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Monday, 23 January 2012

Whining, dining MPs: Customised Tesco’s: Human wrongs-again: Wonder Vag and the Sperminator: and Because it’s there.

Cold, calm and clear at the Castle this morn, his Maj hasn’t discovered the joy of anything-thank him/her upstairs and I’m orf to Tesco on the stale bread, gruel and pussy food run in a mo.

MPs and their aides dining in the House of Commons restaurants have complained their soup bowls are too small, their beer is too expensive and their chips are not arranged in a ‘tower’ formation – despite receiving £5.8m a year in food subsidies from the taxpayer.
Their eggs are too watery, they receive change in coppers rather than five pence pieces, and the crisp packets from the vending machine are ten grams too light.
One customer said canteen staff made them feel “like a second class citizen” when they complained that breakfast had run out at half past ten in the morning, according to a log of complaints made to the House of Commons catering service.
One guest in the Members’ and Strangers’ dining rooms wrote: “’The bucket’ of chips, while attractive to some and no doubt trendy, makes for soggy chips. The tower arrangement is better.”
Another said their dinner in the wood-panelled restaurant with views of the Thames was a “dismal experience.”
A dish of kedgeree left one member feeling swindled. “The boiled egg had been cut into THREE quarters – no sign of the fourth.... Petty and insulting way to save a buck.”
The Commons catering budget received a taxpayer subsidy of £5.8m last year, an increase of £87,000, and the equivalent of a top-up of £7.60 for every £10 spent by an MP on lunch or drinks.
In the Members’ dining room MPs can enjoy Pan-fried red mullet with carrot purée and a soft boiled quail’s egg for £4.15 or Artichoke and tomato salad with truffle dressing for £2.05.
But drinks prices have risen after the Commons Commission ruled Parliament’s unlicensed bars should raise their prices to match high street pubs, prompting a boycott from patrons. A pint of bitter now costs £2.60 and a glass of Merlot is £2.35.

 The Commons authorities promised a “full investigation”.

Fuck off.....

My favourite retailer is expected to give its stores an overhaul to reflect the location and income of families who shop there, it was reported.
It will target more of its value ranges in poorer areas to keep customers from switching to budget stores Aldi and Lidl, while its premium lines will be promoted to stop those in wealthier parts from being tempted by Waitrose and Marks and Spencer.
The changes were revealed by Tesco suppliers in trade magazine The Grocer.
It said: "Tesco is set to launch a wave of price promotions and range reviews based on the affluence of areas they live in.
"Tesco has begun talks with suppliers aimed at launching price promotions in less well-off areas where it is facing competition from the likes of Aldi and Lidl."

Hope the Castle is in a cheap area...

Taoufik Didi a foreign drug-dealing bigamist has won the right to stay in Britain because of his human right to "family life".
He had been sentenced to three years in prison for selling cocaine to undercover police officers, and so exceeded the criteria for "automatic deportation" under the law.
However, the Moroccan launched a human rights appeal, telling immigration judges he had been in a loving relationship with a British woman, Marina Gregory, for 10 years. He now intended to wed her and start a family.
The judges believed the 47-year-old criminal and, to the disappointment of Home Office officials, granted his appeal under the Human Rights Act – ruling that his "right to private and family life" entitled him to stay on in Britain.
Despite two surprising admissions made by Didi in court, he told them he already had a wife, who he had married in 1989, and was awaiting a divorce which would free him to remarry.
And he "married" Miss Gregory three years ago in an open-air ceremony in Cyprus, while legally wed to his first wife.
A Home Office spokesman said: "We will consider any new evidence of abuse and where we can prove an individual has obtained leave to remain in the UK fraudulently we will seek to revoke it and remove them from the country."

Yeah right, and then the “judges” will overturn it because he has a cat.

London health officials are launching a sequel to their controversial online sex-ed game for young people that features such characters as Wonder Vag and the Sperminator.
In the sequel, the virgin with the Barbie-doll figure will be caged and the Sperminator will have lost his penis-arms and become a force for good.
The original Adventures in Sex City, an online game from the Middlesex-London Health Unit, were banned by officials with the London District Catholic school board because it ran afoul of the school's official stance on abstinence.
In the original version, the infected Sperminator fired sperm from penis-shaped arms at characters such as virginal Wonder Vag, who when struck might say, "Aggg! Right in the face."
While the original will be kept available at, a second version will officially launch Feb. 14 during Sexual Awareness Week.

Whatever happened to the Beano?

And finally:

Apparently Daredevil climbers are shunning mountains to scale cable cars, lifts and furnaces.
Mr Lama swapped craggy mountainsides for a blast furnace in industrial Duisburg, Germany.

According to free-climber David Lama, 20 ‘Whether you’re in a city, the countryside, on rocks or metal, what matters is the result.’

Unless you fall orf.....

And today’s thought:


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Article eight Human wrongs: The green unemployed: Taxable lap dances: Slut Walk: Guerrilla Knitting: and Hanging out in Ottawa

Dull, dingy and damp at the Castle this morn, and “they” are predicting oodles of sky water during the light thing.

The good/bad news is that the lawn has stopped looking like coconut matting and now looks like Rooney’s bonce.

Scores of people the Government wanted to remove from the country have been able to stay by claiming that they had a “family life” here under Article Eight of the European Convention of Human Rights.

A total of 102 people defeated the Home Secretary in the courts in 2010 on family rights grounds, including violent criminals and illegal immigrants who had no other right to be in the country.

None claimed that they would be in danger of torture or abuse if they were sent home.

Last night the figures fuelled the row over the use of the European Convention, which was passed into British law by the previous Labour government, and particularly Article Eight – the “right to private and family life”.

A case of the needs of the few outweighing the needs of the many....

The new president of the CBI Sir Roger Carr warns in an interview that the Coalition must give "some sort of support" over rising energy costs to UK manufacturers or else risk seeing businesses relocate abroad with the consequential loss of jobs.

"Not every country in the world has the same commitment to climate change [as the UK] and therefore you may feel commercially disadvantaged," Sir Roger says, adding: "That gives you cause for thought as to where you want to invest."

His comments – ahead of a CBI energy conference on Tuesday – come amid growing concern over the cost of renewable energy subsidies and so-called 'green stealth taxes'.

The CBI will call on the Coalition to toughen its approach with European neighbours to avoid British businesses investing abroad in order to escape tough carbon regulation at home.

Yeah right.

Getting a lap dance isn't the same as taking in a ballet, so an alcohol-free strip club will have to pay the tax man, a New York state court has ruled.

Four Appellate Division justices agreed with a state tax appeals commission's earlier finding that dances onstage or in private rooms at the club Nite Moves in suburban Albany don't qualify for a state tax exemption as "dramatic or musical arts performances."

Nite Moves contested a tax bill of nearly $125,000 plus interest on lap dances and admission fees stemming from a 2005 audit. Its attorney, W. Andrew McCullough said Friday the club has a later, larger bill it is also challenging, and that he would probably appeal the Appellate Division ruling.

That explains why Swan Lake looked so odd the other night.......

Thousands of women took part in a so-called Slut Walk in London on Saturday, insisting that they should be able to wear as much or as little as they like without facing sexual harassment by men.

The colourful march saw most people wearing everyday clothing but some wore provocative outfits as they marched on London's central Trafalgar Square.

Slut Walk was first held in Toronto earlier this year after a police officer caused outrage by stating that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised" during a speech to university students.

The protest soon spread to cities around the world where women joined in huge numbers to challenge the mindset that victims of sexual assault should bear a degree of responsibility on the grounds that they were "asking for it".

The London march kicked off behind a banner reading "Slut Walk London: because we've had enough".

Bloody lucky-I haven’t had any........

Jamie McCallum, five, from St Mary's Primary, enjoyed the sight of some colourful trees on Leith Links which have been decorated as part of the Leith Festival's Cool Wool arts project.

The guerrilla knitting project encouraged people to create small woollen squares, which were used to create "jumpers" for around 20 trees.

The festival will see events taking place at 52 venues, from Seafield Crematorium to the Mary of Guise Barge. Among the attractions is a fun fair and it is hoped local businesses will benefit from an influx of visitors to the area.

Or maybe not.....

And finally;

Nearly nude cyclists at Saturday's World Naked Bike Ride had their undies tied in knots -- literally.

Ottawa Police, who have escorted the fleshy, safe cycling protest in years before, told the crowd at their starting point in Confederation Park to keep their pants on, or risk arrest.

After outcries and disappointed shouts, the riders accepted the slight defeat and stripped down to the bare -- and legal -- minimum.

Saturday marked the annual World Naked Bike Ride in cities across the Northern hemisphere. The ride has been around since 2004, the sixth in Ottawa.

About 80 cyclists came out in the nation's capital to show their skin.

Many riders donned body paint to better convey their message. Some were there just to be naked, while others hoped to address specific cycling issues.

Teevan sported the words, "Burn fat not oil" across her back, while Isabelle Yingling whose daughter ran into an opening car door while cycling in Toronto wore "No door prizes."

"I feel so vulnerable on my bike when I'm trying to share the road with cars," said second-time participant Jan Teevan, who wants more segregated bike lanes. "I really don't think I should be sharing the road with cars -- it's too dangerous."

Looking at the pic I think the cyclist would win.

And today’s thought: Sarcasm helps keep you from telling people what you really think of them.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Sunday Section

Carhenge; Pot Head Numpty; Naked nature; Bolivian Pussy and the Moscow NIMBY

First frost of the year this morn, that’s my flowers done for, still, time and tide........

I see that the parents of the ‘Boy in a balloon’ bollocks are to be charged, and that Royal Mail are going to recruit up to 30,000 temporary staff to “cope” with the strikes and the Christmas rush, sorry guys too late I will be sending E-Cards this year.

First up:

Over the pond in Nebraska there is a new attraction-Carhenge. It has been named the No. 2 wackiest attraction in America. Carhenge uses old cars painted stone gray to replicate the stone formations found at Stonehenge.

Carhenge near Alliance received the wacky recognition from the travel advice site, Trip Advisor, as part of a list of the nation's ten wackiest attractions.

The only attraction deemed wackier than Carhenge is the toilet seat museum in San Antonio that features more than 800 decorated toilet seat lids but no bathroom.

Wonder what will be left in five thousand years?

Still over the pond, this time in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is a Numpty with no brains-A police officer arrested a man in a convenience store in the US after noticing a bag of marijuana stuck to his forehead.

The 29-year-old was spotted walking away from the toilets of the shop in Lebanon, looking anxiously at the inside of his baseball cap.

When the man approached the officer, he looked up, and the officer noticed a small plastic bag stuck to his forehead that appeared to contain marijuana.

The officer retrieved the bag from the man's forehead and asked, "Is this what you're looking for?” a police news release states.

The man, identified as Cesar Lopez, was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

Police said it is not uncommon for people to store drugs inside the sweatband of baseball caps.

And it’s not uncommon for Numptys to drop themselves in it.

RSPCA inspectors and collection officers have posed naked, some of them with animals, in the latest in a growing line of tongue-in-cheek calendars since the original Women's Institute Calendar Girls.

Chief inspector John Pollock, who is based in Taunton, Somerset, said: ''I have always had the thought that this could be a good fund-raiser if done properly and tastefully.

''The majority of charity calendars are bought by women at Christmas as stocking fillers, so we decided to use male officers as the models for this first one – and if they sell like hot cakes, then who knows what we will do next year?

''We were really keen to ensure the poses were tasteful and we also wanted to showcase the range of skills our officers have, so we have included images of rope rescue, water rescues and working at heights as well as dealing with larger and more specialist animals like horses.''

Anybody asked the animals what they think?
The cockeyed immigration and Hunan Rights “laws” continue to vomit forth inane decisions, An immigrant who was about to be deported from Britain has won a legal battle to remain in the country – partly because he and his girlfriend had bought a pet cat.

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that sending the Bolivian man back to his homeland would breach his human rights because he was entitled to a "private and family life", and joint ownership of a pet was evidence that he was fully settled in this country.

Lawyers for the Home Secretary were aghast at the decision by James Devittie, an immigration judge, to allow the immigrant to stay in Britain. They lodged an appeal, but their case was again rejected.
The Bolivian's identity has not been disclosed and even the name of the pet cat was blanked out in official court papers to protect its privacy.

Barry O'Leary, solicitor for the Bolivian, said that the court was told that man and his girlfriend had purchased the animal together, and it was therefore "one detail among many" that they were in a committed relationship.

"As part of the application and as part of the appeal, the couple gave detailed statements of the life they had built together in the UK to show the genuine nature and duration of their relationship," he said.

I really don’t give a rat’s arse about his ‘Rights’, the guy is an illegal, he should be deported, and if the relationship is that good his girlfriend will go with him, this Human Rights bollocks has got out of hand, will somebody please get us out of the EU so that we can be a Sovereign country again.

The cat’s identity has been blacked out to preserve his Feline Rights.

And finally:

Moscow's mercurial mayor, famous for seeding clouds to prevent rain during parades, is escalating his war on weather with plans to slash this year's snowfall by one-fifth in the Russian capital.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's office will marshal the Russian air force and air-defense systems to intercept advancing storm fronts and hit them with dry ice and silver iodine particles, city officials reportedly said this week.

The idea is to reduce the amount of snow that clogs Moscow's frigid streets and costs the city millions to manage.

Instead, the snow would be dumped on poor villages and satellite towns far from Moscow city limits — which Luzhkov reportedly suggested would help crops in surrounding regions.

The initiative could cost $6 million, but the city hopes to save $10 million in snow removal, Moscow public works chief Andrei Tsybin said Wednesday, according to the state-run ITAR-Tass news agency and other Russian media. City officials declined to comment Friday on details of the plan.

Moscow has been hard hit by the recession, and city officials suggested the anti-snow effort — to run from mid-November to March — would help Moscow bring its budget under control

Climate Change by order.




Angus Dei politico

Friday, 28 November 2008


I am not going to enter into a diatribe about Damian Green the Shadow Immigration Minister being arrested. The “media” will cover that in depth.

Suffice it to say, personally I think that ALL MPs should be arrested for “doing their job” because the state of the country is criminal.

What I would like to address is the famous “Anti Terrorist Act”, which was used to arrest the said MP. the BBC. Senior Tory angered by his arrest

“But the UK also has the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 which are designed to give the police exceptional powers to deal with extraordinary circumstances”

“The Terrorism Act 2000 outlaws (or in legal jargon 'proscribes') groups considered to be terrorist in nature. So far 25 international groups and 14 domestic organisations (all Northern Ireland-based) have been named.

The act gives police wider stop and search powers. Detectives can also detain a suspect for at least 48 hours in contrast to the standard 24. Custody can continue for up to seven days on the authority of a magistrate.

The Act includes three offences:
· Inciting terrorism
· Seeking or providing terrorism training here or abroad
· Providing training/instruction in weapons from firearms to nuclear weapons”

It has also been used to “spy” on ordinary people, by councils, and god knows what else is it being used for.

I am in favour of “Anti Terrorism Laws” we must be vigilant, and “true” terrorists must be “bought to book”, but isn’t it getting just a little out of hand?

Aren’t we all at risk, if we accidentally write the wrong word in an email, or say the wrong thing in the company of certain people?

How far do the Governments powers go? What is the “wrong thing to write or say”?

Our rights are being eroded, bit-by-bit, our freedom of speech is being attacked, especially bloggers.

The country is under a blanket of surveillance, they say that on average we are “caught” on camera 300 times each day.

Has 1984 finally come?