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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fucking Microsoft: Up your inflation: The Indian aid trick: Benevolent sexism: Junkyard art: Weedrobes: One degree of separation: and a Car-a-van.

Mirror image of yesterday’s weather at the Castle this morn-cloudy, cold and a smidge breezy; that was a quick summer.

I spent a very enjoyable hour sitting in the garden picking strawberries from the wall box, dipping them in sugar and devouring them, his majesty spent the time tearing round chasing flies, bees and anything else that moved.

Back to it today, the kitchen is packed full of things that don’t work and I still haven’t managed to recover my backup of three years “work” from the XP desktop because fucking Microsoft can’t manage to come up with a programme that works across XP and Vista, the “data connection cable” arrived and isn’t recognised by either Operating System, and  I tried a network cable but fucking Microsoft refuses to allow me to restore the 25gb backup because XP and Vista aren’t compatible across a network.

 Fucking Microsoft....

Boris the bollocks has come up with a cunning plan to ease the water shortage, he said "Since Scotland and Wales are on the whole higher up than England, it is surely time to do the obvious - use the principle of gravity to bring surplus rain from the mountains to irrigate and refresh the breadbasket of the country in the south and east."

Err, slight snag there Boris, seeing as “Gravity” has been around for a few years, wouldn’t it have happened already?

Which means that the CPI rate has now overshot the Bank of England's 2% target for 34 of the past 40 months.
The Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation - which includes mortgage interest payments - was also unchanged at 5.2%, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Fuel and food prices continued to be the main contributors, with both components up 1.3% from April.
Meanwhile, alcoholic drinks and tobacco have now recorded a 9.8% increase since last year - the highest year-on-year rise on record - thanks in part to the VAT rise. 

Bastards, but don’t forget......”We are all in this together”.

Britain should continue to channel £280m of its annual overseas aid budget to India despite the Asian country's fast-growing economy, according to an all-party group of MPs.
India has nuclear and space programmes and spends about £300m a year on aid to poorer countries. It has more billionaires than the UK and its economy is expected to grow by 9 per cent next year.  

Remember-“we are all in this together”.

A group of feminist psychologists are trying to ensure that chivalry is dead, concluding that a man who helps his wife with her heavy shopping is actually guilty of "benevolent sexism".
The researchers created a list of such damaging acts as: helping a woman to choose the right computer, calling a group of both men and women "guys" and offering to do the driving on a long distance journey.
Even men who think they are expressing affection might be guilty - the scientists said calling a woman a "chick", showering her with unwanted affection or saying that you cannot live without her could also be sexist.
The researchers, from the feminist Society for the Psychology of Women, which is based in Washington DC, said there were many acts of unnoticed sexism taking place every day through acts or comments that suggested women could not cope without men's help.
They said the victims might be unaware of the damage but the acts were helping to create a culture of women being seen as the vulnerable sex and encouraging inequality and injustice.
The study concluded that both men and women were "not aware of the overall prevalence and extent of sexism in their personal lives".

What a load of old bollocks...

"One man's junk is another man's treasure," goes an old proverb. That's certainly true for one north-western Pennsylvania man: His creative instincts have turned his front yard into a veritable open-air gallery of junkyard art.
"When I was a kid, I saw a jeep with two front ends on it [on display] and thought, 'When I grow up, I'll do the same thing.' So, I did," Dick Schaefer told AOL Weird News. "It started out with a two-faced car, but I still haven't grown up yet."
Schaefer is a retired automotive dismantler who has been turning trash into treasure for as long as he can remember. Most of his sculptures were fashioned from scrap metal he handpicked from his brother's junk yard. Today, many of those same sculptures dot the landscape of his front yard on Hershey Road in Erie. 

Must remember to take Erie out of the GPS.

Nichole Dextras is an artist in Vancouver, B.C., who is showing that left over leaves and plants can be a fertile ground for the imagination.
For the past six years, she has taken the native plants of the Pacific Northwest and turned them into elaborate dresses she calls "Weedrobes."
The dresses are beautiful, but Dextras has more than a pretty picture in mind. Her plant-based apparel is designed to confront important environmental concerns.
"I've had an ongoing interest in environmental art, and working in the theatre as a clothes designer opened me up to the idea that the way people dress affects their psychology," Dextras told AOL Weird News. "I want these dresses to open a dialogue to people about where their clothes come from."

If you buy one remember to take a can of insecticide with you when you go out.

Ilona Sales and Wanda Lupina both say they ended up bruised in a tussle when Sales turned the heat up to 68 degrees.
Lupina turned the heat down one degree, to 67, and that's when the trouble started, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday.
Lupina claims Sales then punched her, pulled her hair and knocked her to the ground. Sales has been charged with misdemeanour battery and a court date was set for Monday afternoon in Joliet.
Sales' attorney, Steve Haney, told The Associated Press on Sunday that Sales never knocked her sister to the ground. Sales alleges that Lupina started the fight and left her with bruised arms.
Haney called it "an instantaneous cat fight that last 15 to 20 seconds."
It apparently was the last straw. Now Sales wants to move out and has filed a civil lawsuit over their home.

Sibling warmth.....

And finally:

Police in Germany were stunned when they pulled over a white van - and found a car parked on its side in the back.
Two men from Kazakhstan had decided to save on a trailer cost after snapping up the silver Mazda 626 to ship back home.
When the car didn't fit in the van the proper way up - the two men called a few pals and loaded it in on its side - putting a mattress underneath to stop the doors getting scratched.
The trip back home for Konstanty Krol, 38, and Cezar Chmielewski, 28, came to an end when police stopped the heavily laden vehicle after seeing it lurching from side to side in Bargthheide, Germany.
Konstanty told the German Herald newspaper: "I don't know why we were stopped - we had taken great care to get the car into the van. It was safe - we hadn't noticed any problems.

Mechanical Numptys....

 And today’s thought: Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your kids.