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Friday, 26 October 2012

Cloggy Cleggy: Where’s your mobile?: But I don’t have a wooden car: Fore! Shark!: Mountie and the Moose: and a pussy nest.

Enormous amounts of lack of warm, not a whimsy of solar stuff, just as much atmospheric movement and oodles of ex skywater at the Castle this morn; spent yesterday clamped to the toilet with my head in a bucket (or was it the other way round? The old memory isn’t what it was), my own fault I entered the dreaded doctors surgery without my bio-suit, wellies and disposable gloves and staggered through the heaving piles of snotty nosed, vomiting brats to get my anti falling dahn and laying in vomit pills, but the good news is that my rear exit has cooled dahn to red hot and the world has stopped spinning.


What’s his name, who apparently speaks five languages fluently, chose to conduct a recent meeting at the Cabinet Office with Herman Van Rompuy, the European Council president, entirely in Dutch.
“Nick enjoys being able to talk Dutch,” the Liberal Democrat leader's spokesman tells Mandrake. “Similarly, when he meets leaders from France or Latin America, he’ll speak French and Spanish. It’s very much appreciated when he goes.
"Usually at these meetings, there’ll be an aide who can speak Dutch, too, but [this time] I don’t think there was a No 10 aide there at all.”  

Cloggy Cleggy’s mother is allegedly from the land of wacky baccy, which does explain a lot...


And here are the top seven or eight or nine or so.

One woman lost her Nokia when she baked it into a Victoria sponge cake intended for her daughter’s birthday party.

A couple on a cruise tried to photograph themselves re-enacting the 'I'm the king of the world' scene from the movie Titanic, but lost their phone over the side.

A Bristol woman in her twenties shamelessly told insurers that she'd worn out the vibrate function on her BlackBerry Bold 9900 by using it as an "adult toy".

One Liverpool girl in her twenties found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her and threw her HTC Desire X at him, but it hit the wall.

Another complained that her Samsung Galaxy was snatched by a rogue seagull while she was walking her dog on Barry Island in South Wales.
A construction worker put in a claim for a phone that he said he had dropped down the toilet.
A pyrotechnician suffered another workplace accident while putting on a show at the National Fireworks Championships in Plymouth. It was only as the smoke cleared that he realised he'd left his iPhone 3GS in the 'blast zone'.

A man who told his insurance company his iPhone had been stolen by monkeys at a Safari Park. He was trying to film the animals at the time.

Meanwhile a tight arsed fan wanted to go to a Blur concert in Hyde Park without paying for a ticket. He ended up dropping his new iPhone whilst trying to film it from a tree.


A farmer claims to have lost his iPhone up the rear end of a cow while using it as a torch during calving.

Only the pyrotechnician and the Blur fan had their claims rejected by the company.

Now where did I put it?


Featuring a body made exclusively from high-quality wood and decorated with intricate carvings, the Achilles has been turning heads on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.
The one-of-a-kind vehicle was created by Le Nguyen Khang, owner of Binh Duong-based wood processing firm Le Lumber. He told reporters the idea of building a wooden car started off as a joke, while he was talking to an English friend who works in the travel business. One day, he jokingly asked Khang, “Working in the wood processing industry, can you make me a wooden car?”
So he did; the sketch for his unusual automobile was completed in April of 2011, and with the help of 11 of his best employees, he worked on it for 16 months. The Achilles was finally completed last month, and as soon as he started driving it around the city, people assaulted him with all kinds of questions and requests to have their pictures taken with it.
The entire body of the 4.6m-long and 1.8m-wide vehicle is made from imported wood like xylia xylocarpa, ash, and walnut, His company logo is carved on the front of the car, on the background of a dragon, while the two front sides are covered with the patterns of a dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix, the four traditional sacred animals which represent power, beauty, and nobility.

Hope he has third party, fire and woodworm insurance…


A worker at San Juan Hills Golf Club found a 2lb leopard shark on the 12th tee and put it into fresh water... before a colleague remembered it's a sea creature and mixed some salt into his water.
The shark had puncture wounds where it appeared a bird had snagged it from the Pacific Ocean, about five miles away.
A golf club employee rushed the shark to the ocean where it was very still for a few seconds before twisting around and speeding off.

That could ruin your stroke…

An officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was injured early on Thursday after being charged by a bull moose while driving on patrol in central British Columbia.
The officer was driving toward two moose at an intersection in the small community of Prince Rupert in an attempt to head off another vehicle approaching the same junction.
As the officer neared the animals, a bull moose charged his vehicle, breaking the front bumper as it jumped on the roof of the car. The moose began stomping and kicking, and a hoof broke the driver's side window, injuring the officer.
The moose then jumped on the trunk of the car and finally back on the road.
The officer suffered bruising on his left shoulder, but did not require medical attention. He finished his shift and went home to rest, the police said.

 I imagine the insurance claim read- I was proceeding in a westerly direction when a moose jumped out and jumped onto the car, it then jumped onto the roof, jumped up and down kicking in the side window, jumped off and ran away:-nah they’ll never believe that Sarge….

And finally:
Monsieur Louis Coulon, born in 1827 was the owner of a 3.3-meter-long beard, and the progenitor of the "Hirsute Kitten Cathedral Look."
Kept his little pussy in his facial fuzz.


And today’s thought:
What do you mean it’s on vibrate?




Monday, 17 October 2011

Silly Billy and repatriation: The lights are on but nobody is home: Woolly Penguins: Ex-moose: Psychopathic language: and Night, night Dahn Unda.

Cold, calm and cloudy at the Castle this morn, the study lies empty, I’m orf to Tesco with a pound in my pocket for the trolley and his Maj has decided that the lack of height in the liquid metal gauge is reason to stay inside. 

I see that U-turn Cam has decided that the government needs to work "harder and faster" to bring down energy bills.
The energy secretary has invited the six biggest power firms to meet consumer groups and regulator Ofgem.
Writing ahead of the meeting, Mr Cameron said they wanted to work out how to create a "trusted, simple and transparent" market.


Has decided that there is no "immediate prospect" of repatriating powers from the European Union (EU).
The Foreign Secretary insisted he had "not gone soft and will never go soft on Europe".
However he said the Government's priority had to be ensuring the eurozone was stabilised without damaging Britain's interests.
"The repatriation of powers, which is something I support by the way, is not an immediate prospect because no countries are proposing widespread treaty change," Mr Hague told the BBC's Andrew Marr show.
He went on: "Our priority is for the eurozone to be stabilised and at the same time to protect the British national interest."

More bollocks...

A government ­department facing massive cuts is ­wasting thousands of pounds at its new HQ... ­because the lights cannot be turned off.
Ken Clarke’s Ministry of Justice – which must slash £2billion from its £9billion annual budget – is throwing away cash every day as switches at the Prison ­Service building in London does not work.
Instead, Clive House uses a ­central ­timer, meaning the entire block is automatically lit up for hours whether lights are needed or not.
A source at the Central London site said: “Every light in the place is either on or off. As winter approaches, they’ll effectively be on 24 hours a day.” 

Bet the “energy” companies are rubbing their hands in glee.

Napier-based Skeinz Natural Yarn Store has knitters going like the clappers to make penguin jumpers for the Bay of Plenty disaster.
General Manager Brendan Jackson told NewstalkZB three to four dozen penguin outfits are likely to be needed.
The knitwear prevents the birds from preening their feathers and ingesting the toxic oil that they've been exposed to.
The Oiled Wildlife Response Unit is taking care of 91 animals as a result of the spill, mostly little blue penguins.


The owner of the game park where Pete the Moose lived has taken responsibility for covering up the death of Vermont's favourite animal, the state's fish and wildlife commissioner said Saturday.

Pete, whose life in captivity helped prompt the state to pass new wildlife laws and who received a gubernatorial pardon last winter, died in early September at the Big Rack Ridge in Irasburg while being tranquilized during hoof trimming. But state officials insisted he was alive until Friday, even issuing a photo taken Thursday of a moose it identified as Pete.

Richard Nelson told WCAX-TV that the family misled the state.

"The blame goes to us," he said. "We're the ones that didn't say Pete died."

"We said we would take care of Pete, and then a few weeks later, geez, Pete died," he said. "And so we were mortified, and we said, `Oh, we'll just sit on this one.'"

Bit odd that-sitting on a dead Moose...

The language of psychopathic murderers provides a window to their souls, new research shows.
The words they use "match their personalities, which reflect selfishness, detachment from their crimes and emotional flatness," says Jeff Hancock, a professor of computing and information science at New York State's Cornell University. He conducted the study with colleagues at the University of British Columbia.
Psychopaths were more likely to use the past tense, suggesting a detachment from their crimes, say the researchers. They tended to be less fluent in their speech, using more "ums" and "uhs."
The exact reason for this is not clear, but the researchers speculate that the psychopath is trying harder to make a positive impression, needing to use more mental effort to frame the story.

 Sounds like Parliament...

 And finally:

Taxpayers have forked out for federal public servants to take lessons in how to get a good night's sleep.
The Department of Parliamentary Services also pays for its staff - which in 2010/11 totalled 847 - to use the gym in Parliament House.
The Department has revealed in its annual report that "health-related activities" during the year included seminars on the topics of diabetes, kidney health, cancer prevention, depression and "getting a good night's sleep".
Officials told a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra today that staffers also received free gym membership under their enterprise agreement.
"We are very concerned about health and well-being, both physical and mental, of our staff," Department boss Alan Thompson told the hearing.
Ten of the Department's staff earn more than $170,000 a year.

$170,000 Aussie dollars-that’s about £7.50 per annum.......

That’s it: I’m orf to Tweet my MP 

And today’s thought: "Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. - Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, October 16, 1929