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Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Solution for Gord and Ali

Second post today, just had a shower and shave and am firing on 2 ½ cylinders.

I have just had a thought that will solve our problems in one stroke.

What Gord and Ali have to do is: reset house prices,
yes, press the reset button, reduce all house prices to their current value-approx- 20% less than they are now, and reduce every ones mortgage to the same amount.
People wouldn't fall behind in their payments and repossessions wouldn't happen.

That would put hundreds of pounds in peoples pockets each month, would eliminate negative equity, and would not involve “tax cuts” now and “tax rises” in the future.

Stuff the Banks and Building Societies’; they have got enough of our money.

People would then have money, be able to spend and “kick start” the economy.

Well Gord and Ali wadya think eh?

Worth a try.