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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

U-Turn Cam’s empty Piss Poor Policy: Up, up and.......nicked: Stumpy Numpty: Glowing motors: Crash test Focus: and Hanging out is good for you.

Oodles of sky water, mixed in with thunder at the Castle this morn, his Maj has been out to do his business and is now curled up on my lap with steam rising from his soaked fur.
The study is 50/50 with defunct do-dahs, and at 187 miles on 14 and a bit litres of go juice the Honda is doing 57 and a smidge to the imperial gallon, all I have to do now is raise the cash to put another twenty squids worth in.

 After the “referendum” balls up and the Eurozone debacle: 

U-Turn Cam and the rest of the Piss Poor Policy Tory tosspots warned that they might demand Britain's exemption from European employment protection laws as a condition for any treaty change needed to help save the euro.
Education Secretary, Michael Gove, said he would like to see regulations governing "whom we can hire, how we can hire and how long they work" taken away from Brussels.
He added: "I would like to see a change in this Parliament... We need to win [back] more [powers] and that process will require careful negotiation."
But, the Prime Minister's official spokesman said later that neither Mr Cameron nor Mr Gove were speaking for the Government on the issue.


Letting go of a single balloon deliberately will now get you in trouble with Sunshine Coast Council after it approved a raft of new laws including regulation of balloons and dogs in dining areas.
In a shock move Mayor Bob Abbot back-flipped on his feelings about dogs in cafe and supported the motion, instead tabling his concerns in a document because he didn't wish to be 'disrespectful'.
In front of a packed gallery, Division 12 Cr Lew Brennan put forward a motion to remove the balloon law because he said it was 'meaningless'. 

Nice to see that they are concentrating on the important things.....

Authorities in Southern California say they rescued a man stuck inside a hollow tree trunk by following the sounds of his screams down into a creek bed.
The Orange County Register ( reports that Orange County sheriff's deputies found the man stuck up to his chest inside a narrow hole in the trunk, which extended about four or five feet underground.
The newspaper says fire-fighters took about 90 minutes to free him once they found him Tuesday morning.
Lt. Roland Chacon says it's unknown why the man climbed into the hole near the base of the tree.

Because he’s a stumpy Numpty of course.

Used-car dealers in Japan are sitting on hundreds of vehicles contaminated by high levels of radiation from the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima earlier this year.
And some unscrupulous salesmen are disguising this fact by re-registering and selling them to unsuspecting customers.
One vehicle in particular is "so radioactive that sitting inside it for two hours a day will expose the occupant to more than the Government’s recommended maximum dose over the course of a year".
A car dealer who bought a contaminated vehicle told the paper: "I decontaminated repeatedly after the test, and retested the filter of the air conditioner, the wipers and tyres, replacing them thoroughly, but the radiation level dropped only to 30 microsieverts per hour. I decided to sell the vehicle in Japan because I couldn’t afford to lose the money."
Vehicles that emit radiation higher than 0.3 microsieverts an hour are banned from export.
Harbour authorities barred 660 cars last month because they exceeded the limit.

Glowing testimonial?

Channel Five's motoring show Fifth Gear wanted to see what would happen in a head-on collision at120 mph, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Organisers refused to use expensive crash test dummies and instead opted for cheaper mannequins for the experiment.
The complex operation saw engineers from MIRA setting up a winch which would thrust the Ford towards the wall using 16 times the pulling power of a Bugatti Veyron.
As the contraption was activated, the Ford Focus hurtles towards the concrete wall and is obliterated on impact.
Within just 60 milliseconds, the car went from 120mph to 0mph with the mannequins subjected to forces of up to 400g.
Ellie Pearson from road safety charity Brake praised Fifth Gear for carrying out the test which demonstrated the potential risk of high-speed driving.
She said: "Modern cars are capable of reaching immense speeds and it is important that people realise how dangerous high speed driving is.
"This footage demonstrates the utter destruction of a high speed impact and hopefully anyone who sees it will think twice about their speed the next time they drive."

Go on-click the link; it will make you cringe.

And finally:

Being naked really is good for your skin, according to research released today.
According to a leading dermatologist, naturists who exposed their bodies to the elements whatever the season, were found to be more aware of their skin’s needs.

Nearly half (45 per cent) applied sun protection every day, 82 per cent examine their skin for any abnormalities on a regular basis and eight out of 10 naturists feel that wearing natural fibres such as cotton provide comfort for their skin.

The research carried out by Comfort Pure, showed that those who prefer the fully clothed route do not give their skin the same level of care as naturists, with only a third using fabric softeners to leave clothes soft on skin.

54 per cent of naturists that took part in the study feel very confident about the look and feel of their bodies, compared to only 1 in 10 of their fully clothed counterparts.

 Think I’ll try it in the Castle; problem is that I haven’t seen the lower half of my bod for years......

And today’s thought: If you have to choose between two evils . . . pick the one you've never tried before.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Waiting for the laptop to crash, hasn’t yet, I have removed one of the memory modules after some swapping around, and so far so good.

The only snag is that it is running at half speed until I replace the module.

First up, good news and bad news, a pregnant woman in Colorado Springs was in the woods and managed to escape a bear that was chasing her (good news), the only snag is that she ran onto a road and was hit by a car (bad news).

Good news is that she is OK; bad news is that the driver buggered off and left her Animal weirdness

Such is life.

More good news, bad news; a woman in Detroit heard her neighbours burglar alarm go off and went to the window to see what was happening, there were three men outside, one of them fired at her, the bullet went through the window and hit her in the chest (bad news), the bullet bounced off the underwire in her bra and she sustained no injury (good news), the suspects drove off after the shooting

Wonder if they drove to Colorado Springs?

Let it all hang out!

Voters in the heart of the Swiss Alps have banned naked hiking after dozens of mostly German nudists started rambling through their picturesque region.

By a show of hands citizens of the tiny canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes voted overwhelmingly at their traditional open-air annual assembly to impose a $176 fine on violators.

Only a scattering of people on Sunday opposed the ban on the back-to-nature activity that took off last autumn.

The cantonal government recommended the ban after determining that citizens had found nude hiking to be "thoroughly disturbing and irritating."

A similar legal move is expected in neighbouring Appenzell Outer Rhodes with legislation being prepared against "this shameless behavior."

And finally;

Telegraph A man had to be rescued after setting the front of his house on fire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter.

Firefighters say the man, in his 40s, had been trying to set fire to the spider as it crawled up the front of the semi-detached property
But sparks reached material behind the cladding and caused a fire within the walls, shortly before midnight.
Three fire engines raced to the scene in Portsmouth, Hants, and found the man trying to put out the flames with a garden hose.
Firefighters in breathing apparatus removed the cladding and spent two hours putting the fire out.
Watch manager Steve Pearce said: "The man was trying to put the fire out with a garden hose when we arrived.
"The whole thing had clearly scared the life out of him.

"There was a gap in the cladding where he was trying to kill the spider and so the sparks got through to the material behind and started spreading upwards towards the roof.

"Our concern was that it would reach the roof and the property would be lost.

"We sent firefighters up into the loft to put it out and fortunately we were able to stop it in time.
"Surprisingly there wasn't much damage to the house other than to the cladding.

"We obviously had a chat with the man but I don't think he'll be doing this again."