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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I seem to have the writing runs (can’t spell diarrhoea) today so a second post concerning our Gord and Hazel Blears, the leather clad red head.

It seems that Gord is not very happy with the hells angel over the expenses thing and I quote his Gordship “totally unacceptable behaviour" over expenses” and Mr Brown said the communities secretary had not broken any rules but added: "What she did was unacceptable".

Ms Blears did not pay capital gains tax on the sale of a flat she named her "second home" for expenses purposes.

Mr Brown said he had told one minister to step down and would "not resile from doing so" again if necessary.

Ms Blears has admitted not paying capital gains tax on the profit from selling a flat repaired with taxpayers' money and has agreed to repay £13,332.

The Salford MP also changed the property she designated as her "second home" with the fees office twice in one year.

Mr Brown was asked about her future at a press conference on Tuesday and told reporters: "Hazel Blears has paid the money back. She has done so on the advice of me and others.”

"But she has not broken the law; she has not broken the rules of the House of Commons.”

"It is unacceptable behaviour and she has accepted it as unacceptable behaviour."

Ok we get the idea, Hazel Blears behaviour was unacceptable, but what are you going to do about it Gord?

Here’s a little hint from Joe public (or at least one of them) SACK the mouthy madam, grow some gonads and show us that you at least have control over one of your ministers, even if the economy, the Labour party and the rest of the Government is beyond your ken.

The language would have been worse but I am in a good mood today, but there is still time.


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