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Monday, 24 November 2008


Just to continue the never- ending saga of Gord and Ali.

Corporal Jones who lives at No11 is running about today shouting the above, Mr Mainwaring who lives next door is, sitting behind his desk at the “bank” with head in hands and can be heard to whisper “WHY ME? Tone didn’t have this problem, when he was Captain, and I was Corporal every thing went well, we were prudent and the country prospered. Then tone resigned and I became Captain and it all went tits up, WHY?”

Well Gord it’s like this, when you were Corporal you did silly things such as, de-regulating the financial services. Saying things like “We will remove constraints, and the risk basis for business is the best way to go”.

Unfortunately what you didn’t expect was that the financial sector would take you at your word and lend, lend, lend, to anyone that wanted money even if they had no chance of repaying it.

The other thing you didn’t notice was that only being a corporal, the captain was about to abandon ship and leave you with the financial equivalent of the “Titanic”, which to be honest was all of your own making.

And now you have to face the consequences.

There is an old saying-“Be very careful what you wish for, because you might get it” well, you did and you have.

You wanted to be captain; you got that wish. Sadly along with being Captain comes the responsibility of where the buck stops, and it has stopped on your desk.

Life’s a bitch aint it?