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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Power to the people: Eco tents: Racoon dahn the drain: Otopussy twat: and a Bloody big spider.

Much atmospheric movement, remnants of skywater, total lack of solar light and dawns crack appears to have healed up at the castle this weekend morn.

The toxic plum is much improved, after five days of painkiller/antibiotic coma (disturbed only by his Maj sitting on my chest smacking me on the face to get up and feed him) the throbbing plum has decreased to a dull ache, and it has come out of hiding.

Apparently it isn’t only a light dusting of snow that can bring Brexit Blighty to a standstill.
It seems that two dodgy generators managed to plunge more than a few Blighyites into the dark ages, people were stuck on trains planes and automobiles.

That wonderful organisation Ofgem has raised its hackles and is threatening to “take action”.

Ooooooh scary.

Go eco, if you are daft enough to spend several days in a muddy field and have a dump in a bucket then this is for you.

Cardboard tents, you don’t have to put them up. Take them dahn or carry them home.


A raccoon got his head stuck in a storm grate in Massachusetts — and it took a team of 10 first responders more than two hours to free him from the situation, according to reports.


A Washington state woman participating in a fishing derby stuck an octopus on her boat race for a “photo op” and surprise surprise said Cephalopod bit her.

Gormless Bisceglia said "I thought, this is pretty cool. It was a gorgeous, exotic creature, and I put it on my face and said take my picture. Then all of a sudden, they notice and I notice, my eyes just widened, and it had put its beak into my chin, not once but twice. It was like a barbed hook going into my skin,"

She said she continued fishing in the derby for two days before deciding to go to the emergency room for the pain she was continuing to feel from the bites. The octopus, believed to be a Pacific red octopus or a juvenile giant Pacific octopus, had injected Bisceglia with venom.

Busceglia said she has learned her lesson about handling potentially dangerous animals.

So; not only a twat but a Numpty as well.

A Texas woman captured photos and videos of a huge spider eating a bat trapped in its web.

Annette Alaniz Guajardo said she was getting ready to leave for work Wednesday when she spotted the bat trapped in the web of a large black and gold garden spider at her Poteet home.

Guajardo said the bat was dead and the spider appeared to be eating it when she returned home from work.

Matt Bertone, an entomologist with the North Carolina State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic, said the spiders, known scientifically as Argiope aurantia, generally eat insects, but they have been documented feasting on larger creatures.

No bloody thank you....

And today’s thought:

Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars, and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint, and he has to touch it.