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Monday, 4 March 2013

“Unmanageable” medics: ‘Orse Hotel: Honey Badger mints: Are You a Cynic: and a really big fish.

Middling lack of warm, moderate atmospheric movement, missing skywater, massive scrapey, scrapey stuff and believe it or not but the Sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip hooray, the Sun has got his hat on and he’s visiting for the day.
Just returned from a very nice weekend with friends up in Cheltenham, at least I think it was ham could have been ‘Orse for all I know, spent the time walking, lunching at public houses and getting my arse kicked by their pair of sadly un-fat teenagers on something called an X-Box.
And two minutes after I staggered in the portcullis the God-Botherers arrived this time in the guise of “people” who witnessed Jehovah.
The pair of old farts tried to convince me that we don’t have a soul, when we die that is it, there is no heaven or hell, and when Jehovah returns all the dead people who have been buried will rise up and take over the world.
Which is a bit of luck for those who have been cremated because they won’t have to put up with all the rotting undead lurching about mumbling “bollocks” I was quite happy in my grave.

Not a very happy “religion” then...

And if she has the Norovirus she will probably infect the rest of the nurses, doctors and patients in the ‘Orspital.

Bet she isn't laughing now....


According to the Torygraph an “alarming” threat to patient safety is being posed by the “unmanageable workload” that hospital doctors have to deal with, according to a worrying report published today.
The situation needs to be “urgently addressed” if frail elderly patients are not to be put at further risk, according to the report by the Royal College of Physicians.
Matters are worst in England’s provincial hospitals, according to the College, because they struggle to recruit and retain hospital doctors. It found a “worrying correlation” between low consultant staffing levels and high death rates.
The report comes shortly after Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, announced a review to examine high death rates in 14 hospital trusts. None are in London. Ten of the 14 are in the midlands or north- west England. Experts are due to meet next week to agree a plan on how to tackle the problem.
The Royal College found medical registrars - the grade below consultant level - were being excessively overworked.

No change there then, bet her Maj doesn’t have knackered medic....


A new “horse hotel” scheme has been launched by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) offering “quality assured bed & breakfast” accommodation near the Queen’s Balmoral estate for horses, accompanied by their owners.
On arrival at Mar Lodge Estate, near Braemar, the equine guests are shown to their holiday paddocks to settle in and meet new friends before enjoying days of off-road riding on the estate and on hill tracks including Glens Quoich and Lui.
The idea was the brainwave of horse lover Fiona McCulloch, estate secretary on the trust’s property in the Cairngorms National Park, who realised the acres of land offered opportunities for riders to bring their horses with them.

Spiffing-wonder where the nearest Tesco is.....


Well know you can indulge your whim, from the Neato Shop comes:
Honey Badger Mints
  • Got bad breath? Honey badgers don't care ... but he'll help!
  • Net wt. 0.7 oz (20 g)
  • Amt: about 100 mints per tin
  • Tin size: 2-1/4" dia. x 1/2" (6 cm dia. x 1 cm)



Did you know that being a “cynic” originally meant you thought the purpose of life was to live virtuously in agreement with Nature, rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power, sex, and fame; living a simple life free from all possessions. 

That lets me orf the hook then...

And finally:
In a research vessel stationed off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla., members from OCEARCH captured and tagged another Great White shark Sunday.
She's 14.5 feet long and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. Her name is Lydia, after Lydia Moss Bradley, the founder of Bradley University and long-time friend of Caterpillar, who is sponsoring OCEARCH for three years. Lydia is the first great white captured, satellite tagged and released in an area south of Cape Cod, Mass.
Researchers found the 2,000-pound shark at the mouth of St. Johns River, which is near the popular surfing spot of Mayport Poles near Jacksonville.
Lydia makes the third great white shark tagged off the East Coast of the United States by OCEARCH. The research group also tagged and is tracking Genie, a 14-foot, nearly 2,300-pound shark, and Mary Lee, a 16-foot, nearly 3,500-pound shark. Both were tagged with a satellite tracking device in September.


Couple of things; sod that a lot and I don’t think I will go surfing at Mayport....


And today’s thought:
Well bugger me-or, him, or him, or...