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Monday, 20 July 2009

Shopping, phone calls and verbal abuse

Strange morning so far, been shopping, been verbally abused by a female Ford driver and had a strange phone call.

The shopping was OK, I was leaving the “smash and grab” going round the roundabout in the correct lane to take the exit and a female ford driver was coming from the left, it was my right of way, she saw me, sort of decided that she would go, hesitated and slammed on her anchors and stopped just over the “stop line”, then she started to shout and swear at me in a very loud voice.
It was obviously my fault that her one brain cell couldn’t take in the information regarding the right of way on a roundabout, and that she almost caused the car behind her to swerve onto the verge to avoid her.

So if you are the “lady” in the silver ford focus, either get up a bit earlier, take your bloody test again or if you are literate read the highway code you numpty.

The phone call was one of those surreal moments, the phone rang and I answered it, the conversation went something like this:

Them-Mr ***


Them-this is Quack fat insurance, your car insurance is due for renewal

Me-no it was due on the seventh and I have renewed it

Them-would you like a quote

Me-no I have renewed it

Them-we have some good deals on insurance

Me-I have already renewed it

Them-are you sure you don’t want a quote

Me-yes I have already renewed it

Them-when is your house insurance due

Me-I don’t need house insurance, it is already taken care of

Them-would you like a quote

Me-no I don’t need house insurance it is already taken care of

Them-Oh Ok, goodbye

And it is only 8.30 in the morning; the rest of the day is going to be fun.

More posts later, I have to go and talk to the trees for a while.


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