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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Windy Stern; Saucy recipe; Tinky Winky; Over the limit; and Drunken Numpty

BF 7 last night, weather bloody awful, news not much better.

Remembrance Sunday is approaching, so here is the quick version of the etiquette of wearing a poppy.

Should you wear one-Yes

Colour- Red, white or purple? Red or White, purple for the animals

When to wear one- usually from 1st of November

Where to pin your poppy – left or right it doesn’t matter

What size should it be? Any size you like, just wear one.


Cameron does a Gord by telling us that a Conservative government will not hold a referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Cameron gave voters an “iron-clad” promise in 2007 that a Conservative government would hold a popular vote on Lisbon.

Politicians; you can’t trust any of them.

And; a bit of health news; Just to cheer us up the Winter vomiting bug is about, to add to Seasonal Flu and Swine flu, oh JOY!

First up:

The man behind one of the most influential reports on climate change, Lord Stern, has highlighted the impact meat production has on greenhouse gas emissions. Part of it comes through methane made by the animals as they digest food. So which farm animals expel the most methane?

A diet that relies heavily on meat production results in higher emissions than a typical vegetarian diet, says Lord Stern.

The author of the 2006 Stern Review into the cost of climate change attacked the "enormous pressure" meat production puts on the world's resources and said people were becoming increasingly aware about "low carbon consumption".

In a 2006 report, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) concluded that worldwide livestock farming generates 18% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. By comparison, it said all the world's cars, trains, planes and boats accounted for a combined 13% of greenhouse gas emissions.

So go vegan, and say goodbye to milk, steak, leather and handbags.

If you want to contact Lord Stern and discuss his theory you can do so, 020 7955 7871
Historians believe they have found the original recipe for Lea and Perrins' Worcestershire sauce, which could be 150 years old.

The original recipe was a closely guarded secret, but a former accountant at the company claimed that he found the notes dating from the mid 1800s in a skip by the firm's site.

Brian Keogh, who died in 2006, said that he discovered the original recipe in two leather-bound folios written in sepia ink. The recipe was written in two different styles of handwriting, which analysts believe was due to the fact that no one knew the entire recipe. His daughter Bonnie Clifford is now working with the museum to test the papers.

The classic condiment is thought to contain ingredients including cloves, vinegar, pickles and tamoraide.

Worcester City Museums collections officer David Nash said: "There has always been a lot of secrecy surrounding the recipes and pride that it is made locally.

"Not even the staff knew the whole recipe, only parts of it, which would account for the different handwriting, and some of the ingredients were written in code.

"Even with all the ingredients there is no guarantee you would be able to make the sauce as what makes it distinctive is the way it is made, which is still a secret."

"It would be significant to the people of Worcester and maybe even attract national interest if they are proved to be genuine."

But don’t put too much of it on your cheese on toast.

A man dressed as a purple Teletubby robbed a woman at gunpoint near the city's centre.

London police say a gun-toting man wearing a costume of the pudgy purple television character, named Tinky Winky, confronted the woman near Talbot and Mill streets just after midnight and demanded cash.

The woman, in her 20s, handed money to the robber, who then ran south on Talbot.

The woman was unhurt, but misfortune wasn't hers alone. A second man dressed in costume was later stopped in the area by police and questioned -- but police had the wrong Teletubby.

"He was deemed not to be the Teletubby we were looking for," Const. Kevin Lui said.

"Unfortunately, Halloween provides (robbers) more cover than any other night."

The woman said the man who robbed her was between 6-foot-2 and 6-foot-4, 200 to 240 pounds with muscular build, short, dark hair and was clean-shaven.

Teletubbies is a TV series aimed at pre-schoolers that also gained a cult following among some older viewers.

Tinky Winky gained some notoriety a decade ago after evangelical preacher Jerry Falwell claimed the character was a homosexual role model because his antenna was a triangle and he carried a magic bag that looked like a woman's purse.

Looks more like Po to me.

An Italian motorcyclist is appealing after he lost his licence when speed cameras clocked him at an impossible 383 mph.

Paolo Turina, 26 - who also copped a £200 fine - claims the speed camera was clearly so defective the charge should never have been brought.

"If I could go that fast I'd enter my bike in the MotoGP world championships. Valentino Rossi would not stand a chance. What did they think they were clocking - a jet fighter?" asked Mr Turina, of Cernusco Lombardone.

"If the court rules the fine will stand then I'm going to send it to the Guinness Book of Records - after all if the court says its true then I should get the credit for this remarkable feat."

Police claim the camera was working perfectly but said they suspected bungling staff botched the charge paperwork.

The appeal court has not yet made a decision on the case.

And my old Honda has a top speed of 500 MPH

And finally:

NEILSVILLE, Wis. -- The call came into the 911 dispatcher: "I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm drunk." And with that, Mary Strey, 49, of Granton, reported herself as a drunken driver about three miles northeast of Neilsville in central Wisconsin.

Clark County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jim Backus said Monday that Strey's call on Oct. 24 led deputies to cite her for misdemeanour drunken driving with a blood-alcohol level double the legal limit to drive. She makes her first court appearance Dec. 10.

Backus said drunken drivers reporting themselves is rare.

In the 911 call, Strey said she wanted to report a drunken driver and the dispatcher asked if she was behind the suspect vehicle. "I am them," Strey said. She then followed the dispatcher's advice to pull over and turn on her flashers, telling him she had been "drinking all night long."

As she had her phone with her; why the firk didn’t she just phone a cab? Double Numpty.




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