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Sunday, 23 November 2008


Well not exactly Denmark, but in the Blogosphere. There are cowardly attacks being carried out by a few “people” on other bloggers.

This minority of plonkers is trying to: I don’t know what, to some bloggers.

They leave unsuitable comments on blogs and don’t even have the gonads to identify themselves.

I agree with their right to comment, what I don’t agree with is the manner of commenting, they do not have the right to insult people and hide behind anonymity.

All bloggers upset other people sometimes, I am sure I do, and I don’t mind if people say what they think, as long as I have the right to reply, not to some anonymous tosser but to someone who actually wants to discuss the problem.

This type of attack is the equivalent of ringing someone’s doorbell and running off. It is childish and cowardly.

It will be a sad day in “Blog Land” when we all have to mediate every comment, perhaps that is what these idiots want, to slow down the momentum of bloggers, to make us think twice about raising subjects that make others think.

Or perhaps it is just a few wankers that like to dish it out as long as they don’t have to take it.

Whatever the reasons, it is not acceptable, bloggers must be able to express their views, because freedom of expression is our right, and it should not be restricted because some “people” don’t like it.

I have not been blogging long, but I have found the majority of bloggers to be honest, open and supportive, I have never left unsavoury comments on another blog, I have left anonymous comments mainly because I can never remember my bloody password, but I always try to put my name at the bottom, because it is the proper thing to do.

The blogosphere should be a place of discussion, ideas and unity. We don’t need mindless pillocks trying to disrupt it.