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Saturday, 26 March 2011

On the march in the smoke: Census Police: Cock-a-doodle-sue: Naked Peta: Cheese rolling rolls off: Bung a tester: and Procrastination day is delayed.

The weather is back to normal at the Castle this morn-chilly, overcast and a bit damp, that was a short spring.
The kitchen is empty of any sort of terminally ill computers and the weekend is mine! All mine!

Concerns over the extent of radioactive contamination in Japan deepened after it emerged that three workers admitted to hospital this week were exposed to radiation levels 10,000 times higher than normal
Japanese officials said further investigations were needed to determine how the three men replacing a cable at the No. 3 reactor were sloshing about in water containing iodine, caesium and cobalt 10,000 times the normal level.
"At present, our monitoring data suggest the (No. 3) reactor retains certain containment functions, but there is a good chance that the reactor has been damaged," said Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for Japan's nuclear agency.

No shit…….

Britain has launched an attack aimed against Gaddafi loyalists besieging a key Libyan city, using laser guided weapons to destroy tanks on the ground for the first time.
The attack which destroyed four tanks on the outskirts of Ajdabiya, came as rebel fighting intensified inside the city and reports came in of fighting in a second city, Misrata.
Dr Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, said British Tornado GR4 Aircraft took part in the missile strike on Thursday night.
"The Tornado aircraft launched a number of guided Brimstone missiles at Libyan armoured vehicles which were threatening the civilian population of Ajdabiya,” he said in a statement.
The attack was followed up by other coalition forces which destroyed another three tanks as the Tornados refueled in mid-air for a second bombing run.

There goes the money for another couple of thousand pensioners…..

People from across the country are converging on London for a march in protest at the Piss Poor Policies coalition government's spending cuts.
The Trades Union Congress predicts more than 100,000 people will join the march, to be policed by 4,500 police.
The TUC said it was deploying more than 1,000 stewards to ensure the event remained "family friendly".
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said those taking part in the March for the Alternative will include community groups, pensioners and public sector workers.
He said they were urging the government to spend more public money - not less - on projects to create jobs and boost the economy and to crack down on tax evasion and avoidance in order to claw back more for the Treasury.

I do like 100,000 optimists……

A 100-strong army of census enforcers has been given police powers to gather criminal evidence against householders who fail to complete tomorrow’s national survey.
Anyone who repeatedly refuses to take part will face criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000 as the Office for National Statistics steps up efforts to catch evaders.
For the first time in the 210-year ­history of the census, a unit of “non-compliance” officers authorised to conduct interviews under caution will visit homes across the country.
More than one million people were missed during the last census in 2001, but only 38 were prosecuted. Glen Watson, the census director, promised better targeting of householders who had not filled in their forms.
From April 6, a force of 30,000 staff will begin visiting households that had not yet completed the census “during the day, evenings, and at weekends to try and catch people in”, he said.

And the hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants will be waiting for them…….

To the windy city-A man who alleges he was attacked by a rooster at a US suburban animal centre has filed a lawsuit seeking more than $US50, 000 for injuries he says were caused when the territorial chicken repeatedly pecked his right leg.
Mark Lovett says he was putting up a fence at the Big Run Wolf Ranch in Lockport Illinois two years ago when the fearless fowl struck, causing him "great pain and anguish, both in mind and body," according to the lawsuit filed in Will County circuit court this week.
The lawsuit did not detail what injuries allegedly were caused by the bird, which Lovett says was "not provoked" before plunging its curved beak into his leg. Calls to Lovett's lawyer and the ranch were not returned.

What a doodle-doodle cock……

 A driver in LA will be having an interesting conversation with his insurance provider, after crashing his car while distracted by nearly naked women taking a very public shower.
The models in downtown LA were soaping each other up as part of a Peta stunt to encourage more people to adopt a Vegan lifestyle.
Passers by, mainly men, gathered around the two women and their makeshift shower and one man went as far as to crash his car.

Don’t know about going Vegan but it did make me hungry for a bit of chicken breast.

Organisers of the annual Cooper's Hill cheese rolling event have been forced to cancel it after people threatened to throw bricks through their windows and spat at them in the street.

This year the committee took the decision to charge a £20 entry fee, which they say would have mainly gone towards the cost of running the event.

However, people are so furious about the new fee that some have began a campaign of threats and abuse.
'Since we announced an entry fee, we have been bombarded with so much hostility and criticism, much of it at a personal level, including accusations of profiteering.
'People have been spat at in the street, received verbal abuse in shops and at school gates and there has even been talk of bricks through windows and houses being burned down,' cheese rolling committee spokesman Richard Jefferies said.

Toasted cheese?

A learner driver attacked his examiner after he refused to accept a cash bribe in exchange for letting her pass.
Jin Su reportedly handed the examiner a red envelope which contained between £400 and £500 during her test and said: 'This will be good for you – and for me.'
When examiner Keith Ashcroft refused the bribe and declared the test over, Su attacked him in the street, and tried to insist that the test continue.
When she was arrested she told police that the money had been for luck rather than a bribe.
However, at Manchester Crown Court she pleaded guilty to offering a bribe and common assault.
Su, who has failed her driving test five times, was sentenced to 50 hours unpaid work and will also pay Mr Ashcroft £100 compensation.

Testing time for the tester.

And finally:

Or was it?
 Its French founder insisted he had no issues with people putting it off until today.

Or maybe tomorrow?

That’s it: I’m orf to test my temporal memory

And today’s thought: Time flies like lightning . . . Fruit flies like bananas


Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I have never been one to procrastinate, at least I thought I wasn’t, but I have been sitting here since about 6.30 this morning reading the news on line and watching it on the TV and reading other blogs trying to drum up some enthusiasm to write.

I have told myself I will start after just one more cup of coffee, or when I have completed my rounds of the blogs, but it didn’t work; one of the problems is that the news is boring, and the bloggers seem to have covered their subjects far better than I could, so to waste a bit of time I thought I would write a piece on wasting time.

Like everyone else there is so much to do-the garden needs to be sorted, the car needs a thorough clean inside and out, there are countless jobs around the house that need doing and there are blogs to write and work to do.

And here I am still sitting here thinking about it, personally I blame Easter, nothing seems to have happened in the world, apart from the email thing which has been flogged to death by the media, to the point that I have lost interest, we all know what politics is like so should we really be surprised or outraged.

I thought of posting some more “funny” pictures but decided that is a cop-out, then I thought I would do a roundup of other blogs but I still feel that I don’t really have the experience to review other bloggers’ work.

So here I sit strangely content in my procrastination, to be honest it is nice not to “do” anything, and comfortable not to think for a while, it pleases my senses to languish on the sofa and watch the world go by, and watch the blue tits and the goldfinches going about their business, and the bumble bees staggering about in their impossible flight, to see the colours that have erupted without notice and the trees that are suddenly turning green, but it can’t last, I must get going, well maybe after another cup of coffee, or two.

They said procrastination was the source of all my sorrow, I don't know what that big word means - I'll look it up tomorrow” by somebody or other.


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