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Friday, 7 September 2012

Greedy bastards: Ex Nazi goes green: Flock orf Putin: Sad cow: and Nork squeezing.

More than a lot of solar stuff, not a jot of wet stuff, nary a whimsy of atmospheric movement and quite a bundle of lack of cold stuff at the Castle this morn.

After a week on the industrial antibiotics the face is still hurting, but at least the side effects have eased orf a bit, the good bit is that I have caught up on a few months sleep.

The garden is in need of an enormous amount of fettling-sod that....and today is a tentative attempt at a post, time will tell...

And a huge thank you for the good wishes.


Apparently the sporty people with some bits missing or not working is going well, apart from some Sarf African who is Pissedorfius about other blade runners being quicker than him, oh dear what a shame. 

I wonder how they would do on the ATOS “fit for work” thingy?



U-Turn Cam has reshuffled the cards in his Millionaires Club sideboard; unfortunately he has kept the dog eared Jokers.
And allegedly MPs' expenses claims have risen by a quarter last year to nearly £90 million, The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) insisted that the rate of claims had remained "stable".
The total outlay for 2010-11 had been £71 million, and IPSA pointed out this was lower because of the impact of the general election.
Altogether, the 650 MPs were handed £89.4 million in 2011-12.
Some 50 iPads were purchased, along with a variety of Apple accessories.
The top three claimants were Liberal Democrats – Greg Mulholland, Stephen Gilbert and Alistair Carmichael. Mr Mulholland, who received £188,783.38 in staffing salary and expenses, said his costs were higher than usual because of staff suffering health problems. As the MP for Orkney and Shetlands, Mr Carmichael's travel expenses are unusually high.
MPs spent £6,401,099 on accommodation costs.
The former Prime Minister Gordon Brown received £127,197 in expenses and staffing costs. Mr Brown claimed £13,458 in travelling costs, despite speaking in Parliament only three times since the 2010 election.
The Prime Monster U-Turn Cam claimed £5,617, most of which covered office costs.

The Chancellor George Osborne received £9,715.04, which was mainly spent on travelling to and from his constituency in Tatton.
Dozens of MPs have continued to claim the cost of their mortgage interest, a system which is due to be phased out. In total, they claimed £353,646 to cover the cost of their mortgage interest.

And so it goes on...and on....and on...and......



Ex Nazi El Papa Pope Benedict XVI has been presented with an electric car to use within the grounds of the Vatican and his summer home of Castel Gandolfo.
The customised white Kangoo was presented to the pontiff by French carmaker Renault.
Renault said the Kangoo Maxi van, which has the Papal coat of arms on its doors, has a 44 kilowatt electric motor and lithium-ion battery and can travel 170km (105 miles) without recharging.
Renault also handed over a second car, which is blue, to be used by the Vatican's police force.
The vehicles were presented to the Pope on Wednesday at Castel Gandolfo, in the Alban Hills south of Rome, by Renault chairman Carlos Ghosn, before being unveiled to the press on Thursday.
The Pope used his new car on Wednesday to travel from the helipad at Castel Gandolfo through the gardens back to his palazzo, the Vatican said.

Very “green” apart from the Helicopter....creepy old fart....

Russian President Vladimir Putin took to the skies in a motorised hang-glider as he led a flock of young Siberian white cranes in flight.
He donned a baggy white costume with a helmet and goggles and was surrounded by several of the young birds, who were born in captivity and therefore do not know how to fly south for the winter.

Environmentalists use an imitation lead crane - the hang-glider - to show them the way after a series of local training fights like the one led by Mr Putin.

Mr Putin said it had been his idea to fly the aircraft, although it appeared to be steered most of the time by another person in a similar white costume sitting behind him.

A Russian news agency reported that only one crane followed Mr Putin on his first flight, which he attributed to high winds that caused the hang-glider to travel faster than usual.


Bit like most politicians then...all wind and Putin....


Tina Leopard, a Chinese blogger and model who earlier this year sparked controversy among Internet users after photos showing her extremely sharp chin and large anime-like eyes went viral on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Apparently, there’s a new fashion trend sweeping across China – the anime look. The country’s most popular social media sites are practically flooded with tons of photos of young people clearly going out of their way to look as much like an anime character as possible. The trend took off last summer, when a girl going  by the name of KOKO uploaded photos and videos showing her thin body, pointy chin and disproportionately large eyes. It turned out she used all kinds of makeup tricks to achieve her anime look, and her photos were apparently also altered in Photoshop, but that didn’t seem to matter much to people who wanted to look like the characters in popular Japanese cartoons

Ye bleedin Gods...

And finally:


Recently, a breast-squeezing event was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was part of the “Erotica Will Save the World” event. 

Rules on how to squeeze a Nork:

1) Participants lined up (ID was required to prove they were over 18)

2) Money was donated

3) Participants washed their hands

4) Breast-squeezing commenced. (Two squeezes per hand were allowed.)

Erotica Will Save the World” took place August 25-26, the name of the event speaks for itself. There were many other events such as “Masturbation Marathon.”

All money raised will help STOP!AIDS, a charity promoting awareness, treatment, and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Why is it that I always miss these things?


And today’s thought:
Ever been to Las Vegas?