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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Educating retirement: “Transparent” Warsi: How to lick the heat: Handy stunt: $500 dollar: and tinned Hedgehog.

Sunny, calm, dry and hot, even hotter than hot, more heat than you could shake an ice cream at, at the Castle this hot morn.

Managed to bang the right elbow on a door frame yestermorn and spent ten minutes jumping up and down shouting “oh bother that really hurt”, still humping the bleedin watering can around the grounds, and talking of “Hump” I see that the geriatric crooner managed to make second to last place at the Eurobollocks song contest, no surprise there then....

The number of teachers quitting before reaching retirement age has reached a record high, as thousands of staff are driven out by plummeting morale and stiffer pension rules.
Apparently the number of "early retirements" due to ill-health and teachers opting to leave before their official retirement date soared to 9,370 last year, accounting for almost half the numbers retiring from schools in England. The total was 1,500 up on the figure for 2009/10, and double the number recorded in 1998/99.
According to teaching unions the hard evidence of teachers voting with their feet underlined complaints they had made about deteriorating pay and pension arrangements, and government measures, including tougher targets and the possibility of regional and performance-related pay.
But officials suggested the rise in people quitting was partly explained by a "bulge" in teachers who joined the profession in the 1970s coming to retirement at the same time.

Ah-the old bulging teachers excuse...

The Baroness who likes to tell us the Tory party is the most transparent ever born and that we should be grateful for its Piss Poor Policies is in a bit of bovver.
Warsi apologised last night for the breach of parliamentary guidelines by not declaring thousands of pounds in rent on a flat she owns in London NW from which oodles of dosh was pocketed, “blaming “an oversight, for which I take full responsibility”. However, she claimed she had paid tax on the rent.

Oh well that’s alright then-isn’t it?

Libby the lioness was seen happily licking a giant ice cube at Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland.

Her mate-Dudley however didn’t quite get the idea and decided to attack it, while little Libby gave up and went for a nice cool shower instead.


Back in 2009 students at a school in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu allegedly pressured school officials to let a martial artist run over their outstretched hands with a motorcycle.
The event which took place on July 15, 2009, led to a ban of these types of “risky stunts and packages” across all 50,000 of the state’s schools.
Apparently, a lot of the parents consented to the event, stating that their children were trained in the martial arts.
The relative of a government minister eventually got wind and, after complaining, got the event shut down. 

Now that’s what I call education, a whole classroom of Cupid Stunts

A Cleveland man was busted for littering after he dropped a $1 bill on the ground.
John Davis said he stretched his arm out his car window to hand some money to a wheelchair-bound beggar at a highway exit ramp. Davis said he felt for the man, who was holding a sign that read, "Jesus loves you. Please help."
He rolled up some bills lengthwise and held them out. One of the bills fell to the ground, and the indigent man picked it up.
A short time later, a cop pulled Davis over and ticketed him for the offence of "Throw paper out window," and in parenthesis, "money to panhandler," the report said.
The combined fine and court costs could tally $500, and the would-be Good Samaritan told Fox 8 he plans to challenge the ticket in court.

Nice to see that American cops are just as Piss Poor as ours...

And finally:

A hedgehog was found with his head firmly wedged inside an empty tin of carrots.
The hapless hog was discovered by a couple with his head wedged in the can on the side of a road in King's Lynn, Norfolk.
At first they thought the hedgehog might be dead but then he suddenly moved.
The couple could not remove the hedgehog themselves but cut off the other end of the tin can to allow the hedgehog to breathe and then contacted the RSPCA.
Alison Charles, manager of the RSPCA East Winch centre, said: "Had this hedgehog not been found he would have died a slow and painful death
The hedgehog had minor injuries including a wound to his left axilla (armpit), a grazed foot from scratching at the tin and a slight swelling under his chin.
Ms Charles added the hedgehog is doing well despite his ordeal.

And has decided that vegetarianism is dangerous....

And today’s thought:
making friends at the Olympics