing (yes I do iron) so I stuck them in my trouser pocket until I got upstairs.

I forgot about them of course, and went back down, sat down at the laptop and started to write, laptops are normally warm when on the lap and I could feel heat on my leg, nothing unusual, but the heat got more and more intense.

I couldn’t stand it any more, and thought my new laptop was about to burst into flames so I shut it down, the heat got worse, I put the laptop to one side and stood up, there was smoke coming from my trousers!

After divesting myself of said trousers, they decided to ignite. I took them to the sink and shook them; four AAA batteries fell out of the hole.

Somehow the batteries had aligned themselves so as to connect and “shorted out”, I’m not sure how but it happened.

So, a word of warning, don’t put batteries in your pockets, but do use re-chargeables, it might save the world.

"Do not trust your memory; it is a net full of holes”- Georges Duhamel The Heart's Domain