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Friday, 6 January 2012

Rickets return: Coalition con: Finally!: Nuclear cabin: Hover car: Arse art: and Video vandal.

Gale has finally buggered orf and Dawn’s crack is visible at the Castle this morn, I spent most of the day in the pit yester after morn after an attack of the falling dahn  and lying in vomit, ran out of falling dahn and lying in vomit pills; managed to make an appointment with the Doc, got some more tablets and went to the nearest “chemist”, there were six people working on prescriptions and only myself and another old fart were waiting-it took them 35 minutes to supply the necessary while we old farts had to stand around waiting (in my case jammed up against a corner to stop myself falling over)-no chairs to sit on, no wonder ballsed up Blighty is in such a state.

According to the Flailing Sail the number of British children suffering from rickets has increased fivefold since 1997.
More than 760 were admitted to hospital last year with the condition, caused by a shortage of Vitamin D – the vital chemical which is boosted by sunlight.
Better nutrition had all but wiped out rickets, which was common in 19th century Britain, but rates have started to rise in the last decade. It is still a major problem in the third world.
Some experts blame its return on parents’ increasing fear of skin cancer, which encourages them to smother their children in sun cream and keep them out of the sun.
Apparently children are eating smaller amounts of fish and eggs than in the past, so they get less Vitamin D in their food.
And more children are now overweight and that can reduce their ability to absorb Vitamin D.

Oh joy; do we look forward to the return of polio and smog in the “future” as well....

That raising the speed limit from seventy to eighty is a Piss Poor Policies Millionaires club Coalition con.
Proposals to increase the maximum speed limit will cost lives, harm the environment and produce few of the economic benefits claimed by the Government, a report warns.
Public health experts, writing in the British Medical Journal, are "amazed" by the idea, which they insist contradicts international road safety evidence. Comparable speed increases introduced in the US in 1995 led to a 16.6 per cent rise in deaths in road accidents.
Martin McKee, professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said there was little evidence to support claims of economic benefits as heavy goods vehicles would still be capped at 60mph. "If the limit moves to 80, most people will drive at 90," he added.
The authors of the report suggested the proposal was nothing more than a "populist gimmick" and wrote: "It is difficult to see how any benefits of an 80mph speed limit would outweigh the costs. Past evidence shows that speed limit increases lead to substantial rises in road deaths, as well as other potential negative health and economic impacts."

Nah-it’s not a “populist gimmick”, as I said a while ago it is a cunning plan to rake in more tax from go juice because fuel consumption increases by 20 percent at the higher speed.

Has finally made a decentish decision, he has a “new” idea for the NHS; Nurses will be told to undertake hourly hospital ward rounds under new plans to be unveiled by the Prime Monster.
The proposals will also see members of the public leading inspections of hospitals, to provide an independent assessment of cleanliness and treatment of patients.
Dave is pledging to strip away "stifling bureaucracy" and allow nurses to focus on what they do best, adding that the whole approach to caring in this country needs to be reset.

He also emphasised the need for leadership on wards, saying people wanted to see a figure of authority, whether they were called matron, ward sister or team leader.
In October, the CQC found a fifth of NHS hospitals are breaking the law on care of the elderly.
Its study also found half of hospitals are failing to provide all-round good nutrition to elderly patients while 40% do not offer dignified care.
Of 100 hospitals investigated in England, 49 were found to generate minor, moderate or major concerns about nutritional standards for elderly people.
U-Turn said most patients were happy with NHS care but there was a "real problem" in some hospitals with people not getting food and drink or being treated with respect.

Great idea-few snags-not enough nurses to carry out the “old/new” orders, even less nurses as the Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition “austerity” plans bite, and nurse aren’t the real reason for the lack of care; the responsibility rests with the senior management and consultants who only seem to care more about how much money they can take out of the “old lady” than treating patients.

The upstate New York property, listed by Sotheby's for $1.76 million, looks like a typical weekend chalet in the forested Adirondack Mountains.

At least, that's what's above ground. But punch in a keypad code to open the door, head down some steep stairs and you enter another world.

First comes the old underground missile control centre, refitted as luxury housing. From there, you enter a tunnel, passing several massive blast doors, into the now empty silo descending seven floors down.

Bet that’s a sod to heat....

It can handle road, sand, ice and even water - and won't make a mark on the environment.
Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang, aged just 21, created the spectacular car - called the Volkswagen Aqua - for a competition sponsored by the German car manufacturer.

It features a shiny, sleek design with four fans and integrated airbags that inflate to make the vehicle hover.

It's also totally environmentally friendly - its two motors are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which boasts zero carbon emissions.

One of the motors inflates a "skirt" around the vehicle to lift it off the ground, while the other drives it forward and controls the vehicle's direction.

Mr Zhang said: "There is no better form of transport than an air cushion vehicle because it travels equally well over land, ice and water.

"I hope Aqua will one day become an affordable supercar that is widely available to the general public."

The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of 100km/h and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces.

Err no; it doesn’t work like a hovercraft; it is a hovercraft, which was invented by Brit Chris Cockerell back in 1956.

And we all know how difficult it is to control these vehicles when there is more than a whimsy of cross winds...

A woman dropped her pants at a museum and rubbed her rear end all over a painting valued at $30 million, according to police.
Carmen Tisch, 36, was arrested after scratching, punching and rubbing her arse against Clyfford Still's "1957-J no.2" causing an estimated $10,000 damage to the artwork at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. Police believe she was drunk during the late December incident.
Tisch was charged with felony criminal mischief on Wednesday and has been held on a $20,000 bond since the incident in late December, said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney's Office.
The oil-on-canvas abstract expressionist painting was spared additional damage when the woman tried to urinate on it but apparently missed.

That’s a bit of luck......

And finally:

Families in Kingsclere on the Hampshire-Berkshire border spent much of the festive season without heating after the failure of household systems which rely on digital technology.
One family, the Smiths were baffled when their heating, shower, doorbell and even their car’s remote-control door locks refused to work.
They then discovered similar problems were being experienced by their neighbours.
Chris Smith, whose wife’s birthday on Christmas Eve was ruined by the systems failure, spent more than £250 trying to fix the heating and shower but neither worked until late on Dec 27.
A spokesman for Ofcom, which oversees radio communications, said: “Often these problems can be caused by a video sender that transmits a television signal to other sets in the house. They are not the source of all the problems but in a lot of cases interference is tracked down to those devices.”

Video nasty?

And today’s thought: