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Wednesday, 18 February 2009


OK that’s enough “back patting” for me, this caught my eye from the BBC-Smoking kills regardless of class

“Researchers” from Glasgow University and NHS Scotland looked at the impact of smoking on the survival rates of 15,000 men and women over a 28-year period.

The conclusion they have reached is that I doesn’t matter who you are, how rich you are or if you are male or female smoking gives you a much higher risk of early death than non smokers.

28 frikin years, I could have told them that in 28 seconds: they have managed to waste God knows how many man (person) hours and quite a lot of money I would presume to tell us something that we already know and have known for at least….well 28 years.

It’s a bit like saying that standing in the middle lane of the M1 in the dark will lead to an accident (I couldn’t use the M25 as an example because the traffic doesn’t move fast enough to hurt anyone), or that drinking 30 pints of lager a day for 28 years will destroy your liver.

The good news is that if you give up ‘that the death rates of ex-smokers were much closer to those of never-smokers than smokers, showing that quitting does make a difference regardless of social position’

It’s a good thing that no one knew that isn’t it?

Dr Laurence Gruer and Dr David Gordon from NHS Health Scotland, and Professor Graham Watt and Dr Carole Hart from Glasgow University, you have managed to spend 28 years gathering data in order to tell us the obvious, congratulations.

I was going to do a bit of creeping and feature a “Pulse” article, bugger it, here’s one for any GP that has lost their way and stumbled on my ravings-Pulse - Private firm wins contracts to drive down GPs' drugs spend

Private firm Assura is negotiating deals with two PCTs to guarantee savings in drug expenditure and is poised to launch the schemes in two undisclosed locations.

The company has also negotiated agreements with groups of up to 30 GP practices, made up of former PBC clusters it claims have become disillusioned with red tape and slow progress.

Creep over!

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