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Monday, 2 May 2011

Show me the money: Our ‘Enry RIP: He’s back: High confidence: Tesco’s toasted burger: and Not for wimps.

Sunny, calm and a bit nippy at the Castle this morn, still no wet stuff from the sky, so the daily watering of the garden continues, and just to prove that I did wash the car at 11am on Friday below is a pic of the finished article.

 I see that Osama bin liner has been topped by the Americans. That will make a difference…..

In Blighty-Bexley to be exact a highly paid council chief executive who was handed a payout on the grounds of "permanent ill health" has since been busily earning more than £200,000 a year in consultancy fees in addition to his £50,000 pension benefit.

Mr Johnson took early retirement from his job as chief executive of Bexley council in November 2007, having been assessed as being "permanently unfit" on health grounds. He had spent the previous six months on sick leave, yet within weeks of leaving his job began working as a consultant for Hammersmith and Fulham council.

By February 2008 he was appointed as interim chief executive of Hammersmith and Fulham Homes (H&F Homes), responsible for running its 17,000 properties.

His temporary role lasted for more than three years and ended only last month. He was paid £950 a day in his full-time role at H&F Homes, and is being kept on as a consultant.

Teresa Pearce MP, whose constituency includes Bexley and who was formerly a senior tax investigator at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said that, while the arrangement is legal, "it's not within the spirit of the law, definitely not". She added: "Within a year of him being judged to be in permanently ill health he was pictured in a hard hat, with a spade, digging, in a brochure for H&F Homes – this is just so barefaced that it's insulting. Whatever he is paid for holding that office should go through the payroll and it doesn't. HMRC should investigate this."

Ah the old “it is in the rules defence”.

And our ‘Enry has sadly passed away at the age of 76, in remembrance I shall be “slashing it all over”, R.I.P.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will make a comeback to the big screen, reprising his title role in the Terminator series.

After nearly 30 years since the original James Cameron flick, former California governor and action movie hero Arnold Schwarzenegger promised his fans that he will return with as much violent action as ever.

"I can step very comfortably into the entertainment world and do an action movie with the same violence that I've always done," Schwarzenegger told the LA Times.

The film, at this stage being referred to as Terminator 5, is in a very early pre-production stage but is apparently to be directed by Fast 5 director, Justin Lin.

Or, at Arnie’s age the new film may be called “The Zimmer-inator”

A male high school student has been thrown out of class for wearing a pair of high heels to give himself "confidence".

Riverview High School principal Bob Heilman convinced the young man, whose name was withheld from the Tampa Bay MyFox affiliate, to take off the shoes.

A teacher had alerted the principal that the shoes were causing a disruption and that the kids were starting to call him names.

Not because the principal disapproved – but because the principal was worried about his safety.

The shoes reportedly gave the boy "confidence", according to a friend.

Whatever floats your boat…..

Is about to offer shoppers the ultimate in cuisine- A ­burger that can be popped in a toaster to cook. Tillman’s Toast Me! ­burgers can be put into the toaster straight from the freezer.

The German meat firm’s UK boss Jon Gymer claimed: “There’s nothing else like it out there at the moment.”

Packs of two, costing ­between £1.39 and £1.59, are due to be sold by Tesco later this month.

Bit flammable, hope they come in those paper bag thingy’s.

 And finally:

Designs for a futuristic aircraft seat aimed at gaming fanatics have been unveiled in Germany this week.

A prototype of the “NFW (Not for Wimps)” concept seat is currently on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The design features a large arc made from lightweight materials, including composite Kevlar and carbon fibre, that rises from the top of a “bucket” seat, extends above the passenger, and holds a state-of-the-art monitor. The gaming station would also work as a “docking station”, allowing passengers to use their own devices.

The seat was created by the British manufacturers Contour Aerospace Ltd and Factorydesign and is expected to appeal to young technophiles.

“NFW is designed to appeal to customers who would rather spend their time on long-haul flights locked in a gaming or viewing experience rather than dropping off to sleep,” said Adam White, director of Factorydesign.

No thanks think I will stick to the train. 

That’s it: I’m orf to reintroduce Cylindraspis, if I can find one. 

And today’s thought: "Cod are not very good swimmers so they are easily overtaken by trawlers and nets." - British government report on why cod fish are disappearing from the North Sea