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Friday, 13 March 2009


Sorry about this but today’s post will be a bit morose and moribund, a bit introspective and bloody miserable.

It concerns the GMC and Human Rights breaches, sort of; it really concerns the history of Mrs A’s treatment by a Senior Consultant.

I had decided to contribute to the “campaign” with the above mentioned, it has been three and a half years since Mrs A died, and I thought I had the situation under control, I had grown some scar tissue over the old wounds and felt capable of putting her “story” on paper.

I was wrong, it took me four days on and off, four nights of hardly sleeping and nightmares when I fell into a stupor, I finally sort of finished it yesterday, it still needs more work but our Rita said she will help (bless).

I think the point I am making is that although it has been three and a half years, the pain is still very close to the surface, it still seems like yesterday, the loss and helplessness is still there, the anger and hopelessness still remain, hidden by a thin veneer of “normality”.

I knew it would be difficult to write her “story” but what I didn’t know was how many emotions it would evoke.

Still it is almost over now, and once again I can begin to grow the scar tissue, I just hope it doesn’t take another three and a half years.

By the way if you can it is well worth getting involved with the “campaign”, if you have any tales of mismanagement of your “case” by the GMC email me and I will pass them on to Rita.

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