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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Got The Hump

I woke up this morning with the hump.
I don't know why, but I can't do much about it.

So pin back your lugs.

I don't usually write about "celebrities" but Ross and Brand has really pissed me off. This pair of "entertainers" carried out an abusive, childish, cowardly "prank" on Andrew Sachs.

Personally I don't like either of them, Ross just annoys me with his demeanour, and Brand (WHO) is about as funny as having a pineapple shoved up your arse.

Ross should really know better at his age (almost 50), and Brand (WHO) should take a look in the mirror if he wants someone to ridicule.

I object to my license money being used to pay people such as this, £6 Million a year for Ross and 25p for Brand (WHO).

When he comes back from his hols the DG of the BBC should sack the pair of them, I for one don't expect this kind of behaviour from a Public Service broadcaster.

One down.

The second is the two thousand odd idiots who despite being told that there were 80 mph winds and copious amounts of rain coming, still decided that they would carry on with their run.

The obvious thing happened, they all got lost. Their organisers were "advised" by the police to cancel the event, but ignored the advice.

Putting the rescuers of these idiots at risk and at a vast cost.

Some of the "runners" said that they were all experienced and had survival gear. If they were so experienced they should have realised what would happen, selfish, arrogant and tunnel visioned are the words that come to mind.

And thirdly?

I looked out the window and everything was white, yes it had snowed, after 15 minutes scraping and warming up the car I got onto the main road, and had the gritters been out? NO.



It was absolutely freezing indoors this morning, I had a choice along with millions of others, and do I put the heating on? And then I thought about it, and decided yes, I will be warm, because what is the worst that can happen, if I can't pay the bill they will cut me off, and I won't be any worse off than I am now.

And if enough people get cut off the firkin government might actually get of their collective arses and do something about it

That's all for now, but the mood I am in I may be back.

Angus Dei