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Sunday, 19 January 2014

My blue plums have gorn yellow

A wondrous day at the Castle this Sunday morn-oodles of solar stuff, an absence of atmospheric movement, bugger all skywater and even a hint of lack of cold.

Once again many sorries for not replying to comments on the last post, but here is an update of poor old Angus's wobbly bits.

It has taken until today for the old plums to be able to bear the weight of the laptop on my lap top, and indeed just to be able to sit dahn, so I have spent the last two weeks laying dahn and hobbling about like a ruptured Platypus, the bruising from bum-hole to breakfast has reduced muchly, and has gorn from blue-black to yellowish green and the old plums are now a nice shade of banana with a hint of grass.


Replies to my friends:

Thanks for all the good wishes:

Not on metformin-allergic-they put me on Clopidogril, Simvastatin, Rampiril and a concoction of other stuff which luckily have not induced any side effects.

I was on fenofibrate for many, many years before this lot kicked orf, and I have procured a blood sugar/glucose thingy from the Diabetes nurse-early days yet.

As for the cheese/ham sandwiches-dahn to a basic lack of understanding/training and not communicating with other departments I think.


Hope your building has done a Lazarus and is now in fine fettle.


The NHS is still in need of intensive care.


Nice to be back at the Castle in one piece.

Not a problem with going in, I waited about five weeks it was getting out of the bloody place that did my old head in.


And last but certainly not least Welshcakes.

Nightmare is probably a bit of an understatement, the worst thing was the lack of improvement in the "system".


There; all done, I can now put the Laptop away for a while and let my man bits relax as I prepare a nice chicken, new potatoes and mixed veg dinner.