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Thursday, 1 October 2009

One Year on

Well, it seems I have made it; one years blogging that is, with some six hundred odd posts.

I have included those from the Politico, NHS the other side and the baby of the family-AnglishLit (which is still in the crawling stage.) blogs because they grew from All and Sundry rather like warts and all are interchangeable.

There are some forty odd other posts but those are on the NHS site I used to blog for, so are not included, not because I am ashamed of them but because that was another part of my psyche which has healed itself.

I have enjoyed the last year, well blogging anyway, and I notice that the style has changed, from This to This, bit more mellow maybe, bit more laid back, bit more humour, bit less hard faced.

I have learned a lot, made some new friends (and lost some), managed to avoid the demons in the main, and watched the followers and hits creep up, not to the levels of the “mega” bloggers but sufficient to encourage me to keep going.

I have also realised that I don’t know much about writing, or politics, or the background to the problems in the world, and that I am not “well educated”, or cognizant of many subjects, but being the arrogant git that I am I still manage to vomit forth my take on the world.

I have also realised that the Blogosphere is a powerful weapon which just as any weapon, can be used for good or evil, and is seen as threatening by the “powers that be”.

There are some wonderful bloggers out there as well as some galactic Numptys, bit like life really.

So; that is it, one year down and who knows how many more to come, one thing is for sure; I will continue to blog as it is now part of my life, and as usual some days I will love it and others I will hate it.

So to celebrate here is another ditty what I have wrote:

A Year of Blogging

A year of blogging I have done
A whole twelve months, where has it gone
I started out with such passion
But has my passion now been rationed
Am I me or am I Angus
Are my posts more like a rebus

Did I take the easy path
And just try to make you laugh
Did I dodge the proper news
And my responsibility abuse
Do I know enough to say
My views on life from day to day

Have I made the right decision
To avoid the awful burden
That proper bloggers seem to take
To tell the truth for all our sakes
To dig and dig and bring to light
And try to make the world alright

Can I justify my scribble
Or is it just a load of drivel
Am I feeling rather fearful
That if I didn’t make you chuckle
Would the Angus blog just buckle
Are my readers so very fickle

But wait, it is just what it is
It has some good news and some bad
But all in all it makes me glad
To bring some smiles to all and sundry
To look at life from underneath
And to the world some fun bequeath

A year of blogging I have done
Six hundred posts have come and gone
Six hundred posts what I have wrote
The Angus blog is still afloat
My view on life I can connote
Will still be here and laughter promote